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  1. You can pre-order this from fatbeats as well
  2. Yeah they emailed me yesterday telling me the Converge yellow /500 I had ordered, is no longer available, because they over sold it. They asked if I wanted the limited violet instead (which is out of /3000). haha. I said no thanks. I'll just go and pick up the black color from my local store and save on the exchange rate and shipping.
  3. Yes, so it seems everyone thought white was the rarest. I bought both the white and blue earlier, as I didn't know which pressing was more rare, but should've waited a bit. And now I don't want to look like a douche asking Southern to cancel the white.
  4. I think it's the fact Southern doesn't post the pressing info, and people are buying white because that has the lower quantity amount.
  5. Anyone know the pressing on this? It does appear white is selling faster than blue, on the Southern North America site that is.
  6. Would this be considered a 2nd pressing?
  7. Nice, at least we can order the /800 without having to order the bundle. I'm an older dude with kids, and buying a shirt with a knife/some sharp object, is not my thing.
  8. Coretex has the black available as well...still waiting for Side One to have their versions hopefully. http://coretexrecords.com/Iron-Chic-III-you-cant-stay-here-PRE-ORDER_1
  9. The VIP bundle is only good for the ticket to the show and the exclusive vinyl. The q&a session and photo opportunity are funny. What happened to the days when bands hang around the merch table, and you can speak to them for free. And you get a set list of the show...are there going to be 25 handwritten copies like the olden days, or are these are going to be printed out...
  10. Me too. It makes me wonder if the site is getting updated real-time, or if sales are really slow. If the latter, this band really tapered off and people don't care. also, I wonder why the purple variant is $3 more when it's not even the rarest.
  11. Wow didn't know this was coming. Ordered the pink kush...I'm surprised the /150 is still available.
  12. FYI - I ordered the clear + tshirt bundle, and asked if I could replace the pre-ordered tshirt with the black silhouette version, and the answer was no. Both shirts are marked for the same price. Not sure I understand the design of the shirt in the bundle, labeled as 'interiors extended', but I'll get a closer look when it arrives, and see if there's an association with the lyrics.
  13. I think peach is sold out. The site still says "add to cart", but after pressing it, it says "Maximum allowed quantity per product is 0.", so they must all now be gone. Same as well, I don't need the tshirt to get the Clear, and plus, shipping costs goes up.
  14. The sound quality is likely moot as mostly everyone who bought the splatter is probably going to spin it a few times anyhow, and listen to it using other methods like their iPhone, myself included. I buy vinyl for the collector factor, as I really don't have time to sit and listen to a record front to back.