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  1. i emailed the seller asking if it was vinyl and if it wasnt to cancel my order... they responded with ..
  2. could it be a CD box set?
  3. they did some fuckery with the clear white noise variant too and when i hit up management about it they just ignored me. so im not surprised.
  4. thats sick af. wish I had $48 to blow on that foil. Maybe got a code for free shipping for VC? worth a shot lol
  5. $40 shipped to the US...meh, dont need the color that bad.
  6. id love this if its still avail.
  7. i also saw the used and h2o open for BCR in DC lol
  8. lol, hes gotta fund that alien hunting one way or another...
  9. pretty sure it will all be black so im good with the bullmoose PO i made so long ago i cant even remember.
  10. fuck i love that song. and june has special meaning to me and my girl so it really hits home.
  11. I have a first press available for sale. PM me with a PPD offer and we'll go from there.