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  1. Understood! Heading out this evening to pick up a proper record cleaner.
  2. Great - thank you. This is just what I needed. I suspected that the Discwasher brush was not really pulling enough grime out. Most of my records are new/newish, but for the old used ones I've picked up, I realize they need a deeper cleaning. So I'll pick up a carbon fiber brush for every time use, and invest in something like the Record Doctor V for the more thorough cleanings. I see the Nitty Gritty gets a lot of praise. I'll search for the thread that you mention. Thanks again.
  3. I'd like to know this too. What do folks think is the best hand held disc cleaning brush? I'm liking the old Discwasher alright, but I imagine there may be better options. Anyone?
  4. Cool, I'll look that one up. If anyone else has other recommendations for regular maintenance cleaners, I'm happy to check them out too.
  5. Cool, that's a relief. And yes, I usually clean it while in place, but was very careful doing it free hand!
  6. yanquiuxo: I am using one of the original Discwasher brushes, which I've heard are quite a bit better than the newer ones... But yes, that is essentially the method I am using. I'm happy to switch to something better if you have suggestions.
  7. Will look into the sheets as well - thanks... So I went ahead and removed the stylus from the cartridge just to have a better look and wow, it was really dirty. So I gave it another cleaning (with the method I've been using - fluid and an Ortofon stylus brush). I also hit it with a little compressed air. I then snapped a few pics of it before replacing it. In doing lots of reading on the net, I've become worried that perhaps in my cleaning I became a bit overly exuberant and bent the cantilever a bit. Could you folks take a look at these pics and let me know what you think? It's very difficult to get good pics going through the loupe, but these are the best I could manage.
  8. Thank you. I will investigate wet cleaning methods. I'm open to any and all suggestions for specific products.
  9. I read about the magic eraser method. Interesting too, but I may just splurge on the ZeroDust and spare myself the DIY stuff.
  10. Thanks, Curator. I've seen that ZeroDust cleaner and thought it looked interesting. Might have to spring for it. Has anyone else had problems with old records gunking up your stylus super quickly?
  11. Hello all... I'm by no means new to turntables. I had one back in the 70s and 80s when I was in school. Just recently got back into the whole thing (so glad that I did). I have a Music Hall MMF-2.2 turntable and have been loving it (except for having to lift the platter off to switch between 33 and 45 rpm, which is annoying). Anyhow, I've been using my old Dishwasher brush to clean records, and cleaning pretty much every time I play something. Just today out of nowhere, one of my records was spinning and the stylus skipped halfway across the record. I figured there may have been some detritus on the disc that I missed, but on close inspection, couldn't really see anything. Took a look at the stylus though and saw that it had some lint and other shmutz on it, so I cleaned it and the record now seems to be playing ok. I had just cleaned the stylus yesterday, so I was surprised. I remember cleaning the stylus very rarely back in the day... Now, it's true the records I'm playing now are mostly old ones I get off eBay and Discogs. Could it be that the old grime from these records, caked into the grooves, is just gunking up my stylus rapidly? How often does everyone here clean their stylus? Should I consider doing a deep clean on my records?