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  1. Yeah, I still don't quite understand why we were we supposed to come in here and being outraged by the 37th thing we were supposed to be outraged about this week, and that we didn't... We're dicks....but whatevers. Yeah, I still don't quite understand why we were we supposed to come in here and being outraged by the 37th thing we were supposed to be outraged about this week, and that we didn't... We're dicks....but whatevers.
  2. I've not heard any of the recent albums...but did review one awhile back and totally dug it.
  3. Today, 5/22/17, it's Twilight Fauna's birthday. Today it's pay what you want for the whole lot of the everything he's got up. I picked up a couple.
  4. Yup.... Ivanka Trump just accepted a $100MM donation to her Women's Fund from Saudia Arabian interests. Female journalists were ushered out of the hall when Ms. Trump gave her speech. Mrs. Clinton also took great amounts of flack from the Trump Campaign for accepting donations from Saudi Arabian Nationals. Ms. Trump's husband, Jared Kushner, also negotiated a lower price from American arms manufacturers for the Saudis. Yes. This whole situation is fucked up. Do you really need us to tell you that we think, as bleeding heart liberal peaceniks that blast Jimi Hendrix and Phil Ochs, this is fucked up?
  5. The Special Counsel is now a criminal investigation. Spouts of confirmation bias mean nothing from a graduate of Dunning Kruger University such as yourself.
  6. Give it time. Personally, I agree with Speaker Ryan, he's in collusion with the Russians. Special Counsel Mueller will find it.
  7. Look, you can't say all these things and defend yourself with I was just joking. That don't hold up in a court of law. Also...when you have to insult the source thereby saying the information is wrong, that's ad-hominem attack which is a logical fallacy which earns an F on every, single, persuasive, paper today. Also, it's not persuasive article, but an informative one. Here's the information. GOP Leaders spoke about Putin paying Donald Trump. Not a persuasive piece.
  8. You'd be something if they didn't have an audio recording of it. Manufacutured...hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Paul Ryan may be going down with the ship, and considering his plans of taking health care away from 25,000,000 people I say good riddance! WaPo: Speaker Ryan, we are running a story about you and leaders speaking about Putin paying Trump. SR: Never happened. WaPo: We have a transcript. SR: That's false. WaPo: We have an audio recording. SR: We were joking. Oh, the house is burning down. To say they hate Trump as much as we do, nah, not even close. He is doing all the things they want.
  9. Also.. You have to be stupid to think Trump was colluding with Russia? Tell that to the Speaker of the House and the House Majority Leader... Because they believe it. Don't believe me?
  10. Stupid quote function. What can they impeach and convict Trump on? Seriously? Obstruction of Justice. Witness Tampering. You can say, oh he's just joking, but the man (should be) is the leader of the free world threatening Sally Yates on twitter. WORDS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. Also, it came out Paul Ryan stated he believes Putin was paying Trump. Seriously, you can't get off all the time by saying, OH, I was just joking. In 1999, I read the Starr Report and I look forward to reading the Mueller Report. This is gonna be fun. Considering Trump allowed a foreign agent access to classified emails.
  11. Broaddrick's story is not new. Her allegations first surfaced as Bill Clinton was running for president in 1992. But it wasn't until 1999, and after recanting sworn testimony to the contrary, that Broaddrick went public. Now that she's back in the news, here's a brief rundown of Broaddrick's story: You know this information is easy to find right? See, the difference between you and I, I look into these things instead of believing what a man who lies 76% of the time says. He told a story from his point of view and told facts about himself. You think that's hyperbole? Cathy O'Brien, the suffering from government control person? Good lord, son.
  12. Well, as always, most art is left wing and attacked by the right wing... Why wouldn't I be lefty? Hell, the right wing is attacking the arts everyday as we speak...and as conservatives have spoken out against death metal...yeah....nothing's shocking there. But in the be all end all, there was no one who represented me in the last presidential election. As I stated before, I voted Bernie in the primary as he's the closest any candidate ever came to representing my beliefs. As for the general, I knew that Donald Trump would be the worst president in the history of this nation. He's totally clueless in regards to policy, history, tax codes, etc. He relied on fake news organizations to enter into the process to get him where he is. Then there's that Russian collusion, the obstruction of justice, the witness intimidation, and that's jut what he's done AS PRESIDENT. Not to mention his misogyny, racism, nationalism, classism, support of wage slavery, attacks on education, etc etc. But I cannot understand how anyone could be a fan of any art and be a conservative. It makes no sense to me. MEMES!
  13. No, I'm not trying to start a discussion. I was pointing out the issue in your statement.
  14. I can't wait for a perfect candidate. Was Hillary Clinton my first choice? Nope, I was a Bernie guy, but when you look at the Dumpster Fire we're facing now and Clinton....yeah her experience at GOVERNMENT was probably the right choice for GOVERNMENT.
  15. The Clinton Foundation has an A Rating. Amazing how you didn't go look for it.....but let me guess, you don't believe a charity watch org that's been rating charities for decades right?