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  1. Damn, after (decent) shipping this comes out to about 68CAD for me. It's a good album, maybe even great (Certainly the singles are some of the best he's ever done), and I love the colour choice but I can't justify that cost. There's a bit of filler (par for the course) too. I'd buy a vinyl edition of Total Devastation, his Greatest Hits in a heartbeat, colour variant or not. Heck, I'd buy an updated 3xLP version since some of his most recent jams are OK.
  2. Same! The reseller, Avatar, showed up on, making it worth my while. I've been waiting for a decent price of this reissue since the EP was digital-only. Thanks @B-dosia for the heads up.
  3. Don't get me wrong, I love the name. Laughing cause it's fairly clever. But duly noted. I won't miss his set. Is he 100% Roland keyboards only?
  4. Underrated label devoted to 80s and 90s European noise and experimental, leaning heavily on industrial and lo-fi sounds. To say it's not even your average ambient fan's cup of tea would be an understatement, so it's a testament to the label and the niche within a niche within a niche community that they lasted so long. In 2006-7 they released like about a dozen super-eccentric lathes cuts featuring a couple bands associated with the legendary Not Not Fun label out of L.A.... All 8"s. Yes, you read that right. Eight inch records! I got about nine of them.
  5. Yeah there's an opener. For the Toronto show it's someone called Roland Tings () which sounds more synthwave than Clark judging by name alone.
  6. Sweet! Not their best but my personal fave just because "Jumbo" and "King of Snake" made me go out clubbing for the first time.
  7. Mama mia, dat's-a spicy meatball!
  8. Hunh? Do you mean you subscribed for May? There's nothing stopping you from swapping the Morby for whatever for June.
  9. I'm not usually big on 2xLP 45RPMs reissues of 1LPs unless it's something with a lot of subtle, ambient production but since I've prepaid for postage and the record (and got a copy of Tidal) I don't mind. If The Chills goes on sale, when would that happen? I might begrudgingly pay for it but I plan to cancel after this month indefinitely (either they fix their referral system or there's something like DD that I really want)
  10. Hmm, Eddie Gayle or The Chills? Decisions, decisions...
  11. Hmm, I like Woods, and would normally give Morby a shot, but the fact that after two months they still haven't fixed the fact that I can't get any referrals + paying a premium due to being in Canada = me cancelling my subscription after June, and there's stuff I would have purchased had even one referral gone through but when you dangle an incentive in your customers face and then take it away, well, fuck you! So I'm swapping.
  12. Psst! Lookie here! Still taking orders AFAIK. EDIT: If it's good enough for SDE to post it, I'm willing to take the gamble.
  13. Hmm, wonder if I could flip my copy of the "Used To Be" 7" for the amount this will cost at the store? They didn't include the 4-Track version of "Apple Orchard" though so maybe I should keep it.
  14. Oh wow, what a nicely designed reading order, too! I think I only read those Hellboy Library Editions and a little bit of the Plague of Frogs BPRD before sort of giving up. I should do that someday myself.
  15. Sweet Tooth is a big commitment (60 issues). I don't blame you! I do think he's at his best when he's writing sci-fi though. Trillium is also brilliant.