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  1. 2 LP opaque red variant at Amazon $24.98 Prime Periphery Amazon
  2. Same, I agree. I am very interested in these releases. I'm just trying to get more info, since these are the only preorders out there. Most likely we'll be seeing something from BM Newbury and Soundstage soon.
  3. Lol I've been in constant contact with this company, they're prolly getting tired of me. This time I asked who their supplier is just to make sure I'm not buying any "bootlegs". And their reply: "thank you for the reply. The LP is from the Label "Epic". In case of any further questions, feel free to contact me. Best regards, Tracy Rider Beraterin Kundenservice"
  4. I just got confirmation from JPC that these are officials: "Yes, the LP 6819576 is an official release which we got from our supplier." I asked about the Ten vinyl.
  5. Buying from Germany rules
  6. Anyone remember how much Claypool Lennon Delirium ‎ Lime And Limpid Green was going for at RSD?
  7. Just requested the black from Bandcamp website. Fingers crossed