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  1. seems like the server used to generate captchas is gone and thus we cant leave feedback. can we get a fix here please?
  2. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    yes really. i dont flip records, or buy them with the intention of flipping. realistically i would have listened to it once, maybe twice and left it on the shelf. the money came a lot more useful actually being used when i needed it vs being tied up in a 6 month PO for something i didnt even really want in the first place.
  3. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    still very happy i cancelled. so lets laugh together.
  4. added ! and a few i missed in the last few pages. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1bgVVRufSou60ZCYFamIkSRSUi5h4hlkbME5ftzDFc2I/edit#gid=0
  5. got this record in. holy shit its gorgeous. love that the starburst is transparent vs opaque. also the record is pretty heavy and the packaging is nice. all in all, worth it.
  6. the ironic part is the description literally says "heavy pink" lol
  7. updated photo from PP, including A/B bone/blue but wheres the pink splatter?
  8. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    you sound triggered af
  9. PO NOW: Frank Ocean - Endless

    assuming this still hasnt shipped? lol so happy i cancelled my PO
  10. PO NOW: Lydia - Liquor

    hopefully youre not stalking travis barker wherever he gets lunch
  11. PO NOW: Lydia - Liquor

    lol "i work in the industry" classic famous burrito.
  12. PO NOW: Lydia - Liquor

    where did you hear it
  13. the record isnt bad, people have too high of expectations. yes its a bit more commercial and poppy and a departure from older underoath but doesnt make it a shit record. no band will ever stay the same. that said, i will agree the pacing is a bit weird. They could have arranged the record a bit better.