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  1. NIN code is gone.
  2. Already redeemed. Thanks for sharing, though.
  3. Just ordered Joey Ramone. Pumped that Bob Ross will be out in a few months.
  4. Caught Dillinger Four on Friday in Brooklyn. Show ruled. Still hoping they release new music again one day.
  5. Finally got ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ a few weeks back...
  6. It's under Nick Jagger. Hope the show was fun!
  7. I just submitted a new theme song to them. Hoping they use it!
  8. Nice! NYC needs more music stores. Followed
  9. It's hard to recognize Rancid without high contrast black and white videos.
  10. got you covered
  11. It sounds like Riot Fest gets some sort of exclusivity period when they get these bands to reunite. I'm actually kind of shocked that the Misfits haven't had a full, proper tour yet.
  12. Excited that this is real and not just the band named "Jawbreaker Reunion"
  13. I love that you got a Green Day bootleg on tape. I have Attack of Insomnia on CD from way back in the day.
  14. Just got Tenement's Predatory Headlights demos from Dead Broke Rekerds.
  15. Them and 5 Cent Deposit were my jams back in the day. I miss those old Smackin Isaiah songs.