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  1. Rocktober 2017 Rhino Records Campaign

    As a Canadian, I deplore the inclusion of Nickelback (Someone had to say it).
  2. PO now: Baths - Romaplasm

    Really loved the first album, an instant-classic. Disliked the second album & hated the horrible quality of the vinyl pressing of the second album (you see used copies of it a lot; big hint it was a widespread problem). So far the new song, while coming across as The Blue Nile meets Dan Deacon (should sound great on paper) doesn't completely grab my attention. I'm loving the color choice; it's certainly very unique but I'd have to listen to the whole thing before deciding whether I need it in my life.
  3. Even though I clicked through I lol'd as soon as I read the title in the URL. That's great. I wouldn't throw that box out either. That reminds me that if there's ever a TMNT soundtrack they should release that in a pizza box, too.
  4. It doesn't even have a ribbon going down the middle to make grabbing the Lps themselves that much easier, either, given that they're sunk halfway into the box . You essentially have to tip the LPs out of the box and catch them with your other hand as they tumble out. I don't like junking box-set boxes but I've never found one as flimsy as this before. I mean, it's the only box-set box I have that isn't lacquered or otherwise treated with a water-resistant coating of some kind. Assuming they they stick to the pizza box format (the GLS box-set mock-up sure looks like they are), I think I'll only buy box-sets from this reissue sub-imprint when/if they go on sale. Maybe they'll invest in custom-sized, lacquered boxes if the feedback from fans is negative enough. I get the gimmick (it goes back to the aesthetics of The Paper Bag Princess where the label borrowed its name) but it comes at the expense of us who paid a lot and imagined at least half the cost going towards a sturdier box.
  5. Yeah some of the 90's era compilations getting vinyl pressings would be cool on their own. It turns out this one had two versions released, the second with more songs/different tracklist. It'd be cool to see the Friends of Bellwoods comps getting reissued, too. Lot's of mid-2000s bands with exclusive songs, a lot of them from Blocks Recording Co.
  6. Yeah the self-titled is the best. The band just go a bit too lush for me, even on Ongiara but certainly afterwards. And for sure, there's dozens of indie-rock classics from Canada that have never been pressed on vinyl before: Henri Fabergé and the Adorables, Woodhands, hHead, The Bicycles, High School Champion Records stuff (Christiana/Neck, Kid Sniper, etc.), Squirtgun Records (Radioblaster, The Bonaduces, By Divine Right, etc.) just to name a few.
  7. I just grabbed my copy. Here are some pics: Pros: The print. I usually do not give a single shit about prints, but this one is very nice. Cons: My major complaint is about the box: 1. No writing on the spine. The only design/writing is on the cover. 2. It's pizza-box grade material. For instance, it feels as if any liquid dropped on it is going to get absorbed by the paper fibres within seconds so be careful if you mean to take care of the box itself. 3. It's way too big given the content inside. At least half the box is empty space/air. I could likely fit the LPs of both The Dears and Great Lake Swimmers box sets in just one of these tbh. I get the impression this is the standard box for Paper Bag Records so just remember these things suck up way more shelf-space than they need to necessarily. I think I'm going to sleeve each album (slide the print inside the Extra Tracks lp as an insert) and junk the box (even though that would make reselling this one day more difficult) eventually.
  8. Hmm, they should have released the entire Hands In the Ground E.P. along with a second disc of extras IMO rather than take two of the songs off it only, especially since this box has two less LPs than The Dears box does. Knowing that I have two of the songs on the extras LP does make me want the box a bit less tbh. I might just buy the first two albums individually but at the same time I put my OP copy of Ongiara up for sale on Discogs. If someone bites, I'll easily afford this box. Let's see what happens. I have a feeling the box might sell out quick, though. GLS fanbase is small but rabid.
  9. LOL is also the reaction you'll have once you figure out how much money the first pressings are going for online. You'll understand why this is getting a one-year-later reissue. Yes, some albums actually sell out.
  10. Husker Du - Savage Young Du

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTjfl0yhyRk Best song he wrote. R.I.P. Staff at my local store were gutted but they were really stoked for this box.
  11. The Decemberists' The Crane Wife 10th Anniversary 5LP + BluRay box-set is less than 70 CAD on Amazon Prime. I'm sorely tempted to nab one but I also want to resubscribe to VMP too. The album's great, and the outtakes and demos are more interesting than most. Plus, it's a friggin wood box.
  12. "A.M. 180" is basically one of the greatest indie-rock songs ever. I'd pick this up at a store, no question. As for the extras, I'm surprised they went for demos rather than the many b-sides. I really hope that means they might be wanting to collect the b-sides on their own someday cuz otherwise that was a missed opportunity.
  13. Right? It's practically obliged: The album that epitomises a "fake" genre that turned real but whose death has turned into a meme (but might actually be dying). I'm glad you both got your orders in!
  14. I don't know how new this info is, but the website has the tracklist for the 4th extra tracks LP of that The Dears box set: Side A 1. Le Pauvre Chanteur From The South Shore (1998) 2. C’est Le Feeling (2001) 3. Lost In The Plot (Original Demo 2001) 4. Will You See The Light? (Instrumental 4-track demo 2002) Side B 1. Lion’s Share/Howlin’ (Instrumental Original Demo 2004) 2. Lake Of Fire (Demo 2005) 3. There Goes My Outfit (4-Track Demo 2004) 4. Whites Only Party (4-Track Demo 2004) I really appreciate how, to the best of my knowledge, they're all previously unreleased tracks. Not so hot on the fact that it's demo-heavy but I can live with it. I also want to see their earlier, late 90s stuff reissued, as well as the EP songs, and the handful of b-sides. The album-only (except for the mostly-demos anthology lp) concept for this box set does make it a bit incomplete. Where my Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique at???
  15. You should press the Follow button for this thread. You'd get email notices anytime anyone posts. These constant resales are all the second pressing AFAIK. You were probably supposed to get an email notification from them. I'd contact them again.