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  1. The DW color is the best for sure, but...just had to get the other limited variants for their bundle package options.
  2. The only good thing about heartworm was their shipping...it was only $10 to send to Canada for the red glow/shirt bundle. Props to them on that.
  3. damn me too! I missed out on the /100 (but didn't like the shirt anyhow). Got the /200 red glow and rise mega bundle. Would like to support DW, but that Rise mega bundle was worth it, and their variants are more limited.
  4. hi jrodan, how did you know about these pressings being available? Were you just surfing around, or you got some notification? I'm not on a matador mailing list, I don't recall, so I'm just wondering.
  5. Wow, how did these become available? Seems like /300 is gone. I already have the splatters, just wondering why they're available again.
  6. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Thanks - I almost did a blind buy just in case it was the original. I'm not into represses...still looking for original color variants.
  7. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Is the good riddance color vinyl a new pressing or they're selling original blue from 1998??? the site indicates color is still available with the buy button but the bottom text says blue is no longer available (which is probably the text for many years now)
  8. oops sorry, I thought it was another variant and not the purple. Thanks!
  9. Tour press? What color vinyl, was this numbered, etc? Info please.... I saw her in Montreal in Oct and there was no tour press, nor any mention from anyone else here who saw her recently. These presses may be new.
  10. You can pre-order this from fatbeats as well
  11. Yeah they emailed me yesterday telling me the Converge yellow /500 I had ordered, is no longer available, because they over sold it. They asked if I wanted the limited violet instead (which is out of /3000). haha. I said no thanks. I'll just go and pick up the black color from my local store and save on the exchange rate and shipping.
  12. Yes, so it seems everyone thought white was the rarest. I bought both the white and blue earlier, as I didn't know which pressing was more rare, but should've waited a bit. And now I don't want to look like a douche asking Southern to cancel the white.
  13. I think it's the fact Southern doesn't post the pressing info, and people are buying white because that has the lower quantity amount.
  14. Anyone know the pressing on this? It does appear white is selling faster than blue, on the Southern North America site that is.
  15. Would this be considered a 2nd pressing?