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  1. just trying to be helpful since there's no doubt going to be a deluge of claims over the next couple days. if your record shows up, you can always retract the claim. p.s. it's not going to.
  2. If you pre-ordered this and haven't received it (and let's face it, that's pretty much everyone), I HIGHLY recommend starting your PayPal claim today, instead of waiting until tomorrow or the next day.
  3. Limited to One Record shop, NYC

    When this store was first announced and I saw the URL (which I obviously didn't click), I thought the name of this store, seeing as they sell rare records, was gonna be "Limited Toone" and was like, 'They need a better name.' OK, I still feel that way, but I hope this store does well for itself without having to go down the "hot stampers" route. Cheers, dude.
  4. PO: Captain Murphy - Duality

    This is probably not the thread for an extended discussion about this, but I wonder what name has been used the most. I know a WHOLE LOT of people thought "Mirage" was a great band name: https://www.discogs.com/Mirage-Make-It-Last-Forever-Soundtrack/release/8003455 Also sell me your Cap Murphy record for cheap plz thx
  5. 45 Record Player?

    SL-700s? haha
  6. Does anyone here collect Ween Vinyl?

    Really though, why hasn't Pure Guava been repressed yet?
  7. RSD Black Friday - 2016

    Got 3/4 what I was after: Uncle Acid Budos Band Jazz Dispensary no Death Grips. melodysupreme is sold out now. So I compensated by getting a bunch of other stuff 20% off... Sunn O))), Tobacco, Silkworm, Radiohead, Black Sabbath.
  8. PO: Nails/Full Of Hell split 7"

    Cool, now what's on the B-Side? haha.