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  1. Just wanna say thank you to the folks keeping the flame lit on this thread. I check it most days.
  2. For Profit Universities are not universities. They're businesses. Yes, I've been to The South and I stand by my statement. Rightists want to earn money, not serve their people. Liberals wish to serve the people. As for listening to left leaning sources and right leaning sources...then you just need to choose which lies you believe. F that I said. As for the NPR News...they're the only News Organization I can name that uses both right and left wing think tanks as sources. I should also mention, that I know a few of the folks at our local NPR station, have been interviewed multiple times, etc. It seems to me that the idea a news source has to be biased is a way someone can dismiss their own biases. That's kind of the problem in our country. It seems like people don't want to believe they're not the best in the world or as good as others. Sorry, lots of folks aren't as good as other people. Like the racists I saw at the Ice Cream stand yesterday. They had the Confederate Hate flag in their window. They were pretty much terrible people. It was clear the rest of us were better than them at life.
  3. Like President Trump, Trump's longtime attorney has hired a criminal defense attorney. Lots of folks in the Trump organization have lawyered up.
  4. When you're looking to get money to simply pay the bills rather than lining one's pocket, it's not the same thing. And of course colleges and unis are left leaning. Right Wing philosophy is to look out for number one and make as much money as possible...that's not the motivation for becoming a teacher.
  5.'re always around, huh? 30%, nope, I didn't know it was that high. I did apply for a job with the local station to be an outside salesman for our NPR station, but you know what's interesting about that? The job wasn't with NPR or the local station. A company outside of it handled all of that selling. Let me repeat that for those in the back, the people who're selling for NPR, aren't NPR. I suppose you won't believe that, because you're you and this is the internet, so we'll both have to be confident with the fact that NPR listeners always top the best informed lists.
  6. It was too easy for that guy to get a gun. You also have Rand Paul, who was one of the folks shot at advocating shooting at government. So...I'm confused. (Me: I'm the same as I was yesterday. The 2nd Amendment was created to make it cheaper for the government to conscript soldiers, not to assassinate government or self-defense. I think people with mental illness, criminal histories, etc shouldn't be allowed to own firearms.)
  7. NPR had as many critical stories about the DNC as anybody else. There's really no slant there. That's why it's great. (AP is the same. Also I don't watch cable news because it's all slanted...if you're selling ads, you're selling and if you're selling, you're lying. Take it from a salesman.)
  8. I've been pretty slow the last few weeks... I've gotten: Metallica "Through The Never" Triple LP Dreadlords "Death Angel" Johnny Cash "The Johnny Cash Show" Johnny Cash "Hello I'm Johnny Cash" Johnny Cash "Sings The Songs of Our Soil" Johnny Cash "Live At San Quentin" Kansas "Best of Kansas"
  9. I speak Mexican and Castilian Spanish and a smattering of Japanese. My advice in any case is to practice in your head over and over and over and over. THINK in the other language...all the time. Translate everything you're doing all the time. If you don't know it... like let's say you're playing a video game.... okku ha tatakai da... I'm going to fight that orc! If you don't know a word, say that one in English and look it up later. My Japanese came from a bit of help with bilingual Japanese in FFXI:Online and I was able to cobble together enough of a vocabulary along with being able to read all hirogana, katakana, and about 350 kanjis. Eventually I could communicate well enough to not have to out myself as an American and I've been able to play other online games on the Japanese servers exclusively with Japanese.
  10. I absolutely love that one. Spun it just the other day. Sump Pump does great, great work. I really should pick up Druids one of these days.
  11. It's hard. It's stressful. It wears you down. But my's such a wonderful experience.
  12. What I've seen so far, they're playing a really good set with tracks from nearly everything. I'm one of the strange folks who loves Lulu...but I'm not expecting anything there. I'd love to hear 2X4, but let's be realistic. I'd love to hear Leper Messiah, Ride The Lightning, Frantic, All Nightmare Long, etc... We'll see what we hear. IT'S IN 3 DAYS!
  13. I saw recently they're selling CD copies of the shows...definitely getting that. As for seeing's my first time in nearly 20 years. I didn't "need" to see them between Re-Load and Death Magnetic, and I assumed (wrongly) they'd sold out and/or the price was too high. Wrong, wrong, wrong I was neither! So, it's been a very, very long time and I was willing to drop the $200 because it's probably my last time ever seeing them, at least in St. Louis.
  14. Favorite so far Kenoma...The Tides Will Prevail Need to check out Rev Peyton and The Hooten Hallers's new records...I've only listened to each one once. Archivist's Construct was amazing. The new Sam Gleaves...amazing...sadly no vinyl pressing. Pyreship Alchimia..Musa Somnium Nox...should be getting that one soon. It's been a great year for music...
  15. My Twilight Fauna records showed up the other day. I listened to Fire of the Spirit whilst playing Lunar made for a much better soundtrack. I haven't spun The Year The Stars Fell yet. I'm still not big on the original black metal acts...but I love American Black Metal.