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  1. Yeah, UK exclusive. I was going to get it for a friend's wedding present. Now I'll just have to hope it doesn't get flipped for an astronomical amount.
  2. Hopefully the complete lack of interest here in the Dark Crystal OST matches with real-world demand. With The Labyrinth getting a wide release later this year, this would make a great companion piece. then again, I'm kind of a sucker for Trevor Jones soundtracks.
  3. I was originally joking about it with friends, but they seemed way more interested in it than I was
  4. I have a delivered copy of the Oxblood from their MerchNow shop, but won't make it back up to my house until tomorrow morning. I'll try to snap a photo for everyone. Didn't get it as part of any bundles though.
  5. I know it doesn't account for much, but I couldn't get a straight answer from the guys at the Sub Pop shop in Seattle one way or another about a wider release. Apparently they're not getting told much, either.
  6. Aqua being UK only just shattered my chances at what would have been a really easy wedding present for a friend. Back to the drawing board...
  7. I think it depends on how much they're being charged per record. Based on the overstock they have to order to cover damage during shipping, there's no way they're not getting some sort of massive discount on a bulk pressing/order. As for continuing to one-up themselves, I feel the staff have enough of a sense of humor about themselves that they might just deliberately put out a lemon to see how many people jump ship, but there's still plenty of untapped releases out there that they could pull something pretty big out that nobody was really expecting but everybody may not necessarily want...Savage Garden's S/T was never pressed, for example. I personally don't give a shit as long as what they choose has some sort of relevance and substance. Since I can finally take a second and address the "I don't want someone choosing for me" comment, that's totally your prerogative. Just don't see why you feel the need to shit on someone else who doesn't mind it as an option and has the disposable income to do so. I've certainly felt like I wasted more money gambling on represses of stuff I knew that was pressed like shit.
  8. They exceeded 10x their previous new subscriber gain. Don't think anybody would have anticipated that. They took a chance and at least they had the forethought to think about some sort of strategy to keep somewhat ahead of things. This could have gotten way uglier if they hadn't
  9. There should be a link to select your swap in the announcement email you get or it can be done in the VMP Store. Still have a lot of good options in there; wouldn't mind that Black Sabbath or BBNG.
  10. I started here. Funny you guys are so quick to criticize them for their hive mentality, but it seems to be what you want here. But that's cool. Doesn't change my mind any.
  11. I don't know how to answer that, but I'm me. People in the real world call me Mark. Does that help?
  12. If a service like VMP is your ONLY source of new material, then I absolutely agree that it's throwing complete caution into the wind. But I augment my curation with this service and it works tremendously well for that.
  13. That's why you look at what's made its way out in the past and decide based on trend analysis
  14. Guess they accounted for a 15% growth through new subscriptions and about 2-3 weeks to reach it. At this point, they think they'll hit their limit by Friday. That's crazy. But I would encourage people not to join for just one record since that's kind of defeating the point of the whole service...discovery and community. Just saying give them a chance,do some exploration, and let them surprise you.