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  1. http://thefeltdecade.com/ One of my favorite bands! Specially stoked about Crumbling The Anti-Septic Beauty, The Splendour of Fear and The Strange Idols Patterns and Other Short Stories. Forever Breathes The Lonely Word and their latest albums coming out later in 2018 I believe. This is one of those bands that everybody should give at least a try due to their amazing creativeness and uniqueness. Love all their albums: from the minimalist approach at the beginning of their career, to the more poppy era in the middle 80s and the more experimental later records. There's not many bands/artist with an output of such quality. 10 LPs in 10 years. Any FELT fans on VC?
  2. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Sgt. Pepper is the Mono version. Bought that!
  3. I have an extra Sunny Day Real Estate for sale for cost. $38ppd in the US.
  4. La Vida Es Un Mus repressed this a few months ago. You can find that version on Discogs for retail price.
  5. That story of the band having to glue the jackets doesn't make any sense. I find it hard to believe. Imprint prints gatefold jackets for around $1500, why would they even think about doing that work themselves? They just want to cash in. I have no problem with that, although personally I'm not going to buy an LP for $50 and I don't care if it sells out and start selling for more money. I can live without a record. From what I've read from their FB, they want the fans to pay extra for their merch because of their mistake of signing on a major label. Now, that's another of my reasons to not buy anything from them.
  6. I'm surprised more people are buying the single LP instead of the double.
  7. Wow! A new BURN LP sounds unreal. It's going to be interesting to listen to, in the least.
  8. Bunch of records added, including rare Replacements, Sonic Youth and Screeching Weasel LPs.
  9. bump! more records added!
  10. added a few records for sale!