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  1. Rhino Records SYEOR 2018

    Not exactly sure, but I think these are not for sale anymore. If you look at Rhino Records website, you'll notice that these two albums are not being offered anymore... Lol but yeah, shoulda just ordered all three of them... Did you purchase the purple Welcome To My Nightmare? That one came out really nice...
  2. If they make it here, I'll take my son. I'll bet Kerry King will do a solo project or make another band. I saw an interview when they asked him if they were gonna quit (right before Repentless), and he said they had a few more albums left. I'm hoping he does. That fucker can play!
  3. Rhino Records SYEOR 2018

    So turns out Rhino Goofed up the Alice Coopers! Killer was pressed on red but with the album Easy Action, and Easy Action was pressed on gold, but with Killer on it! Welcome To My Nightmare was pressed correctly on purple. So just waiting to see what's gonna happen now. My guess is that nothing will be done and I'll either have a misprint of these Albums or return them... Did anyone else order any of the misprints?
  4. Anyone know if these come with a poster?
  5. Just seen on eBay what appears to be red variant available for $13.73 free shipping Mudvayne TEOATTC Lol just looking back at the debacle that ensued on this thread with this release. Thought maybe this would make up for it...
  6. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    That 40% off is awesome! Good find! Thx!
  7. So... Is the clear with red/black limited to US? What about the Yellow with red/black? Is says that it's limited to 500 in US. Where else is it being released? Prolly gonna go with /500
  8. Rhino Records SYEOR 2018

    Just received my Blade Runner Soundtrack! This thing is a beaut! I wasn't aware that this was a Gatefold(1up)! Heavy 180 gram too. Looking for indications as to who mastered these. Also gotta clean it but I'll check back... Oh BTW, if anyone was wondering, this is the Vangelis arranged soundtrack. Not the American Orchestra like some were afraid it was going to be
  9. I got mine today also. But I'm not home until midnight Was it damaged? If not, do you have any details on quality? Also is it Vangelis and not that American Orchestra?
  10. Holy shit! Same exact thing happened to me, but with the D.R.I. Dirty Rotten EP! I couldn't believe it... Course they sent a replacement... In a box 50 times larger than my EP... I wonder what color that one was... As they were all different colors...
  11. Are there any current discount codes for UO?