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  1. It’s been awhile but still have some of these left if anyone is interested:)
  2. History of Boise Rock TONIGHT! On a very special History of Boise Rock... Mike and Scott from legendary Boise band STUNTMAN come in-studio to talk about their classic album being reissued on Gravy Lane Records... We'll also chat about their rock origins, boise rock history, and the aging curve of Boise musicians, among other topics, I'd imagine. TUNE IN: 89.9 or 93.5 FMs or stream at: www.radioboise.org 11pm - 1am ONLY on Radio Boise KRBX 89.9 FM / 93.5 FM. You can go to past shows...Sept. 5th-History of Boise Rock.....11pm-1am
  3. Shipping Now! Get your order in. Enter the Sly Vinyl Contest to win a copy on Facebook!! Thanks to those who have ordered!
  4. Daily bump. Enter the contest...check out the bandcamp.... Don't sleep on this. Your collection is incomplete without this
  5. Don't forget to enter the Sly Vinyl contest to win a copy! Check them out on bandcamp!
  6. https://slyvinyl.com/genres/indierock/stuntman-stuntman-limited-edition-of-273-blue-vinyl-lps
  7. https://stuntman1.bandcamp.com/album/stuntman Preorders are live! Check them out on BandCamp
  8. Me too! There was an add in OPTION magazine for it and I sent a money order and never received it. Finally bought on discogs earlier this year. I didn't think it really existed. Anyway, this album sounds great on vinyl and anyone that loves Treepeople will love too. It's definetly a classic! Thanks!
  9. Yes! and it is remastered and sounds better than ever! Please! Go like my page and share. I could use some help
  10. Shipping Now! Get your order in. Enter the Sly Vinyl Contest to win a copy on Facebook!! Hey Everyone, It comes with great excitement that I am releasing Stuntman's Self Titled CD for the first time on Vinyl. Limited to 273 copies on blue vinyl. Basically Dug left and formed BTS, The other guys(Scott Schmaljohn and crew) went on to Stuntman. Sounds like a bunch of Treepeople songs! Remastered by Carl Saff (Saff Recordings) and he did a Hell of a job on it. This recording is timeless and sounds better today than it did in 1994! Ex Members of Treepeople(BTS), State of Confusion, Ignatius and other bands. Solid Mfg. and Rainbo pressed from the lacquer I sent and is great!! PM me and I can give a slight discount to VC members... SHIPS FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER AT THE LATEST THIS IS NOT THE NEWER METAL BAND PM me to purchase through here and save $1 $15+$4 s/h.... I've been on this board for years and am kinda quiet but I love. Always wanted this on vinyl and hope someone else does too! Bandcamp will be up any time and will be the place to order. https://stuntman1.bandcamp.com/releases Not done yet, Updating gravylanerecords Facebook link: please like and share Facebook will get the first notice for preorder ! https://gravylanerecords.blogspot.com Blogspot and Gravy Lane records twitter: https://twitter.com/GravyLaneRecord?lang=en Scott Schmaljohn, Sean Lennon, John Polle, Mike Rundle Any question? Please ask. Thanks! Dave (This is an older youtube song. Also remastered for the vinyl )
  11. I agree with the comment above about Rainbo. As long as someone else cuts, they do sound great.