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  1. Picked up that Dillinger escape plan 7" and I don't really want it. Message me if you do. Just want what I paid plus shipping.
  2. So I thought someone messaged me about the cure acoustic hits pic disc, but I was mistaken. So I've got one if someone needed it. Also regretting my poiliteness a little. First in line, kinda wanted the sundays lp, but the guy 2 behind me was looking for that alone. 1 copy, and I passed it back. Didn't realize it was going to be one of the harder to gets. Anyway, hit me up about that cure pic disc.
  3. Couldn't sleep so walked down to the shop down the street to wait for it to open. Only one here. Just picking up sunny day, think they ordered 2 copies. It's a small shop but if anyone wants me to check for something they missed out on pm me.
  4. definitely start with the end of a year records and go from there. My favorite still is sincerely.
  5. Looking for color pressings of the sabot releases/reissues and originals of attic tapes, Tennessee, and tmfw. Happy to pay fair price.
  6. Best of record huh? Kinda weird but it's digital so alright. New songs not too bad.
  7. Looks great. Finally have the champion pk complete info.