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  1. Rap Discussion Thread

  2. Rap Discussion Thread

  3. NBA Discussion

    GO BULLS! This is our year!
  4. Rap Discussion Thread

  5. What happened did he go to jail or not? I couldn’t find anything about him being locked up on the county site.
  6. Recent purchases

    Dead Bars full length on No Idea. Got it at a show they played here in Chicago.
  7. the Kobanes

    We spell it that way so it looks more like Ramones. We are big Nirvana fans too though! Just wanted to make it unique and not just someone’s last name.
  8. the Kobanes

    https://kobanes.bandcamp.com/album/in-with-the-out-patients check out our new EP!
  9. the Kobanes

    Ha maybe during the Kerplunk days.
  10. Recent Purchases

    That’s a good Real Friends album.
  11. Looking for a certain genre

    Mineral, Knapsack, God’s Reflex, Carcass, Head, You Blew It!, Manges.
  12. So i Just moved to Denver.

    Check out the band Spells.
  13. Few things im selling to help pay bills

    Man I wish I bought that. It’s like the perfect punk album.
  14. Beatnik Termites. Ya who spells Nirvana wrong? Crazy!