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  1. hey guys. I am back from travels. need a few more collections or the shop. (by the way, we're shooting for a July 29th opening).. some exciting announcements for the shop too.. in the meantime, sell me your rare items. help make the store a special thing.
  2. Just an idea here. But the other variant might be Newbury. Just a thought.
  3. Hey guys. Not ignoring. I'm in Japan till Monday. Then I'll be in LA then back to NYC. I'll reach out. Thanks
  4. Thank you. That's amazing. Honestly just trying to do something different. Let's hope it doesn't blow up in my face.
  5. Anyone in the LA area looking to sell some rare records for a new york shop?
  6. gonna write both of you today. thanks guys.
  7. got it. writing you back soon and yes Hosp ruled. so did a shop called Sound and Fury years ago in the LES. saw ATDI do an instore during Vaya era. . the place was like 10 feet by 4 feet. it was insane.
  8. yes that's me / us. we do a podcast (it's four of us @nyhi @spectrum and two other guys not on here.) and the instagram is mostly my collection. and also @nyhi somtimes too. the shop will be all mine. (w/ as much help as I can get from the community and friends and fam) and.. thank you.
  9. sorry to bump an old thread.. but I am opening up a rare / contemporary vinyl shop in nyc and we have an instagram set up. also for all those who care. .@limitedtoonenyc we'll be focusing on out of print, tests and limited run items. thanks
  10. both. I have a lot of TIny Engines and other random test's in inventory already. working with a few labels trying to get more as we build up inventory. also for all those who care. we have an instagram set up.@limitedtoonenyc
  11. really dying for one of those record release variants from friday. would trade or buy for it. pretty pleasE?
  12. call it 20 shipped and it's yours.