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  1. damn, i actually like the new song
  2. how much was the tour version?
  3. ended at almost $700!
  4. got my copy in from germany the other day.
  5. def gonna grab this friday on payday.
  6. as much as i loved this record, i will continue to resist ordering from ETR because of his practices.
  7. i emailed the seller asking if it was vinyl and if it wasnt to cancel my order... they responded with ..
  8. could it be a CD box set?
  9. they did some fuckery with the clear white noise variant too and when i hit up management about it they just ignored me. so im not surprised.
  10. thats sick af. wish I had $48 to blow on that foil. Maybe got a code for free shipping for VC? worth a shot lol
  11. $40 shipped to the US...meh, dont need the color that bad.
  12. id love this if its still avail.