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  1. I will pay $5 in Amazon credits to not have to spend 10 minutes pretending to be angry at a random stranger in the Philippines.
  2. Or there was a 3 hour delay between when the item was canceled and when the email went out.
  3. Just got an email notice about the cancellation.
  4. I got one of those vaguely threatening "We got your order. We know what you're trying to do. We'll be in touch when it ships...we'll see..." emails.
  5. You can apologize for things, even if those things aren't criminal acts or if they aren't at the level of Jesse Lacey or other entertainment 'scandals'. We let down people we care about all the time, often in small or subtle ways, and we feel sorry for it and apologize. In his specific case, it's hard to know exactly what to make of what he's shared. There is the best case scenario, which is that he is a good dude who got into some murky waters as far as treating women poorly/uncaringly, him being in a semi-popular band helped facilitate that, and he wants to do a personal inventory before he tries to go on tour again, and there is the other scenario, which is that he did something pretty bad and he is getting out ahead of it with his version which minimizes and frames things to his advantage. I really hope it's the former and that the person he's referencing is OK.
  6. Why are we talking about Jesse Lacey and the way his actions affect the context around his music? The real story is that the guy from the Who killed someone and, for some reason, no one here wants to talk about it.
  7. We need a petition for Nada Surf to cover all of Brand New's discography so it can be listenable again. Edit: so it can be listenable.*
  8. It went up from $17.08 to $17.17 when I just checked now. Seems like the deal may slowly be fading away.
  9. Twin Peaks - Limited Event Series Soundtrack 2xLP - $15.15 (this is a great release/deal)
  10. $60 is a great price. You have to remember that buying music, especially on vinyl, is an event and it only happens one to two times a year- three if Taylor Swift, Coldplay, and Adele release records in the same year.
  11. Star Wars: A New Hope [3 LP, 3D Death Star Hologram Box Set] - $22.99 (retails for like $150)
  12. I'm trying to be sincere here so I apologize in advance if I can't help but veer into snark. Asking whether perhaps the victims are more deserving of culpability/scrutiny or the perpetrator less deserving of culpability/scrutiny is not playing devil's advocate or providing a thoughtful perspective that has been overlooked. It is literally regurgitating how a majority of people have viewed abuse since the beginning of time. Adding "I'm not blaming the victim but" or "I'm not taking away the severity of what he did but" before immediately proceeding to blame the victim or take away the severity of what the perpetrator did does not relieve yourself of the burden of bearing the negative reaction you know you'll receive. Instead of saying "Here's something no one has said or considered", preface your rant with "I know this is the same opinion everyone comes up with when they pull a theory out of thin air but, for the sake of allowing me to participate, what if the victim is to blame/the perpetrator wasn't fully responsible/this is all actually about *your* hypocrisy?" Ugh. I knew I'd end with snark. Sorry!
  13. If they are being sincere, they sure have an 'interesting' perspective of the world. My instincts tell me that it's likely a smoothie of trolling and lashing out though. Either way, it's a bummer that, of all the words and ideas someone can share on this particular subject, those are the ones they decided to go with.
  14. My post wasn't fully specific to yours, more of a general comment toward the idea that we are "missing" something when we condemn Lacey and the actions without a "but..." or any caveats. But, for the sake of clarity, I do think you can just say what you meant (that rehabilitation is important and "rehabilitation isn't an escape from consequences") and leave out the part about people being in glass houses and public hangings. I agree with you that rehabilitation is important but, IMO, the other comments are kind of a muddy cloud of ideas that feel like a plea to leave him alone, divert his culpability toward mental health (which is its own huge debate), and deflect the attention put toward his actions toward the public reaction. It sounds like you didn't mean to convey those latter ideas, so you probably don't need to mix a good point about rehabilitation with an angsty middle finger toward people who want legal accountability. If I am really far off from your intent and meaning, I apologize. I'm OK spending words trying to clarify and reach agreement but I don't want to start side arguments that take us away from the needed attention toward Lacey and how his actions deserve consequence (and rehabilitation!), especially if its due to a mistake in my reading comprehension.
  15. Something to consider is that victims live for a long time being doubted, called liars, having their flaws magnified, and being dehumanized, all because someone else victimized them. Meanwhile, almost instantly and sometimes prior to being outed, perpetrators often experience the opposite. They are more likely to be humanized, have their actions minimized, have their feelings prioritized and protected, and have friends/fans advocate for them to be rushed past the consequences phase and into the forgiveness phase. Jesse Lacey didn't wake up one morning inserted into another person's mess. He did what he did to those women and he was able to continue being a rock star with a cult-following with little public fall out and start a family and lead his life. If you really feel for him and wish him relief and comfort and an escape from these consequences, consider the last 15 years an advance payment of that empathy and comfort. Now, the grace period has ended and he's reaping what he's sown.