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  1. How on earth do they justify asking 54 GBP for a 2LP with an 8 page hardcover book? Really? The total came out to around 75 GBP with shipping to the USA -- an absurd $110 USD. I almost couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger on it at that price. Dear god
  2. It sounds like he/we are no longer sure though since the number left went back up:
  3. So we don't know if the current Amazon stock is blue or not? I really want to pick up a copy but don't know if I should pull the trigger. Man, what a mess this is...
  4. Check out what arrived today! Apologies for the phone pic. The orange marbling doesn't really show up in the picture but it's more noticeable in pictures. Definitely a subtle "smoke" effect though. I can't believe how freaking excited I am to have a copy of this record. WE NEED MORE REPRESSES BEGGARS
  5. Oh man, I would KILL to find a copy for that price, especially new. That's an awesome find...
  6. If by a few years you mean six MOV repressed Everyone Into Position in June of 2011...I quite wish I could find a copy for a decent price.
  7. Has anyone heard anything about an Everyone Into Position repress? I've been searching for a copy of it for absolute ages. I wonder who even has the rights at this point...
  8. I would commit murder for that red Frames LP. Not having it is a deep and terrible pain
  9. Is it possible to cancel band camp orders? I'm in the US and ordered it from there yesterday, but with shipping it would be much cheaper to get it from the bullmoose link above than band camp
  10. I would KILL to see the full live band in the US....
  11. Looks like only 171 are currently available to order -- someone on Twisted's facebook page said it looked like there were only 200 when it first went up for sale. Wonder if that's actually correct? Seems like an awfully small limitation...
  12. Anyone have a copy of this they'd sell? I missed out on this one when it was for sale and have been searching for a copy -- please let me know!
  13. New song is great, but jeez, that $18.91 for US shipping sure hurts
  14. I could never get into SGM when I first cheked them out, but that was honestly years ago -- it sounds like I need to give them another chance!
  15. Probably a long shot but I'm looking for some Blood Music releases, and well as other various metal LPs: Ne Obliviscaris - Portal of I (swirl color vinyl) Ne Obliviscaris - Aurora Veil (clear vinyl) Beyond Creation - The Aura Moonsorrow - Heritage Box (or individual LP releases) Astronoid - Air (blue swirl vinyl) Ihsahn - The Adversary (any) Leprous - Bilateral A few other randoms I've been searching for: Be'lakor - Of Breath and Bone, Stones Reach Fallujah - The Flesh Prevails (white with blue splatter vinyl) Dissection - Reinkaos (white or split black/white vinyl) Opeth - Watershed (RSD green vinyl) Burzum - Filosofem (RSD splatter vinyl) Heaven Shall Burn - Wanderer (any variant other than black) Harakiri For The Sky - III: Trauma (white vinyl) The Haunted - The Dead Eye Veil of Maya - [id] Wintersun - Self titled