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  1. Excited for this.
  2. Super jealous of that NFG poster.
  3. 13 per night is such a bizarre number.
  4. It was 1 per person, unfortunately.
  5. I can't wait to see if they switch up the setlists. I have seen him with the band 3 times this year and it has been the same songs.
  6. Only a small handful of things I'd like to have. No real money makers on that list, so I might just hit a store the next day and see if any of them are left.
  7. I have a test pressing of the Moonshake pressing of Castlevania. Feel free to shoot an offer.
  8. They probably will be soon enough. When I was hanging with him (I met him at a mutual friend's birthday party) he was talking about a tour they were going on with a bigger band. I think that tour wound up not happening, but here's hoping they get more recognition.
  9. I hung out with one of the guys in this band once. It's cool to see them being posted about on here.
  10. The papers are literally just a pack of rolling papers with a sticker on them.
  11. I clicked that link for laughs and saw that the album was released on my birthday. Talk about a plan backfiring.
  12. I am waiting for the album to come before I listen. I grabbed a ticket for the release show, so we'll see what they play from this. I heard "Bad Catholics" and "After the Party" for the first time at shows. Maybe that theme will continue.