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  1. I have to try. Fingers are crossed.
  2. Annoyed with SRC right now. May cancel that pre order and go with the MOV
  3. Hate all you want.. I would pick up Three Dollar Bill so fast
  4. Yea, it was taken care of by Frank. You guys were extremely helpful. I was so frustrated I was willing to give up. Not sure what was wrong.
  5. Guess I can cancel my Bullmoose order since the Resident shipped. I had doubts so made a backup plan and ordered two copies.
  6. My Resident order shipped and estimated to be in the states by Friday. I almost think they mean next Friday because that's crazy fast
  7. As someone who takes a lot of notes at work.. I would love that embossed journal. Still not buying the bundle though.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Scored a gold as well!
  9. Anyone ever listen to Tyson's other band Coma Prevail? So good.
  10. Anyone able to give this a listen yet? I just popped it on my phone. Only a few songs in but it's been great.