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  1. Well, d'uh. A 2xLP lathe cut is going to be more expensive than Digger's Factory 140g. Think, people: Think!
  2. That's cool beans, I think I saw the reno work a few months ago. I'll try my best to do that. I'll also stop my end of this thread derail. We've clearly triggered a single fellow-user who has no bigger problems in his life but to maintain Big Brother levels of discipline here, so much so that his last three replies have gummed up the thread even further because hypocrisy and armchair-moderating
  3. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    The only new thing this month that even mildly interests me.
  4. The album happens to be really good, loud and rocking, so it's an easier sell than their more jammy or psychedelic ones (I really love their range myself)
  5. Black is pretty "niche" apart from the 1 euro Digger's Factory run. I would play out a standard black and I'm a fan of screen print aesthetic so you have me interested!
  6. Ooooo shit Skin Turns To Glass is a must-buy and I tapped out on Nadja vinyl like 4 years ago. I'll check out Autopergamene.
  7. I had that same problem at first. Click to another country to refresh, click back to Australia and it should work again. Or like wipe your browser history or something like that.
  8. Read through the last few pages. Takes a few minutes. You'll see the reddit link. You could also check page 6 but I don't know if the ketchup-face user dude (sorry @HoneyFrosted) is still updating the list. EDIT: I've become the problem. We're ALL the problem *pulls hair* lol
  9. Yeah this is the first album that I've bought two versions of (Crumbling Castle variant from Stolen Body -- and happy to swap for a Wandaland variant btw so PM me -- and a Fishbum because double lathe + dirt-cheap shipping). I might buy a VC copy (the insert plus 100% uniqueness are real selling points) and if I bought two more it would be the teal/gold one (for the colour-inverted cover) and that flat-out fantastic Gruesome Twosome variant. Finally, the worthy Kickstarter teal. But Black Friday's around the corner and even if I grab half of what I'm looking for it will be 150 easily.
  10. Ok that is weird, then. Because there's no other way to split the tracks since it's one track per side. So the two tracks aren't as bonus as they say perhaps.
  11. PO Now - Elastica S/T Reissue

    I let them know in my cancellation request that they're welcome to price-match. They decided to cancel instead.
  12. Any decent east-end shops? They all seem to be expensive on new records mostly because they know there isn't serious competition. I went to Circus Books once or twice.
  13. If only you read what they posted: "Valued music lovers. Bandcamp will not allow anything less than a $1.00 for a pre-release download so the $1.00 you see is just a formality. So please, please, please, please DO NOT BUY the digital down load for anything more than $0.00 as the the band is giving this digital release away for same price, free."