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  1. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Had this with Fez as it was stuck tight, and was advised to put the platter on and, grabbing the sides, gently lift it up. The spin + upward movement should eventually lift it off without bowing the record. Wouldn't recommend this if you don't have a slipmat. Should also loosen that hole (honk honk).
  2. Just seen there'll be a SILY definitive edition coming out Feb 2018 as a 2xCD/4xLP. https://i.imgur.com/UNOXgkP.jpg https://www.reddit.com/r/theavalanches/comments/7i5jl9/since_i_left_you_definitive_edition_announced/
  3. It is. Was trying to cause crippling doubt but shot a bit too dry.
  4. I kind of get the impression this flexi set was meant to the only vinyl version available for this… until they heard it, and realised it sounded like ass. So gave it away. They probably pressing something else now in a rush.
  5. Legal download and stream http://flyt.it/glassjawmc
  6. Athletics - BFRSD

    I think there's a physical limitation to what Dan can do, since they're hand made jackets. 100 cut, stamped jackets would be time taxing for one guy. Don't think that guy holds back on his packaging either, so a normal sleeve would be out of the question for this release.
  7. Athletics - BFRSD

    Also, Kaddisfly is on sale. Grab that too if you haven't already.
  8. Athletics - BFRSD

    GOT IT. @Sasan hit me up, got a spare. Back to bed.
  9. Athletics - BFRSD

    Oh fuck it's limited to 100 https://intheclouds.io/collections/athletics/products/athletics-who-you-are-is-not-enough-black-friday *Sets alarm like crazy*
  10. Paul McCartney was a serial pigeon fucker.
  11. I'm not going to get one as I'm in the UK (flexi freebies are US only by the looks of it), but from what I hear (stream rip)/read from others, it's terrible quality, cut into lacquer lamination on cardboard. Cool promo idea though, I just want the release on a better medium.
  12. A friend has just received one flexi single today. Considering he bought some t-shirt from their merch store way back, it was sent to his old address and luckily got forwarded on from there to his current address. Apparently, it's cut onto cardboard and sounds TERRIBLE. So… If you live in the US and have ordered from Glassjaw's merch store in the past, I guess you'll receive something shortly.
  13. Swagbucks?

    Give this guide a look over https://www.reddit.com/r/SwagBucks/comments/229bf6/detailed_guide_about_swagbuckscom_for_the_newbies/ Should fill you in on those video apps and whether their passive or not. Also, a list of short videos so you can fav them and let it roll.
  14. Swagbucks?

    I used to do SB for a year or two until they cut off my access to surveys. I moved flat a few times so my address changed, and probably cocked up my occupation/age a few times, and they that was it, cut and shut out from surveys leaving me only with Peanut Labs, which seem to pay out less over time I've noticed. I've emailed support, explained the situation and they couldn't give a shit and copied and pasted some reply back. So I'm done with it. Basically, keep your shit consistent, even if it means not being honest. You can't be a doctor one day and an astronaut the next. But do get the SB browser extension as it alerts you to things like swagcodes, collecting your monthly bonus (which you have to collect manually) and can autotrack you when you visit a site you can earn SB from. Since I do a lot of shopping on eBay as well, I racked up a lot of SB from that. Do keep an eye on SB repayments from purchases as the can really dick you about and hope you forget so they don't pay out. I read people buy a cheap smartphone/android tablet just to run videos from the various apps all day as that's apparently where the real earner is and requires approx 0 work. Running the desktop site's videos isn't profitable (as it takes forever to load between ads) so always never bothered unless it was for swago (which you should do when they're available as they can be big earners).