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  1. I ordered the Alkaline Trio Vagrant Years 3 album bundle back in January. Last week I received what looks to be my fulfilled order, however it was just "From Here to Infirmary", not the bundle. Not sure if I should expect the other two or if they mistakenly sent me just the one album. Sent them a message via their customer service page but I'm not holding my breath.
  2. I hate the cover art more than the music. And the music sucks.
  3. Those are both nice dude!
  4. Agreed. If the record cost 18.99 and shipped media mail you wouldn't be complaining. It all evens out.
  5. Pirates Press mailorder version is up, along with tourdates. $14.99 PRESSING INFO:750pcs. - 12" 180 Gram Black Vinyl (REV Version)250pcs. - 12" 180 Gram Clear w/ Oxblood, Cyan, & White Splatter Vinyl (Mailorder Version) THE SLACKERS' TOUR DATES:March 10 - Riverside, CA - RomanosMarch 11 - Los Angeles, CA - Skankin Reggae FestivalMarch 12 - Oakland, CA - Skankin Reggae FestivalMarch 22 - New Smyrna, Fl - Beachside TavernMarch 23 - Jupiter Beach, FL - GuanabanasMarch 24 - Miami, Fl - ChurchillsMarch 25 - Orlando, Fl - BeachamMarch 26 - Jacksonville, Fl - Jack RabbitsMarch 31 - Winchester, VA - Bright BoxApril 1 - Washington DC - Rock and Roll HotelApril 5 - Rochester, NY - Montage Music HallApril 6 - London, ON - Rum RunnersApril 8 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe TavernApril 9 - Syracuse, NY - Funk & WafflesApril 22 - Garwood, NJ - CrossroadsApril 26 - Yuma, AZ - AlementApril 27 - Phoenix, Az - Crescent BallroomApril 28 - Albuquerque, NM - Launch PadApril 29 - El Paso, Tx - Rockhouse BarApril 30 - Tuscon, Az - 181 TooleMay 2 - Denver, CO - Marquis TheaterMay 3 - Denver, CO - Marquis TheaterMay 19 - Montreal, QC - Pouzza FestMay 27 - Las Vegas, NV - Punk Rock BowlingJune 16 - Boston, MA - Boat CruiseJune 23 - New York, NY - Rocks Off Cruise
  6. Their webstore is all jacked up...but I finally got my order in. Kinda lame there's only one song, but still bought it!
  7. Soulseek sounds like a hardcore band.
  8. These have been shipping for a couple weeks now but don't think a preorder thread was ever made... Mark Lind's label, State Line Records, has released a couple classics for the first time on vinyl, with some more on the way. He's also running a pretty good punk distro. The Ducky Boys - Dark Days $18.99 First pressing: 250 Clear Vinyl LPs 150 Green Vinyl LPs 100 Yellow Vinyl LPs Pinkerton Thugs - End of an Era LP $18.99 250 White Vinyl LPs 150 Translucent Blue Vinyl LPs 100 Opaque Red Vinyl LPs Both records available together for $32.99:
  9. Nice collection! All my tattoos (with the exception of two) are from different artists as well.
  10. Also 1000 on clear. Probably the retail color.
  11. Got the splatter! Stoked for this one.
  12. Missed the blue, surprised it sold out so quickly. I ordered a black from SL but I'll be watching for the Rev variant! Executioner's Tax is incredible
  13. Got my yellow/orange whatever color it is in the mail today, listening to it now. As has been the case with the last few AFI albums, it's growing on me! I probably listened to the leak 2-3 times and just wasn't super impressed. But I'm digging it now. As others have said if you're still listening to AFI you have to expect each album to be different than the last. And I'm totally fine with that! I enjoy their progression. If we're picking favorites, I'll take Black Sails any day. But I'll listen to Crash Love from time to time...