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  1. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    WHOA, really in for that. Side D to be annoying child conversations and dragon noises.
  2. I think the difference between limited and normal is the elitism that you spent money on a record you like before anyone else did.
  3. Spice Girls' Spice was an outstanding, high quality re-issue. The sound was incredibly deep and added new meanings to what is an otherwise thought provoking and important record. A landmark in music and a triumph for real music.
  4. Some bands/labels do it upon request if you leave a note with an order (Tiny Engines did when I got a grab bag off them), but it's hit and miss. I think if an item has a value over £18, it's taxed and then you get a Royal Mail charge on top of that. So I always write a note begging them to claim the value is 0-10, and that it's not worth stating it's true value since it's not being sent via an insured postal method … But forgot on this occasion and got my £14 spanking on the import tax. OH WELL ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. Dang, I need to remember to get whomever's shipping to write it's value is under £15 to limbo under import charges. Else, the record sounds great despite arriving caked in grit (slightly heavy on the bass maybe?) , a swift clean got the majority of the grit off, but it's suppeeerr clingy grit, like glitter, just not as fabulous as glitter tho.
  6. I hope for everyone's benefit you all get a gatefold on these represses. The double LP in a single jacket thing is a bit cumbersome on the OG and fiddly especially since it's not the most solid of outer sleeves.
  7. Mine's fine apart from an ever so slight warble right at the start, the groove looks a bit wonky. If my copy sounded like turd I'd get that purple copy as I absolutely love this album.
  8. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Finally played my hyper light drifter boxset and it sounds and plays amazingly. Tons of details packed in there that I missed on the digital version I have, and even missed during gameplay. But I find the packaging fiddly; I wished it was a box like the 65DoS No Man's Sky set so there's less faffing about. But sadly the near year long wait people endured still ranks iam8bit as turds. They couldn't get the closing mechanism right? It's an over engineering no one needs, it adds nothing but a flimsy bit of card you've now got to be careful of.
  9. PO LIVE: MUTEMATH - Play Dead

    on my way home from seeing them in London. Was excited to hear new stuff, but it sounded dull and just didn't grab me. Vitals stuff sounded great. The "best of" smatters also sounded alright. Can honestly say Reset was such a bummer to hear tonight, the energy was removed and the timing of everyone was off. The whole band had an atmosphere on stage, no one looking at each other, Paul in a delusional world, a well oiled machine put together in a rusted wreck that had seen better days.
  10. I actually like 451, it's a little bit infectious like a Kesha banger.
  11. My dad wants this (TYPICAL), so thanks for the heads up! Not sure if you've missed out a load of info on this or it got mangled in formatting, but it's around the £70 mark depending where you look, although it went up for less originally though :-/ Norman (cheapest?) https://www.normanrecords.com/records4/166381-the-smiths-the-queen-is-dead-2017 (love the description) Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Queen-Dead-Master-Deluxe-VINYL/dp/B073Z9DRFQ/ (more info up here) This site seems to compare prices and will hook up anyone outside UK: http://www.superdeluxeedition.com/news/the-smiths-the-queen-is-dead-reissue/ Probs going to wait until around Christmas when it'll get discounted.
  12. This is out today, sadly the EU variant is sold out AND delayed Whilst I've enjoyed the many years of El Ten's instrumentals, this direction of working with singers is great! Would love a full album of this kind of stuff: multiple singers backed by el ten chill, with a few instrumentals thrown in to break it up… that kind of thing.
  13. If you haven't taken a picture of your records and record collection, does it really exist?
  14. "If I do this one last favour can we have kids now?"
  15. I hope this gets a wider release. UO did this with Spice Girls and had to wait an agonising one whole year (gasp) for it to become available in the UK… time which I spent in my room, laying on bed in a tantrum, kicking my feet, looking at my cordless, landline phone hoping the boy of my dreams would call and did he call? Why won't he call