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  1. bump. bullmoose sold out right as I was trying to buy
  2. awesome thank you so much for telling me about them!! awesome thank you so much for telling me about them!!
  3. yes! have you bought from this site before..... is it reliable??
  4. I'm looking for the deluxe clear with rainbow splatter version of the Upsides by the wonder years. There's currently one selling on Discogs for $80 which is way too much considering the average selling price is $30. If you have this and are willing to sell it, please PM me!!
  5. Bump
  6. bump. i am aware there is one for sale on Discogs but with exchange rates and stuff it'd end up being way too much
  7. Bump. also looking for any pressing of American candy
  8. hey! I'm still looking for my chemical romance's thank you for the venom single on vinyl. I know it was mainly sold in the U.K., so I'd be willing to pay extra postage. thank you!!!
  9. Hey, I'm looking for the 7" etched vinyl that came in the hopeless fountain kingdom box set. If you have this and are willing to give it up, please pm me!
  10. Bump. still looking for this!
  11. I'm selling a black pressing of Melanie martinez's crybaby on vinyl ($12)and the white pressing of echosmith's acoustic dreams ($10) on vinyl. please pm me if interested and I'm open to offers :-)
  12. Bump
  13. if you have an extra copy of this album on vinyl, hmu. I'll take literally any pressing of it tbh. thanks.
  14. Bump. Especially looking for mcr's thank you for the venom.
  15. Bump. Willing to take offers.