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  1. interested in the white and black youth. would you do both for $24 shipped?
  2. perfect. knew waiting on this would pay off lol $46 shipped to cali
  3. stoked on dear diary, that record had meaning for me growing up. not sure id listen to it as much anymore but would probably buy one just for nostalgia sake.
  4. love the new track. so stoked for this record.
  5. looks amazing .really solid packaging and nice silver vinyl. havent had a chance to spin it yet.
  6. and cause its ross and ETR aka pure garbage.
  7. $2.66 shipped to cali. Damn 9% tax!!!!!! thanks for the tip on this, totally overlooked that sales price! wow!!
  8. just grabbed saosin on orange for $17 and change shipped. $4 off with the code and free shipping. rad. weird cause when i tried to add the black it didnt discount and tried to charge me $8 for shipping. lol no thanks. im good with cheaper and colored variant.
  9. pop punk emo merch wall haha my buddy @billyajust added me to it
  10. I have Coke bottle war paint. Please pm w offer