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  1. I felt similar, but it's growing on me. Just give it some time. Once you let go of any quicksand expectations is actually a good record.
  2. Wtb/wttf some lucero lps

    yep, really wishing I didn't sell it.
  3. Wtb/wttf some lucero lps

    Looking to complete, need: tennessee on clear twfw original attic tapes original nobody's darlings white and red. Offering modestly above going rate if you've got them lying around, or check my trade list. https://deadformat.com/collection/Dhesketh
  4. Looks like amazon U.K. fixed that price. Missed it.
  5. Now the price on the site is $49.99. Lesson learned. Just flipped past a stack at a local shop for $34.99.
  6. Just throwing it out there, but I paid $46.99 plus shipping preordering from port of sound when I thought it would be a hard get... oops.
  7. I've got doubles of the heartbreaker cooking vinyl lp and the 1984 7"(black), as well as the vampires and gimme something good 7"s. Looking for other ra records or lucero stuff. Pm me if interested at all.
  8. WTB : Lucero Texas and Tennessee 12"

    Still looking.
  9. Dear lord... it was a positive statement supporting Midwest hardcore. Just because you can find a black widows or enkindel record in the bargain bin doesn't mean it's bad, just under appreciated. You should take a look at my record collection for gods sake. And not feel the need to be annoying on the internet. This is why I lurk and don't post, thanks bud.
  10. Yeah, shutting to doors soon cause they're missing out on that lords and black god money.
  11. This record is good. Though like much Louisville post hardcore/whatever it will probably be overlooked. Kids should pick this up. And then hit the bargain bins for related shit. Long list of damn fine bands.