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  1. Literally arrived at the shop when I was leaving.. I got two copies. See above
  2. for anyone in the NYC / NJ / CT area.. we're going to have a few of the singles at my shop, Limited to (more than) One. k
  3. FS - Pearl Jam Vault #5

    it's this one yes? https://www.discogs.com/Pearl-Jam-Aladdin-Theater-113093/release/7641985

    all black vinyl?
  5. PO: JPEGMAFIA - Veteran

    this record is sooo good. and so fuckin' glitchy and cool.
  6. WTB: Earth Albums

    are you looking for Living in the Gleam? I have a copy of the /100 screened cover.
  7. hehe. one man's advocate is another man's idiocity. . or some shit. I like SB and their wax seals and wrap around sleeves.
  8. just playing devil's advocate.. but can you imagine how painstakingly annoying, wax sealing like 300 lps is?
  9. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    Gar Wood .. Gar wouldn't listen...
  10. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    thank you v m.
  11. PO: Hot Snakes - Jericho Sirens

    I don't do "the spotify." anyone see a link or video to listen to this somewhere else?
  12. changed singers actually i think Joe E is the only original member. and he started out as the drummer, I believe.
  13. WTB: Caspian, Elder, Electric Wizard

    we have an electric wizard at my shop, just posted it two days ago. @limitedtoonenyc