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  1. Just because a reply is edgy and hardcore doesn't mean it isn't sincere and worthy of being included in the final results. Don't diminish the angry little guys!
  2. My guess is they saw that 200-300 people bought the 500 copies and wanted more people/fans to get in on the color train. Good job to them for changing the color and noting it as a 'second press' instead of adding more copies or advertising a new third 'first pressing' variant.
  3. All those items are pretty cool but totally not for me. And the blue vinyl isn't insane or limited enough to engage my inner #FOMO. I might wait a hot minute and see if I'm still excited about picking up a regular green copy. The pricing for the bundle does not seem bad at all if you would wear those items and use the pins.
  4. Also a brown guy. I think liberalism and the left and whatever else you want to call that 'side' deserves a ton of pushback and scrutiny, even when it's uncomfortable or confrontational. But I disagree that said push back should be delivered in the form of playing devil's advocate for groups that promote hate or racist ideals or even attitudes that are less sinister/intentional but built on the framework of racist ideals. I'd love to see young, frustrated males on the internet tear Democrats apart for benefitting from corruption and economic inequality while pretending to care about everyone and bring about change in that area. It's a bummer when that passion and frustration is channeled into fighting peers who advocate for minority groups and communities and to perpetuating the idea that empathy is a weakness and flippancy and a lack of empathy is an intellectual strength. Making it safer to be outspokenly racist or rude and safer to perpetuate less overt racist/rude ideas without any challenge will definitely disrupt and frustrate your peers, such as fellow VCers, but it will also lead to a lower quality of life for disadvantaged groups and do absolutely no harm to the people at the top who are truly benefitting from our current system. That said, this is the internet and we are males, so fighting and dick-measuring is going to happen but I hope, at some point, we can find similarities and aim our toxic venom upward at the corrupt instead of at each other all the time.
  5. In a twist of fate, I'm seeing Dashboard AND Beck on the same bill tonight.
  6. The Vinyl Bootleg Thread

    You can google and find some alternative marketplaces but it seems they are usually overseas marketplaces and they aren't as organized as Discogs or eBay. I actually used one of them two years ago and I dropped $50 on an R.E.M. bootleg that ended up skipping and the seller was some random Irish record shop that was really difficult to organize a return with because of the high return shipping fees. So, I've been reticent to dive back in to the international marketplaces.
  7. Honestly, the deals on Amazon are as good or better then ever they are just available in much smaller quantities then maybe the past. You just have to do some of your own digging here and there to find them because many times there will be only 1-3 copies remaining for an album and it hits like $5-10 but as soon as I buy a copy the remaining few shoot back up to $20-30. Same with Warehouse deals, the best ones go quick so you will rarely ever see the best deals available posted because someone else already snatched them mutha fuckers up while you were furiously posting complaints in this thread.
  8. Play him the The Drums From "No Flashlight" and The Singing From "Mt. Eerie" records so that your friend gains nothing of value but you get to show him that you own two spectacularly niche Phil Elvrum vinyl curiosities.
  9. The "golden age" of Amazon deals seems to have died 2-3 years ago. That is the last time I remember getting brand new ~$20 albums for $8 Prime. Since then, from what I have seen, the 'deals' are mainly $8-10 Warehouse deals, the same Shins/Iron and Wine albums that are always $11-13, and the very rare mis-pricing of a box set that eventually gets canceled for most people. TL;DR: some of that lack of excitement, which I also feel, is because Amazon deals have been much poorer recently, IMO.
  10. I feel like the Aquabats are notorious for promising stuff and never coming through.
  11. I can empathize with feeling angry and helpless. There are large swaths of people who have been left out and left behind and the current system is trending more and more away from helping them lead productive, meaningful lives. What I don't empathize with is the choice to aim that anger and apply the blame toward immigrants, poor people, minorities, gays, or any sub group that isn't in charge of our system and is historically just as kicked down by our system as you are feeling. It's a distraction and it doesn't benefit you or improve your situation. It's not about being nice either. I think it's ok for people to be selfish and get what's best for themselves and advocate for themselves. If we all fought for what was needed to improve our lives, I can guarantee it would help everyone.

    There must have been some kind of unannounced repress, right? It's weird that a limited pressing from 1997 would be selling frequently on Amazon for $10-15.

    I PM'd him and bought all the records for $10,000. In your face, haters. JK. I'm a Mustard Plug fan and just wanted to pop in and say I don't know why people think that yellow Evildoer's Beware is so rare or valuable. I mean I love the album and love my $10 copy I bought new on Amazon like a month ago but I think 1 person on Discogs priced it super high for like a year with no other sellers (or sales) and then people assumed that was the value. Interesting when that happens to a random 90s ska band you like.
  14. Hurry is one of those bands where, when you find out someone likes them, you instantly know that person is a trustworthy and intelligent individual. One of the best bands right now.
  15. New dada 7” single - a steal at $60!

    Yeah. I read through the comments on the Facebook post that I shared above. It looks like a small group of people viewed this as a hybrid fundraiser/collector's item/shared fan experience and were glad to dish out $125 to a band they love that needs their help to keep releasing new music. It seems like that well has dried up a bit over the last 7 months and they want to move their remaining stock for half their original asking price. The fact that this was marketed straight to their cult following makes it less offensive than the price tag on it's own suggests, IMO. Also IMO, they could have done this same thing and given fans the same special feeling of participating by charging $45 out of the gate. Oh well.
  16. New dada 7” single - a steal at $60!

    I haven't read through the comments yet but
  17. New dada 7” single - a steal at $60!

    Haha. I know nothing about Dada but those two songs are actually pretty cool. This feels like the band equivalent of your aunt/uncle thinking the box of overproduced 70s albums in their garage would "probably go for a lot on eBay". I also like to imagine the company who pressed these charging them 40 per unit and the band are just trying to make a small profit.
  18. The 2018 Topshelf Records subscription is up! Be sure to enter my code RICHFELI into the notes section during checkout & you'll get a $10 store credit as part of their new referral system for this year. Use it on a shirt or some tapes. http://www.topshelfrecords.com/products/605916-topshelf-records-2018-subscription Big thanks to anyone who uses my code! The 2017 sub was probably my favorite label sub I did this year, both because the genre range and quality of releases was awesome and because Robbie is doing the Lord's work in their shipping/customer service department. I signed up for 2018 as soon as it went up a few weeks back.
  19. I was going to buy and flip this but then I listened to it and read the wikipedia article for vaporwave and now I have to go lay down for a while.
  20. Yeah. I'm also a little confused on where the line is between a new release, an old release that is getting a new vinyl pressing, and an old release that is getting pressed on vinyl for the first time and which ones I'd get. I reached out to them on social media a few days ago with a question on that and haven't heard back. That lack of clarity plus this year's sub being $50 more than 2017 with no real details on why is making me lean toward playing it safe and skipping on subscribing.
  21. I'm looking into the Stones Throw Records vinyl sub for 2018. It's $380 after CA tax and shipping for everything they put out on vinyl in 2018. I wanted to see if anyone here subbed in 2017 and what your thoughts were. It seems like it's not a huge savings to pay $380 for 12-17 pieces of vinyl but they mention shipping some items before the street date and perhaps having some sub member exclusives (a Jay Dilla 7" this year). What did you enjoy/not enjoy about subbing in the past? What would you share with someone who is thinking of subbing?
  22. Some random splits/singles/EPs under $5 that I found while ordering a 7" earlier today! Citizen - Young States 7" - $4.98 Citizen/Turnover - Split 7" - $4.98 Norah Jones - Chasing Pirates Remix EP - $4.98 Face to Face - Say What You Want 7" - $4.98 Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate)/Joie De Vivre - Split 12" - $4.98
  23. Yep. I actually bought it a few months ago and my copy was warped and skipped, so I bought it again from the above link. Hopefully, this one is in good shape!
  24. No Sky Cassette Tapes Thread

    Nice Boyracer reference. I really dig the noisy slacker indie rock stuff you've put out and will def keep my eyes peeled for your future releases.