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  1. Sorry, was in a bad mood when I wrote that. Flaw admitted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. No, I just looked up the album cover and thought it was nice so I want to add it to my graphic design collection. … Condescending question aside, someone can still be a CoCa fan and have shit to do. Are you familiar with working a job?
  3. That's a good point, but I figured they'd announce it this time since they did last time. Don't wanna be waiting all day :/
  4. Gonna try to get this later this week but I might as well send out a feeler here.
  5. Of course haha, I hope you find one! I'm planning on ordering one next Saturday but I'm scared of the server crashing and whatnot. The Coheed fanbase is intense.
  6. Is it cool if I piggyback on this? Haha. Couldn't make it out to RSD today and didn't want to clutter up the forum.