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  1. I'm not. I'm in America
  2. Hey if anyone in the UK knows of a store that has The Cribs Men's Needs, Women's Needs, Whatever 10th Anniversary Edition, can you let me know? Would gladly cover the costs of it and shipping if someone that didn't want it could grab it. Really appreciate it!
  3. VMP just 100 April spots and it's closed up. So if you want Demon Days, go NOW: use this referral link and we both get $10 to use in the store:
  4. If anyone needs a referral code, shoot me a PM! Or go here:
  5. If anyone needs a referral code, shoot me a PM! Or go here:
  6. If anyone needs a referral code, shoot me a PM!
  7. Yeah I'll have to call in Friday then. That's just not right if they raise it after selling it for $25 online.
  8. Wtf, wow. I'm thinking of stopping into the nearest store (about an hour drive for me) but didn't know they'd do that. Do they only do this a few months after the release, or always once it goes to stores? Basically, if I go in Friday, will I be paying $30 or $70 if you had to guess? Could save me a trip
  9. I don't know if there is, but I've found that usually these are mostly exclusive to the domino online shop and sometimes the band will have them with them on tour at shows etc. But maybe I'm wrong and they'll have it in stores, but I'm going to preorder it to be safe
  10. The White version is available still on the Canadian site:*/*/Hot-Fuss-White-LP/5EJ80000000
  11. oh man, thought I was shit out of luck on this. Amazing, thanks for the heads up!
  12. If anyone that's disappointed with their copy of The Fountain, or if anyone has an extra they're looking to sell, let me know, I missed out on buying one and would be happy to buy one off of one of you. Thanks!
  13. La La Land Soundtrack on Blue Vinyl from Urban Outfitters
  14. Keep trying, I just got through finally after countlessly refreshing!