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  1. Thank you. I've never heard it all the way through. I'm gonna library it and possibly order it.
  2. Is it wrong that I'm considering Stadium Arcadium because it's a QLP?
  3. I'm happy Philadelphia beat them. It was the first time I'd been emotionally invested in pointy ball in some time.
  4. Why would Rochesterarian hate the Bills? What's the standard allegiance there? As for Rochester, lemme say, that Gennessee Tap House is delightful. The nice man working at the baseball stadium was a delight and let me walk around the place during infield practice...found out that Stan Musial played some ball there WAAAAAY back in the day. Also, the War Memorial, TOP CLASS old building. Too bad the Marlies/Amerks game I took in was boring as balls.
  5. C'mon fellas. Let's get back on topic to bitching about having to click two links in order to save money.
  6. Hebrew Nationals....based on a google search...probably just as good as Nathan's. It's all about the big 100% hotdog.
  7. Haha. I have a nostalgic soft spot for the Bon Jovi Sweet Spot...Slippery/New Jersey...the rest of it? Meh....who gives two shits...though I did see Steve Vai opening up for the Jovi boys. As for the rest....those were all giant staples of my youth as well. I had to give up hot dogs for about 15 years before I could eat them again. The secret is Nathan's Franks. If your hot dogs aren't those, then don't even bother unless you've got a minimum of four condiments.
  8. You must be younger than 40. When I was in 5th grade...Bon Jovi was the shyz-NYTE!
  9. See, again, I wouldn't know where to start. So it's nice to see a thread that gives me this information just.
  10. Seeing the bent stuff....I chatted up my "local" Amazon rep to point out that their couriers were doing a pretty terrible job of deliveries on Sundays.... My last one was half in the door and half out of the door...the one before that...two boxes on the porch in front of the door. They gave me a $5 credit that I'd forgotten about...used that towards my new vinyl rack today.
  11. I like this thread where it's only one page and I can see what it's all about rather than reading 155 pages. Thanks @Ghost1!
  12. Bucketh{r}ead

    When I saw him I'd say our venue was over sold as well...couple that with the dillholes doing camera work all night... [
  13. Bucketh{r}ead

    Happy dance!!!!!
  14. Bucketh{r}ead

    Nothing arrived yesterday. It made me a sad panda. Well, nothing Buckethead related anyway.