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  1. Hey everyone. I’m looking to complete my Modern Baseball vinyl discography. The two records I need to finish it are the Modern Baseball x The Hundred Acre Woods 7’ Split, and the Fest 12 10” Split. I’m willing to pay as much as $40 for the 7” and as much as $60 for the 10”. Let me know if you’re looking to sell! Thank you!
  2. Im looking for a copy of A>B life by mewithoutYou for my collection. Trying to avoid getting ripped off by crazy prices. Also interested in a copy of Catch For Us The Foxes if anyone has it. Thanks.
  3. Fest 12 Split 10"

    Wow Thanks buddy I'm honored. I know they're on discogs but that's out of my price range. Have a good one
  4. Fest 12 Split 10"

    Does anybody out there have this split? I need it to complete my Modern Baseball discography. Dying to have this!