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  1. Whoa! I'm glad I saw this before they're all gone! Thanks!! Love Chelsea Wolfe.
  2. PO: Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

    Yep I agree, I generally tell Hello Merch to suck a dick these days. I mean, for fuck sakes come on and stop gouging. But.......it's Chelsea Wolfe. I love her music. But Hello Merch can suck a dick again after that. I've held off on three other releases in the last year because they were through HM.
  3. PO: Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun

    Bought the Green/Silver. Loving this single so much.
  4. PO: Real Estate - In Mind (3/17)

    Wow, I would've thought mine was black until I saw your post and held it up to the light. Mine is in terrible shape, though. Scratched and covered in fingerprints and dirt.
  5. I'm in Canada and had to pay $20 USD for shipping (almost $30 CDN). I only paid this because I really REALLY want this LP. But, man, it hurts. I was hoping to see them in Toronto in the Fall, but something came up and I couldn't go (which killed me) so I gave the tickets to a friend. My only condition was that he grabs me an LP at the merch table, but they had nothing, except maybe some t-shirts. Ugh.
  6. Hey, Blue Transparent is back in stock.... https://thenakedandfamous.manheadmerch.com/collections/music/products/simple-forms-limited-edition-blue-vinyl