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  1. PO Now: The Bronx - V

    Mine showed up in a city 30 miles away, and for 4 days I had to call fed ex because tracking kept saying they had the incorrect address. Each time I called I gave them the correct one. Finally got them today, and of course the original address on the package was correct. God damn fed ex.
  2. PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Had to order mine from the uk store cause the us store sold out, it’s tracking and should be here this week.
  3. Ceremony - L Shaped Man - Demos

    Anyone ever receive this or get a release date? Ordered it but never heard anything, and never got a response from the site.
  4. PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Ah, my mistake. I had to order from the uk store, maybe they’re a little behind or plan to ship on the 22nd. Thanks.
  5. PAX-AM Records (Ryan Adams)

    Anyone hear anything new about the live at rough trade record? I thought it was supposed to come out the 15th but haven’t received any shipping notice. Am I wrong on the date?
  6. God damnit... wasn’t going to pick this up, but I ordered it anyway.
  7. New Stuff in the DW Estore

    I haven’t really listened to converge past when forever comes crashing, but couldn’t pass up on that clear you fail me. Maybe this will open the door to the later stuff for me.
  8. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Jesus, I know Newbury charged a bit of a premium on their variants... but that has to be a mistake.
  9. Trying to complete. Willing to buy or trade. Also looking for nobody’s darlings on red but I’ve asked about that before, and it’s a hard get. Message me if you’ve got either.
  10. Selling Collection (trade list inside)

    How dare you offer up the ships records! I’ll take the lot off you for $20 and an Outback Steakhouse gift card.
  11. No Idea Collector's Corner

    Same wheelhouse maybe, but different time. And I later realize I have heard of red scare, but not the other two. Seems like this just isn’t my thing, I liked some earlier no idea records but that’s kind of where it ends for me. I’ll give off with their heads a try though.
  12. No Idea Collector's Corner

    Nope. Had to google the persons name to figure out the band. I’ve seen their records at shops but never heard em. To be fair when I think of no idea I’m thinking hot water, against me!, small brown bike, swarm, stuff like that. I’m not familiar with the bands you listed. If they got screwed that’s unfortunate.
  13. No Idea Collector's Corner

    Bit pricey, but I picked up something anyway. Think I’d need a little more background than a post from a band I know nothing about to write off an entire label. My old band did a couple records on a label that others had bad experiences with, but I had no issues with. Figure there’s always 2 sides. Also so just remember pulling my first record from a label that I felt was “mishandling” it, and thought they were fucking it up. Gave it to a couple friends who wanted to start up a label of their own. Looking back, the first label didn’t really do anything that bad, and probably didn’t need to burn that bridge. Now the label seems to be doing quite well, and haven’t heard anything negative about it. Not that the second label was a mistake or anything, they’ve also done some pretty cool stuff since. Just saying, for what it’s worth, I’m my limited experience labels are a tricky thing and shit happens.
  14. Not signed or as pricey, but in the same boat. Definitely hope it’s noticeably different.