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  1. https://hot-wax-records.myshopify.com/products/coming-soon-pre-order-10-ep-variant-2-limited-to-190 Aussie garage rock that has gone viral lately with their song 'Smoko'. Two other variants of the EP are sold out, and this is the last one. 190 copies. on clear with green blob vinyl. Just under 100 left.
  2. I got myself one of the singles here in Melbourne. In a white sleeve with barcode and title, single sided with hand printed labels.
  3. I cancelled my pink splatter and Luke said that it would show up on the site at some point.
  4. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Yeah its gone now. What was that, like two weeks?
  5. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    So its still available after Cyber Monday?
  6. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    Bought. Kicking myself endlessly (ha) for missing out on Blonde. I've only listened to a smidge of endless admittedly, but i like it enough to pay retail for it but not enough to pay $300+ in a month.
  7. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    When I went to my local store for RSD I saw all three for 20 AU each, so 45 USD all up. Considering I paid 150 AUD for mine I'm a bit annoyed to say the least..
  8. https://bubblewrapcollective.co.uk/product/polygondwanaland/ These guys just uploaded label and back cover art, and damn it looks good.
  9. Yeah its a bit steep even to ship it two states away, but Rhubarb haven't let me down before. I took a chance on that Foam record and i loved it, it sounded and looked great too.
  10. Bought my second pressing from Rhubarb Records. Guys do a bang up job on packaging and have promised an embossed, reflective front cover and gatefold with hidden artwork and UV light effects, a poster, and a uniquely colored LP for each owner.
  11. @Kanye West Is it true that the wizard blob that you're doing for kickstarter is done by wax mage?
  12. https://homelessvinyl.com.au/product/king-gizzard-polygondwanaland/ Nother new pressing from Australia. 2 x variants on yet to be displayed colors, limited to 500 each. Pressed in Czech Republic like actual Gizz and Oh Sees albums. Also comes from a legit source, Strangeworld Records that runs a great shop here in Melbourne.