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  1. Great album - glad you guys are putting it out.
  2. The Weezer Thread

    These songs keep getting worse
  3. Mr. Lahey is Dead

    The worst news.
  4. Hilarious that there's Brain Stew without Jaded but no Geek Stink Breath. Skipping this one but will check out the new song.
  5. The Weezer Thread

    It's not a great song but compared to the last 2 or 3 it's at least sort of listenable.
  6. The Concert Thread

    Woooo! Here's a link to the song in case anyone wants it
  7. The Concert Thread

    I caught Radioactivity in Brooklyn last night. Everything Marked Men-related rules. Teenage Bottlerocket tomorrow...
  8. Any Waffles users?

    If anyone has an extra Waffles invite and is willing to share - please let me know! My account got closed once I switched over to What.cd, before it closed.
  9. various download codes

    NIN code is gone.
  10. various download codes

    Already redeemed. Thanks for sharing, though.
  11. Funko Pop Vinyl Figures

    Just ordered Joey Ramone. Pumped that Bob Ross will be out in a few months.
  12. The Concert Thread

    Caught Dillinger Four on Friday in Brooklyn. Show ruled. Still hoping they release new music again one day.
  13. new tattoo appresh

    Finally got ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ a few weeks back...
  14. The Concert Thread

    It's under Nick Jagger. Hope the show was fun!