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  1. I agree with the comment above about Rainbo. As long as someone else cuts, they do sound great.
  2. Please pm me if interested so I get the notice...Just cleaning a couple things out... Would like to sell as a lot, so trying to price fairly for that reason: How about $44 shipped... Wrong LP-Highlighter yellow /250 relapse exclusive Self Defense Family-RSD 12" The power does not work in the presence of...SEAM Split on top from shipping (BLACK) Star Wars Trilogy-Newbury comics exclusive Vor Hees 7" bookburner
  3. $25 Shipped for all this: PM me if interested Refused-Freedom LP Black/Gold Sealed.... Nirvana Tribute-Doused in mud, Soaked in Bleach-Silver Vinyl RSD Exclusive Hew Time-3X 7" members of Melvins/Big Business #737/850 Violent Soho 7" green vinyl Neon-Windbreaker 7" The Zoobombs 7"