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  1. but can't we all just do both?
  2. I am excited about going. it'll be my second time. I am hoping this time to find some more real cheap gems. I am bringing some records for trade. do you think that's a good idea? you know, hard to find shit from the US?
  3. I will definitely. not sure how much time ill have. but Ill try. any cool rock bars?
  4. I bet it's cause they're waiting for it to go up on the same day as Dine Alone
  5. I actually went last year.. it wasn't crazy over priced. but it was a bit. it was cool, and it was awesome to see a lot of records I rarely see, you know?
  6. so out of sheer boredom .. I have decided to go to the world's largest record fair in Utrecht.. anyone else going?
  7. he asked me to do paypal or venmo. and the first paypal I tried sending it to, didn't work. and then he told me to send it to his work one. but I did it for goods, since it was a little bit of money. this sucks.
  8. yikes. I just put in a paypal dispute. we'll see.
  9. he reached out to me and told me he had the Pinegrover Meridian cassette that I have been looking (posted it a few times on want board)
  10. eep. well if you get yours or if I get mine, then we know there's nothing to be concerned about. I am sure it's fine. I just get worried when I reach out to someone and they don't reply, for like a week.
  11. ok cool.. was getting a little worried. I sent him money for something last tuesday and reached out a few times, just checking in to see if it was shipped but he never wrote back.
  12. hey did anyone buy anything from this guy? I'm having a bit of trouble of having him reply to me..