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  1. Hardcore band, True Love - The Pact up for pre-order on Triple B. Gold/100 already sold out. http://www.triplebrecords.limitedrun.com/products/614969-true-love-the-pact-12-pre-orders
  2. PO: Ghoul | Wall of Death 7"

    The Ill Bill/Ghoul split should have been put into a new thread. The split should be interesting. I wonder if Ill Bill's track will just be hip hop, or will incorporate some metal.
  3. I'm in Canada. I got my package from Rise Records about 2 weeks ago. I got a shipping confirmation from Heartworm last week, but it hasn't arrived yet. According to the tracking number, my parcel is sitting with United States Postal Service in Los Angeles, waiting to get a label generated, and that was since March 4. I have a feeling I'll see the Heartworm package in a few weeks.
  4. PO: Fireburn - Shine 7" EP

    Who’s the new guitarist? Any indication why Todd Jones left?
  5. Nice! Was refreshing Run For Cover several times a day, waiting for this pre-order.
  6. Right on with this comment! I loved the album with Zoli, probably because I'm a huge Ignite fan. I was so happy when Zoli became singer, because it takes like a decade before Ignite releases new material, that I was thankful to at least hear him sing again. It was bittersweet at the time, because that also meant further delays to another Ignite record. I saw videos of Zoli singing old Pennywise songs, and he looked out of place. I think the Jim/Pennywise and Zoli/Pennywise are 2 different bands. I would have liked to hear more on the latter, but hearing more Jim is good too.
  7. This is a terrible scam, and I feel sorry for the seller. Regarding the comment about selling outside of the US, what is the relevance here? Maybe I missed it, but is there a policy within Paypal, that treats domestic vs international differently? Thanks
  8. New Fireburn 7" out for pre-order. US: https://www.allinmerch.com/closed-casket-activities EU: http://theessence.bigcartel.com/product/fireburn7ep Looking at the band picture on bandcamp, it appears Todd Jones is out of the band? But he's on the 7" cover. Edit - just read on Lambgoat that Todd Jones is no longer in the band. Too bad. I think Todd Youth was probably the main songwriter anyhow, as the songs sound similar to the Bloodclot record with John Joseph. http://lambgoat.com/bits/12634/FIREBURN-Ex-Bad-Brains-Danzig-Stream-New-EP
  9. Saw NW last night, first time in about 12 years or so since their Suffer Survive tour...they were incredible. They only played older songs pre-Suffer Survive, and a few new songs. I actually liked Suffer Survive and wanted to hear a few tracks live. But those old songs brought the house down... They also had a tour edition mini-ep for $5 CAD, 3 songs, which are already on the new album. It was the clear version/250. They didn't have the black version also /250. The mini-ep was supposed to be a promo for the upcoming album. This: https://www.discogs.com/No-Warning-Torture-Culture-Tour-Edition/release/11229399
  10. I'll take the blue if your friend doesn't want it! Please.....
  11. I totally missed this thread. All the vinyl except white are sold out on Roadrunner. But Warner has all colors except blue. I got an orange. https://store.warnermusic.ca/collections/turnstile/vinyl
  12. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Let’s stop with these represses and let’s have a new Good Riddance LP out. The last one was fantastic, mostly written by Russ during their hiatus. So they’ve had a couple of years to write new songs hopefully.
  13. The DW color is the best for sure, but...just had to get the other limited variants for their bundle package options.
  14. The only good thing about heartworm was their shipping...it was only $10 to send to Canada for the red glow/shirt bundle. Props to them on that.
  15. damn me too! I missed out on the /100 (but didn't like the shirt anyhow). Got the /200 red glow and rise mega bundle. Would like to support DW, but that Rise mega bundle was worth it, and their variants are more limited.