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  1. Looking to buy the new copy of Zebraheads Get Nice Signed. Willing to pay more than you did!!!!
  2. Looking to buy the copy of get nice that sold out so fast I ddnt get a chance. Willing to pay more than what you bought it for.
  3. Wtb Mephiskapheles

    Looking for the red vinyl and 7" of the album God bless Satan by Mepheskapheles with slip mat.
  4. WTB

    Looking for Congregation of The Damned by -Atreyu Rise or die Trying - Four years strong (purple with yellow) Homesick -A Day To Remember( purple)
  5. Last album I need to finish my Atreyu Discography. If any of you have one your willing to part with message me.
  6. My turntable just died

    Ok so I'm either looking at the u-turn or the new Crosley C-10. What do you think will last longer?
  7. My turntable just died

    I'm gunna look it up right now
  8. A buddy of mine is looking to get a little bit of a collection going he looking for stuff like burning spear toots and the maytals Howlin wolf show me what you got and I'll tell you if he wants it
  9. FS: Pogues/Face to Face/Of Monsters & Men

    Toh Kay still here?
  10. My turntable just died

    Any other brands I should be looking for?
  11. My turntable just died

    I don't wanna have to Go over like $400
  12. My turntable just died yesterday and now I'm looking for a new more Reliable one. What do you guys Recommend?
  13. Wtb The Color Morale

    It's a long shot but who has one They are willing to part with. I may have something to trade for it as well.