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  1. Saw on TL Facebook as a curt response about EU distro: "Maybe next year at some point".
  2. No one would have complained if they just did a repress of the album without any of this nonsense of splitting it like they've done. Like, literally no one would complain if they did a 2xLP repress and an additional 2xLP ambient/instrumentals as apart of a box set. But is this a fresh master? I wonder if Europa is still split between sides. Still want this, so will keep an eye out for an EU distro.
  3. Same, looking forward to more industrial dub jams like on that Coloring Book EP.
  4. PO: Nils Frahm - All Melody

    Love this man. Saw him at Roundhouse and it's just incredible that one guy is doing that much work on stage.
  5. *hyperventilates* I guess US folk wait til Juno, Banquet, Norman to stock this. Hopefully this isn't limited to, like, 2!
  6. Athletics - BFRSD

    Comment for star: if it's WYAINE then GETITINME
  7. Brilliant, definitely grabbing this for the Wire covers!
  8. You mean colour vinyl version? UK/EU only got black copies as far as I'm aware.
  9. OMG! Mansun reissues are coming (early next year) http://www.xsnoize.com/exclusive-interview-paul-draper-talks-new-solo-tour-beards-mansun-reissues/
  10. I've got the standard edition and must say I love the pressing for the most part; The packaging is superb (love the book style sleeve), but the only thing that spoils it is side G, it has a rhythmic static pop right towards the end of that side and the music is super gentle there. There's a few other places where this happens, which I can forgive, but it kind of wrecks a perfectly great ending else. Kinda looks like it happens right where the splatter is as well. Shit.
  11. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    Real interested in that Shawn Lee release, but absolutely zero information anywhere. What was it for: tv, game, film?
  12. Well, it turned up today, but was being held hostage by the delivery driver for £24 import tax (totally saw that coming) and I didn't have any fucking money on me so she took it away and I did a little broke-bitch cry. That'll teach me for burning all my cheque books!
  13. If that's the case, it's black vinyl, so probs not the indie/red+blue variant. Unless someone can point it out, I've not seen any blue+red/indies UK/EU preorders for this, just regular (which I'm totally fine with btw, but, y'know, VARIANTS etc)
  14. Thanks for the discount all, it took the blow out of international shipping.
  15. It's a t-shirt! https://www.musicglue.com/oceansize/ EDIT: Shipping is a quid cheaper from here too (am UK based)! MEGA SAVINGS.