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  1. Looking for the 1st press on purple, PM if you can help me out
  2. Looking for H2O - Thicker Than Water with the Silkscreened special boat show sleeve , sold at thicker than water 20 years anniversary boat show in New York, September 2017.
  3. ordered, hope a tour follows
  4. I also need the splatter / 800 but 24$ shipping....
  5. Looking for Integrity - Humanity Is The Devil Black & Red Liquid filled LP
  6. Preorder is allready available at coretex (Germany) http://coretexrecords.com/Boy-Sets-Fire-20th-anniversary-live-in-berlin-RSD-SPECIAL
  7. Pre-order for the new LOA - A Place Where There's No More Pain is up! https://shop.napalmrecords.com/lifeofagony Black Vinyl 200 Gold Strictly Limited Napalm Records Mailorder Edition to 200 Gatefold Copies in GOLDEN 180g Vinyl
  8. Don't have the money for all five so I grabbed the Hooper version, artwork is great!
  9. core tex sold them last week, they were sold out in 30min or so...
  10. I was checking the revelation page everyday since Sunday and it paid off, grabbed one in the last minute before they sold out.
  11. various download codes

    Comeback Kid - Wake The Dead victorymerch.com/download VR246E649734 BoySetsFire - s/t http://digitaldownloads.cargo-records.de d38e49a20b28 Shockwave - Dicography http://www.organizedcrimerecords.com/download OCR0601UG3GOY0K Bayside - Vacancy http://www.atozmedia.com/soundcard S3H69FUL24
  12. Looking for a copy of this fabulous record
  13. Thanks for the heads up, grabbed the purple on that I've missed before
  14. Looking for the TT - Disharmony (100 hand numbered Record Release Covers)