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  1. I would love a 7" with 3-4 of the acoustic demos/live cuts they did with Vincent Moon and posted on their pre-release site for Boxer. But I'm guessing it will prob be the Mistaken for Strangers/Blank Slate single or something. Or a single for the upcoming record.
  2. Super stoked with my first package of records for this sub. I don't usually listen to math rock or bands outside of the US/Canada/UK, so it was awesome to get some of those Japanese and math rock records into my collection. Has anyone gotten a copy of Ratboys yet? I'm looking forward to that and my 2nd shipment of LPs.
  3. I live in Los Angeles and all my packages go through Bell Gardens. Are they a base for packages that go to cities outside LA county too?
  4. I imagine all hubs for huge cities are a nightmare. Especially if your package is being shipped via Media Mail, which has a super low priority when it comes to the order of being dispatched.
  5. Thanks for finding that post. I must have read that at some point considering my Freudian-ish mental image of the rights being locked away in a flooded, asbestos-coated basement. Bummer that they denied the licensing request but also gave up the idea of releasing them themselves.
  6. I'm curious why they haven't pressed any of their stuff. It seems like their fans would be big vinyl collectors. Are the rights for their catalogue locked down in a flooded file cabinet in some dusty basement formerly operated by Goldenvoice or something?
  7. I have an ugly rolling cabinet I built to dampen the volume of my shop vac (which I use along with a Squeaky Clean record cleaner). I just slap all my label stickers on there since it's already a gross plywood monstrosity. Otherwise, I'm too old/not punk enough to put stickers on anything resembling actual furniture or audio equipment.
  8. I'm up in that Tiny Insider Spicy Italian sub mix, so I'll be sent a copy of this. Really looking forward to it.
  9. Important news: I got my shipping notice from Bullmoose as well. Goodbye $$$.
  10. I ordered from Bullmoose, did not cancel, no shipping notice yet. I wouldn't be crushed if they didn't fulfill the order (I already own the recent reissue) but it'd be nice to own a limited copy of that extra disc.
  11. New episode is up! Dan and Richard share their favorite albums of 2017 (so far) and have a lovely chat with music writer Lauren Rearick. Lauren has had her work published in the Huffington Post, USA Today, and CNN Opinion and she runs The Grey Estates, a blog that highlights unique voices in indie rock and pop. If you love silly award categories and sincere conversations about indie music, you’ll enjoy today’s show. Are you a reader of the Grey Estates? Do you have your own list of favorite albums of 2017? Reach out to us on Twitter/Instagram at @surfacenoisepod(Richard) and @yckmd_ (Dan) or send us an email at and let us know.
  12. A batting cage. They had an old box of thrift store records by an arcade machine, priced at like 50 cents each. Nothing good in there but was nice surprise to see.
  13. Because they are the National, they dipped their toe into that sappy arena ballad pool and knew better than to keep going down that road but, for any other band, a song like Vanderlyle or England is the pre-cursor to having a college marching band on stage with you for your encore and the lead singer wearing a band leader costume or like a cape. Thanks to some course correction with Trouble Will Find Me, the songs are fine and just minor blips of concern to some fans and not the glaring beginning of the band's descent into persona self-parody. The slow ballads before and after High Violet are all aces (About Today, I Need My Girl, this new one...I didn't dig Heavenfaced but it's not as bombastic or anthemic so I just let it pass when it plays).
  14. Every time I hear a slow National song and it's amazing and layered and perfectly arranged, instead of a slow, plodding mess like Runaway or a bombastic, saccharine U2/Coldplay anthem like Vanderlyle or England, I bow my head and say a prayer of thanks to the American Mary gods. Guilty Party is spot on and has me pumped for Sleep Well Beast.