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  1. Utrecht is a gem of a small city. Love that canal that wraps around the city. Very underrated.
  2. I'd love some Millencolin vinyl in my life but I cannot in good conscience have their cover art be vinyl-sized
  3. Ahhh yes come to think of it, there's a jazz-oriented second-hand place in town that always has exorbitant mark-ups. Half that older clientele probably don't know what a Discogs is, nor the fact that they could buy a Numero or Light In The Attic reissue of what they just bought for a third the price and mint condition.
  4. The only real payout is when, after decades, you donate to a public library willing to take your collection. That tax return will be more worth it than a lifetime of DIY reselling, which is why I've never come across any "lifer" flippers (and would be surprised if many exist).
  5. Thanks for the tip @hype; nabbed one too!
  6. That sucks... It's a better Diamond Dogs-era live album than David Live IMO (the one time I heard it) but that's way too pricey. Local stores already have over-inflated prices for the Bowie reissues (I've had to buy from Amazon instead) so I can't imagine affording this. Maybe if there was nothing else to buy I'd splurge at this point.
  7. I don't actually see this listing on that page anymore. There's only a 2LP Limited Edition and a CD (discounted)
  8. I was at the right age for those excellent CD reissues in the early 2000s. I think they're a cut above a lot of their peers, tbh. More witty, able to incorporate folk influences as easily as The Mekons (but in a uniquely British way)... A clear influence for the punkier proponents of the American neofolk movement at the time of the reissues like Jeffrey Lewis.
  9. Lots of good choices. Especially Azure Ray!
  10. Too many obscure Canadian indie-rock albums to mention, but let's start with Duotang's sophomore effort, 1998's third-wave-mod classic The Cons & The Pros (Yes, you're seeing that right: They're a bass-and-drums duo) as well as... ...Bodega's final album, 2001's Without A Plan. If you understand what "produced by David Fridmann" means, then that's all you need to know. Otherwise, think The Beach Boys but also Lee Hazlewood and even Sean Lennon: Lush harmonies, oddball instruments and a keen sense of pop-songcraft. Finally, while Sianspheric are known for their first album Somnium from 1995 (which finally got its first vinyl pressing a month back), their much more noisy second album, 1998's There's Always Someplace You'd Rather Be that more or less anticipated the stripped-down dirty sound Mogwai would use on CODY a year later (and even their 2001 album The Sound of the Colour of the Sun) have yet to be pressed on vinyl. Label Obscura and Paper Bag Vintage are trying to fix the lack of 90s Can Rock reissues/first vinyl releases but it's maybe the first thing I'd do with a decent bank loan tbh.
  11. Nice! Anyone want to recommend any of his most recent (Let's say last ten years) work? Amazon Canada is selling his most recent solo LP at a fairly decent price at the moment. I've really fallen behind on listening to poppy IDM but circa 2002 I lived and breathed City Centre Offices, Morr Music, Leaf (their 20th Anniversary reissue program "Leaf 20" was top-notch), etc. There's some real good OOP material in those genres that I hope recent enthusiasm over the Gas box-set and a few other signs might point to a bit of a revival. A lot of electronic music today is sophisticated and interesting but also (understandably) relentlessly dark.
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll prowl Discogs and then on RSD if a store has it I'll check to see if there's anything special about these editions (outside of colour vinyl or a coupon code for extra tracks I'd be surprised).
  13. Faux, vegan; same diff. Please don't shoot the messenger. I have no horse in this race.
  14. The artist did not know how to set up their Bandcamp to be honest. There' no reason I can think of for having three versions of the same bundle listed for purchase.... Oh well!
  15. FWIW this and the 10th Anniversary Leaf reissue from late 2005 (Her first LP "Everybody Alive Wants Anwers 2LP" that should be relatively easy to find online)