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  1. I haven't used the site, but I went to one of their shows when my friends played. No huge names at that show, but it's definitely a cool vibe.
  2. Hey Bay Area VC, Later this week I am going to be out that way, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for places where one could safely park a car overnight in/near San Francisco. Not really a specific part, but if it is close to BART that would be preferable. Thanks, Billy
  3. Flushing has really good authentic Chinese food. Astoria isn't too far, and there's a pretty good bar/restaurant scene.
  4. Long time no see! See you there.
  5. I would love to see them do Songs Not to Get Married To.
  6. This should be like a hobo mark for record stores. If someone sees this, they know to flee.
  7. EDIT: Actually, it is out of stock there, too. My bad.
  8. Looking forward to the Brooklyn show.
  9. drawcody is the type of whiny entitled little bitch that makes me glad not to work in mailorder anymore. He didn't take your money yet. He's working on getting a product with long lead times made, and the process is at the discretion of a major label for whom this project is likely not a priority. That doesn't outweigh bringing up an unrelated product when someone is promoting a new release and then going on a message board to bash them on the "being a total ass" scale. And writing to someone on Twitter is hardly "putting them in a corner", unless you have a million followers and you're calling them out.
  10. Not really. You replied to a tweet promoting another release by making it seem like he had promised you something and hadn't delivered.
  11. Congratulations!