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  1. Bump !!
  2. I'm selling the white with black splatter pressing of Transgender Dysphoria Blues. I could do $30 shipped (cheaper than average on Discogs), however, I'm willing to negotiate price. pm me if interested! i also have Silverstein's a shipwreck in the sand on black. I could do $15 shipped(again, willing to take offers). Pm me if interested. Both th records are in great condition and have only been spun once. the against me one has a small scratch on the outer sleeve, other than that, both sleeves are in good condition.
  3. bump
  4. I heard at some point last year that fall out boy's take this to your grave was getting repressed at hot topic- does anyone know anything about this??
  5. I'm looking for the pink with purple and blue splatter variant. if you have this and are willing to part with it, please pm me!!
  6. You're right ig but I was just asking if there was a new date since people were saying that it was going to be released on the 10th, but it wasn't. anyway lol I love how I just came here to ask a simple question.... I love how the vinyl community is so kind and helpful!!!!!!
  7. anyway lol I love how I just came here to ask a simple question.... I love how the vinyl community is so kind and helpful!!!!!!
  8. lmao sorry I want a colored pressing of one of my favorite albums??
  9. Anyone know the new release date for the panic represses ??
  10. Bump
  11. Magic man are one of my favorite bands and I'd love to have this ep on vinyl..... If you have one you are willing to part with I'd pay a good amount for it. please comment/ pm me!!
  12. does anyone know when the hot topic repress of a fever you can't sweat out is being released?? they've pushed the release date back so many times it's hard to keep track
  13. please message me if you are willing to sell any my chemical romance, fall out boy, or paramore singles on vinyl, especially the ones marked ****. thank you :-) MCR Honey This Mirror Isn't Big Enough for the Two of us single**** Thank You for the Venom single **** I'm Not Okay single Headfirst for Halos single**** any of the conventional weapons singles Na Na Na picture disk Paramore: emergency single hallelujah single misery business single (clear or pink) holiday sessions **** deluxe 7"**** brick by boring brick picture disk**** ignorance picture disk**** singles club**** Fall Out Boy: Dead on arrival single**** Growing up single**** a little less sixteen candles single**** Dance dance single I'm like a lawyer single