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  1. Ok. You know what else is sought after? Lady Gaga tickets. Katy Perry tickets. Skim Milk. Big Macs. Subway sammiches. But I don't want those things either. Forgive me for marching to the beat of my own drummer.
  2. More often than not, I won't drop more than a couple bucks on the pretty pressings... Though in the past week I did that twice...Dead Register's debut on sea foam and Steve Vai's Passion and Warfare on clear...though I thought the P&W came with Modern I thought I was getting both of those albums. But dropping that kind of cash...$200+...for a single album...Records are like beanie babies, man, buy them coz you love them. Not because you think you're going to retire. The bottom's gonna drop out of the market, like it always does.
  3. Holy crap that record has risen in value... Or folks are trying to make a Post-RSD profit... $100+ on the ebay.
  4. Oh you can still order the color variant here:
  5. I've been wanting this one for months and months. The color variant is sold out, I got one, but the black is still available.
  6. I'm not a millennial, but a Gen X'er...but my kid's only 6. Just remember that kid won't be a kid for long. The first week she was was awful for me. My wife couldn't help, long story, so I was handlin' all the business and at first I didn't handle it well at all. But the second week, she had started least it seemed like it. I can't believe my little one is 6. The time will pass by more quickly than you can imagine.
  7. I'm assuming that's a piracy site? I dunno man.
  8. I'm glad you guys got them and dig it.
  9. Well, there's the fact that I can personally spot a Chinese counterfeit jersey from 50'. Strange that a thread like this is up on Vinyl Collective. I'd think that with how beleaguered the music industry is due to piracy, you wouldn't have a thread openly condoning piracy.
  10. I already want a new insurance company. It will probably happen honestly.
  11. Thanks. My agent switched back and forth between professional appraisal and my seeking out the values. We have about 300 +/- between the three of us and I'm not about to go into the Record Exchange or Vintage Vinyl and say, what's the fair market value of this? Yeah, just go ahead and stop what you're doing for the next 3 hours and work on this. Please and thank you.
  12. Hello. It occurred to me the other day that as my collection is growing in volume, it's also growing in value and I wanted to make sure that it was insured along with the rest of my home on our home owner's policy. Our agent said I needed to get the value independently verified by a "record trader" as suggested by her underwriter. These policies, personal affects policies (or some such thing) need professional evaluation. Well, our agent suggested taking in my collection to a record store in order to get them appraised. I'd like to know if anyone here has ever done anything like this and how they got the appraisal. Thank you.
  13. My Kenoma Preorder showed up last that record. 2 discs....5 tracks....all instrumental...basically.
  14. I had not heard of a single band on their whole site. So, I didn't have any perspective as to what I would be getting. That's why I passed. I hope those who got it are happy with what they received.
  15. Mine came in a nice mailer. But keeping in mind, their PR agency directed them to send me a copy. I didn't buy it. So, when I finally found the link, my google fu sucks balls, I came here to share it with you guys. My copy looks gorgeous and sounds great. I'm sorry you guys didn't get the same service I did.