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  1. You have to flip the print in order to buy the house. It is basically just a longer version of cashing in a voucher.
  2. Riot Fest 2017

    Likewise! It's nuts that you and my buddy had corresponded so much. I've been to Riot Fest four times and this was the hottest it's ever been.
  3. I believe I saw a CD on the wall, but I could be mistaken.
  4. The show last night was awesome. It was my first time hearing any of the new album songs. They had the blue and the white at the merch stand.
  5. I don't think so. Is there a black? I thoughgt that blue was the standard color.
  6. Riot Fest 2017

    I'll be there all weekend. Chicago recommendation - check out Logan Hardware!
  7. I'd love to have this, but $30+shipping+indefinite wait time means I'll wait.
  8. Cigarettes After Sex vinyl wanted

    Do you have prime? https://smile.amazon.com/I-Cigarettes-After-Sex/dp/B01N1RONQP
  9. Look at all the edgy trolls coming out of the small talk thread. Are your mothers proud of you for making jokes in the Brand New thread?
  10. SpaceLab9 thread

    Struck out today. Hoping that some of the other 50 wind up at NYCC.
  11. The sandwich shop is gone, by the way.

    Missed a test again. ugh
  13. I like how in the midst of discussing the communication problems within the band, they never talk about how much of a jerk Aaron was when communicating with the fans. I love their music, but the whole "woe is me" bs can be a bit much.