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  1. Mexico

    It's also worth noting that the way that languages are taught in most American schools isn't necessarily ideal. Using it for 45 minutes in class with someone who isn't a native speaker of the target language and then going about the rest of your day in a monolingual environment isn't conducive to learning. It just takes time and using the language in order to learn it effectively. That being said, pretending that because you speak multiple languages it is all of a sudden an easy feat is such a stupid argument to make. I can speak two languages other than English with fluency, but I wouldn't say that I am able to do so because it was easy. It takes time, contextualized learning and lots of embarrassing moments to actually be able to use a language.
  2. 2:30 from doors until they start? Oof.
  3. My father said a package was dropped off at my parents' house. I am pretty sure that is from my SS, so thank you for getting it to me quickly! I will open it closer to Christmas when I am back down there.
  4. I hope that this means they'll press the albums that never got released on vinyl .
  5. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    That Cuphead 45 could be pretty cool.
  6. Swagbucks?

    I used to do Swagbucks. I bought my Pro-ject Debut Carbon with amazon gift cards from there and Perk. TV. Is Swagbucks still profitable at all?
  7. While he was on tour with Sainthood Reps, Jesse was home sleeping with Derrick's fiancée.
  8. I think at one point it was money, but I have to imagine that Kris got a decent amount of cash when they did the So Long, Astoria anniversary tour. I wonder how many songs are actually written for it.
  9. I wish that I had the luxury of posting on VC as often as you do. Dude is a scumbag, I don't know what else needs to be said that hasn't been said already?
  10. Is this meant to be a jab at me? Because I am pretty sure that I haven't said anything on this topic, so yet again your attempt at trolling falls flat.
  11. I love when Blade tries to be all edgy.