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  1. Nice webstore a e s t h e t i c s you got there, Rich.
  2. Either a 45rpm 2xLP (like Fiona Apple and Eddie Gayle) or a second disc of b-sides, outtakes, etc. Had they done that, I'd likely have re-subscribed. Let's see what September brings.
  3. Hmm, nice box set but I'm not that hardcore of a fan. The translucent reissue LP is probably enough for me.
  4. Toasted? Yes, especially for sauce-heavy sammiches where the sauces get baked into the bread a little and it only helps to prevent the sauces turning the bread into mush. Cold cuts and egg salad and a few others probably should stay room temperature, granted. Mayo? Never for Italian or Greek anything. "WTF" indeed. Harumph. Having said that, I'm a sucker for mayo, I even put it on hot dogs P.S. If your banh mi comes with a generous butter-knife spread of 100% pure trans-fat lard "paste" before any of the other ingredients, then you've essentially hit nirvana and can transcend your mortal coil without much worry... probably accelerated by clogged arteries but whatchugonnado ehhhhhhh?
  5. Hmm, I remember liking them but it's been so long since I've heard their music. Good excuse to give them a spin (probably haven't heard their stuff in over a decade).
  6. Supremely ironic, that whole outcome, given that the Baker St. Philharmonic's string arrangement was composed by literally zero members of the band, but instead by producer Andrew "Loog" Oldham, who deserved 100% of the credit. It's a contemptible affair, all around, all these decades later.
  7. Fffffuuuuu. I maybe should have pulled the trigger. It'd have been one less album in my dwindling CD shelves and I'd get at least one extra LP of b-sides plus the complete b-sides on CD...
  8. I feel the same. Dammit. Likely no chance of it sticking around long enough for a sale of some kind by the end of the year...
  9. Part of me is excited and the price is fairly OK. However, I consider it a missed opportunity they didn't sell the vinyl and CDs separately (Sorry, combining them in one package does not justify a box-set treatment) and didn't give the vinyl reissue a third lp containing the rest of the B-sides (and if that's not enough then surely an extra 7" would cover all the bases). Heck, a live LP (and a demo LP, even) would have justified the box-set treatment (like the recent The Verve box set) and I'd have paid for that, too. Maybe I will wait for the 20th Anniversary...
  10. Agreed. Still, pretty easy last name to troll so I could see if that's where he's coming from. I want him and Panda Bear from Animal Collective and Solar Bears do a Care Bears cover album before 2019.
  11. I am love with this. Nicely done and just the right hue of blue.
  12. Bloom's first five tracks are Brian Wilson/George Harrison level perfection. I'll let them glide on that wave for as long as they like. The only album of their I don't like much is Devotion. Saw them open for The Clientele back in like 2007. Then twice more on the Bloom tour.
  13. I listened to The Bends first but I bought OK Computer first then bought the previous two.
  14. Pretty much. I'd swap Amnesiac with Hail To The Thief. Also, I'm not sure I like AMSP and more or less than I do KoL,
  15. I can totally see why some, especially early 90s alt-rock fans, would spin OK Computer a few times, decide it had too much Pink Floyd bloat and pomposity, and stop following the band much after that. They'd have done the same with The Smashing Pumpkins a year or two later. Frankly I think The Bends and Kid A are greater albums than OK Computer (although that's maybe because I played OC out during my teens to the point where I got sick of it). Even now, the third disc is the major reason why I bought a blue copy since those b-sides are great and I'm stoked about the three archived songs, too. If this was merely a remaster with a limited colour run I would maybe think twice about purchasing it, even though I've never owned it on vinyl.