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  1. do we know what this looks like?
  2. deluxe copy on clear below. Deluxe clear vinyl limited to 500 copies worldwide. Tracklist: 1. Fire 2. In and Out 3. Fake Sugar 4. Savior Faire 5. We Could Run 6. Oo La La 7. Go Baby Go 8. Oh My God 9. Love in Real Life 10. Do You Want Me To 11. Lover 12. Clouds
  3. Yo

    1. ludakrishayes


      What in the world is this??

  4. DM'ed
  5. ha ha. their whole discography is like 17 mins. 17 minutes of amazing-ness.
  6. did anyone mention... Swing Kids / Spanakorzo? if not. get this.
  7. yeah id' love one. I was gonna go last night but couldn't. and it would be a shame if I missed it.
  9. Did anyone go and see them last night? Can you tell me what was at merch? Did they have that flexi
  10. got a question. I picked up the Goo Goo dolls box set. brought it home and realized it was signed. does anyone know anything about this? how many were signed?
  11. Is this disbelief or Interest?
  12. Yep. Or trade for something fun.