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  1. If you happen on a skip, the records you can not flip.
  2. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Now is the time when you pick your favorite VC member and click on their VMP referral link in their signature OR wonder who Moses Sumney is and why he is the AOTM instead of a much-wanted reissue of a 90s album. Pick all possible options wisely. Edit: Moses is cool. I saw him open up for Dr. Dog like 3 years ago and he's played a bunch of cool shows around Los Angeles since. I know a ton of people were waiting for him to finally release this debut.
  3. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    My wife bought the Target exclusive CD with the patch. They did a great job with all their packaging it seems. I really like the design on the smaller CD sized lyric booklet and the patch is less boring in person.
  4. Cassette storage

    There are a lot of used options but you'll need to be at the right thrift/antique store at the right time to grab them in person. Otherwise, eBay has a bunch of options. A lot are priced way too high but you'll find decent listings every so often. If anyone a link to a cost-effective new option, please do share. I ended up just building my own temporary options:
  5. The Weezer Thread

    I think we assume his loyalty is to the nerdy rock that we all love since he gained success with it first and it doesn't sound god awful but I think you're correct that he is just a dude who writes a ton of songs in various genres. He's also like Dr. Manhattan or Bran from GoT where they'll do something great that helps humanity and, as they're being congratulated, their eyes glaze over and you realize they didn't do that thing to help you. It was just coincidental that helping humans/writing a good album happened to sync with whatever their soulless, hyper-intellectual plan was at that time. Pacific Daydream or the allowance of Earth's destruction is just around the corner.
  6. The Weezer Thread

    Dear Lord. This is the worst one yet. I really hope he is concentrating all these kinds of pop abominations onto one album and that the black album will be continuing from White/EWBAITE. Pray for us all.
  7. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    Should be noted that the B&N National record had a few issues: It wasn't mentioned that the signatures would be on a door hanger. Some people got all signatures, some 4, some only 2, etc. Some people had their pre-orders canceled yesterday with no notice or clear reason given.
  8. Pope rips. Everyone buy this and then go snag up all their tapes.
  9. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    Happened to me too.
  10. Click the link I posted above. The same LP with the cassette is $34 with free shipping from Bullmoose. Sorry. I see now that it says unavailable.
  11. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    Very very understated but it's there at the bottom of the page (I highlighted it in yellow).
  12. PO NOW: Beck "Colors" 10/13/2017

    FYI the indie exclusive sold by Bullmoose also comes with the slip mat, for those who want the slip mat and the BM points.
  13. Also available on Bullmoose for a few dollars cheaper with free shipping: http://www.bullmoose.com/p/25744362/grandaddy-under-the-western-freeway-20th-anniversary-ed-2lp-sky-blue-green-vinyl
  14. PO: The National - Sleep Well Beast

    I think I found the National at the perfect time, just before Alligator was released, for them to still have enough of that early spark and shabbiness to grab your ears. On Boxer, they became very deliberate and composed, which pays off big on repeated listens but it makes their music easy to dismiss if you're half paying attention. I cringe a little when I think about this characteristic of their music because I know there are bands and records that I dismiss as bad or boring that probably share that same grower quality (*cough* War on Drugs *cough* Grizzly Bear).
  15. Echoing Matt and Carin Berninger's collaborative lyric writing, I recorded a Sleep Well Beast track-by-track-review podcast with my wife! The National are back with a brand new record called Sleep Well Beast and we are back to talk about it! Richard is joined by special co-host (and his new wife!) Jess to talk about their shared love for the National and their first impressions of their new electronic-focused album. A record about marriage strife dissected by newly weds?! Yep! Let’s dive into this, National fans! Listen here: https://aca.st/ec4eb8