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  1. Nice! Got my box
  2. Just got the Dying Fetus's yesterday. They look good and sound good too. Not sure about Splatter colored vinyl. I think I like my colored vinyl in solids merges and swirls better. That said, I'll prolly still buy the colored variants before black. Just looks good spinning while listening Although there are a few records out there that just "fit" the album in black vinyl.
  3. Hmmm interesting. Will check it out
  4. Got my Orange Krush Necrophagist Epitaph!!!
  5. I've been listening to this album since its inception... I don't think I go a week without hearing a song from this album... BTW, picking up Orange Krush variant today!
  6. Brown copies back up for order again Brown
  7. Has anyone received their orange and Brown merge copy of Epitaph yet? I just received my black copy yesterday.
  8. Received my Beatles Hard Day's Night today. Very nice in mono
  9. Just received my loser edition in the mail. Now I really feel like a loser. Didn't before tho...
  10. Only 14 left of the New Miserable Experience (Clear / Blue Smoke Vinyl) at Musicvaultz...