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  1. looks like smartpunk variant is OOS
  2. damn, sold out ! thanks though.
  3. PO: Soccer Mommy - Clean

    your dog was awesome, stoked on the first 3 songs on the record as im listening now on NPR. def gonna grab one of the those twilight copies. its $1 more than bullmoose but also has the digital included, which is what i really want.
  4. PO: Sum 41 - Does This Look Infected

    would buy this in a heartbeat but its $RC .. so...pass.
  5. fuck. so sad i missed this.
  6. so happy its crystal clear. was being genuine wishing you luck with your sale. Saw you already sold a couple things, awesome !
  7. ETR test presses are pretty much worthless at secondary, but good luck with your sale ! hopefully you find a collector looking for those records, otherwise id assume youd get somewhere near cost.
  8. New Website Detects Deals On Amazon

    wow this fucking rules, thank you so much! so easy to navigate and i love the coupons tab ! hope you keep that updated.
  9. ive offered my help, for years. trust me im tired of it too. whats the point of mods if they dont do simple things like move topics to the appropriate sections? and it looks like me saying something actually made them lift a finger, so mission accomplished.
  10. its ok. if the mods around here actually DID something, this would already be in the right place and you'd probably get more looks.
  11. haha well played. but in all seriousness, the only address i ever got a response from was [email protected] honestly good luck lol
  12. just send a courier pigeon into a fire and youll probably get a quicker/better response.