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  1. I guess if they sound ok, then they're ok... Only way to know is to buy an original pressing or an official reissue. Was just hoping someone on here has already made this comparison.
  2. These are the versions I have:
  3. Recently got back to collecting vinyl, and some of the first discs I picked up were Eno discs. Music for Airports and Discreet Music were first, as those were two I had back in the day, and have enjoyed on CD in the interim. Unbeknownst to me (because I wasn't really paying attention), I picked up "unofficial" releases of these two albums - Discreet Music is in white vinyl, and Airports is clear (see following post for links to actual releases). To my ears, they sound pretty good, but I was curious to hear what others thought. For comparison, I had also picked up a few Bowie albums that were "unofficial" (these turned out to be crappy bootlegs from a CD master, and I believe were pressed in Russia), and the sound was just awful on those. I replaced them with originals or good official reissues and am very happy I did. As I said though, on these Eno records, they do sound "ok" on my system. They aren't as dynamic or complex sonically as they Bowie records though, so I'm wondering if the difference is negligible. Anybody here familiar with both and can offer some input?
  4. Thanks - will check it out.
  5. Got it. I emailed Jim Pendleton at AIVS earlier and he answered a few of my questions. Might speak to him tomorrow, but I'm definitely leaning towards his product. I appreciate your advice as well!
  6. Sorry, I didn't write that very well! Let me clarify - I realize you aren't meant to make it click, but when I felt that the device might not be working, I tested it with the little attachment on the end and was unable to get even a faint glow... Figured I'd just check to see if I could make it click. When I squeezed and there was no click, it made me think perhaps the mechanism is dead / faulty or ??
  7. To me IPA means India pale ale, and there's nothing about that that I don't like! Seriously though, I've read in a few places where folks were saying that the alcohol was potentially damaging to vinyl. Probably not at the concentrations in these solutions, but somehow in my mind it seems better to leave it out if possible. I could certainly be wrong though. I found a source for the L'Art du Son too, by the way. Haven't decided yet which to go with. I do like the one-step method option.
  8. I've been using a Milty Zerostat since I got it a few weeks back. I've been getting more static than I think I should be the last few days, so I tested it today. I find that I'm unable to make it "click" by squeezing the trigger, even if I squeeze very quickly. When testing with the little piece that you stick on the end, I'm getting an occasional faint glow but no bright pulses of light and no clicking. Is this Zerostat toast? Has it died after just a few weeks of use? Is there an easy fix for this? Anyone?
  9. Thanks - I appreciate that. Will check out AIVS and maybe switch to their fluid(s) once this bottle of the Okki Nokki cleaner runs out, which is going to be soon. I like the idea of eliminating the isopropyl alcohol from the mix.
  10. That's what I'll do - thanks!
  11. OK, cool. Ok to really soak it (and then let it sit out to dry)?
  12. Thanks. Yes, I actually picked up the Zerodust and use it every day. I haven't found an effective, reliable way to clean it though. I find that it gets covered in a fine layer of fuzz that prevents it from working as well. Do folks just run it under the tap?
  13. I went with the Okki Nokki, and so far I'm digging it. I've run through about 2/3 of the liter of solution I made from the concentrate supplied with the machine, and am wondering if the consensus would be to replace it with more of the same, or if there's a brand of cleaning solution folks here prefer. Or is the DIY route a viable option? Some combo of distilled/RODI water, isopropyl alcohol and dish detergent? I should probably just dig around with the search function, but if anyone wants to humor me in this thread, I'd certainly appreciate it.
  14. Interesting - thanks. I'm not much of a DIY guy anymore, but I'll certainly check it out.
  15. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy some spare 12" gatefold LP jackets in black? I've found a few sources for white ones, but for some reason cannot find black. Could anyone link me to a source? I just need a couple of them. Thanks!