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  1. Yeah repress. I've seen how much...
  2. Ladies and gentlemen.... RICK ASTLEY!!! Yesss! Bonus track maybe? Ha ha
  3. Thx Santo got me a black copy as well
  4. My bad. I failed comprehension in school, lol
  5. It'll look cooler on YOUR turntable!
  6. Oh shit you're right. So let's see. 25-20%+5=25? About the same... Unless... I add something to make it $63 or so and bring that down to 50... Ugh math....
  7. My green 2012 Hot Topic variant plays awesome. My wife loves this album. She'll prolly like the pic disc. She won't play it but she'd prolly enjoy it...
  8. My preorder from Amazon still shows. I hope it goes thru like my David Bowie Ziggy Stardust gold vinyl did after it was pulled. If not I'll take the Soundstage. Same price except that it has shipping, unless I add something...
  9. I take it you weren't very interested in this release?
  10. Anyone remember when these are supposed to ship?
  11. Looks like Amazon just pulled this from web...
  12. Just received my copy. Very cool packaging and great sound! Been waiting to get my hands on this record for years.