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  1. Same here! Shipping confirmation confirmed
  2. Nice... been on this 90s kick lately. I suppose everyone else is too, with all these first time on vinyl releases coming out this year...
  3. Zia's just told me that it is slated for 7/7 release. Sooo... US 7/7?
  4. Thx for the Eminem find
  5. Nope 12 inches all the way!
  6. Two more songs debuted here: Tracklist 1. T-Shirt 2. Run 3. Make It Right 4. Sky Is A Neighborhood 5. La Dee Da 6. Dirty Water 7. Arrows 8. Happy Ever After (Zero Hour) 9. Sunday Rain 10. The Line 11. Concrete and Gold
  7. This song is actually pretty good: Foo Fighters - Run Concrete and Gold 2 LP 140 gram 4th side etched perhaps?
  8. Hmmm... First QOTSA, then Foo? I'm willing to bet they crossed swords into one another's. I'm in
  9. Yay! I got my copy... Damaged! That sucks cuz Amazon says they can't replace it and I really wanted to hear this version... Damn it was such a pretty little thing Oh well at least I get a refund right?
  10. Saturday Morning Cartoon's Greatest Hits - 1995
  11. I also wanted og but caved in when saw it on Amazon for $9 German pressing 2006 Not gatefold or anything, but sufficient until I can also get ahold of an OG
  12. I use the Japanese Round bottom 0.028mm inside the inner sleeves. Outside I use the resealable. Don't care if it's an "extra step". Love the clarity and protection.
  13. Pearl Jam Ten looks to be reissuing as well on the Amazon France...
  14. Nice! Can't wait till I get mine this weekend
  15. Holy shit I'm watching episode 2 now. Best. Show. Ever!!!