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  1. It's lovely to see it so well made. I've just got to get the previous remaster now as I missed that, but wow... they are expensive.
  2. Weirdly, I've just had a dispatch email from Twisted... LOL Wonder if they are looking at this thread?
  3. No, nothing. Saying that we haven't had any post for the past 2 days because of the snow.
  4. It is expensive, no doubt. They know we will pay it. LOL... 286 left now...
  5. I hope so, how soon was the previous transparent version after the initial release?
  6. Blimey!... they are going down super quick. Wonder if there will be a transparent version?
  7. I'm only just starting my shpongle vinyl collection with owning all the cd versions. Started with Codex and looking to get the others. This is great guys, interesting stuff.
  8. New Cavern of Antimatter album

    I wonder how many were pressed on transparent? Hate it when they don't say.