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  1. Was there a shipping date btw?
  2. I missed out on the DK pre-order. Am I going to have to find a copy on discogs now, or is there a chance of him making more copies available at some point?
  3. Just wondering because i'm in Canada and if local shops don't have a copy I'll have to pay a fortune to have one shipped from the states.
  4. Should I try and snatch this up ASAP? Is it going to get rare/expensive?
  5. My order from cargodirect ended up costing a fortune but is the colored version. Off-topic, but aren't colored vinyl supposed to sound worse than standard black ones?
  6. Interesting. I didn't see any indication from anywhere that there would be a plain version of this pressing. Did they send you an older pressing (the packaging is different, like so:
  7. I could be wrong, but isn't it fair to assume that a larger/more secure means of packaging would be used to send content to a major distributor who (likely) has hundreds of orders? Rather than using the same mailers for consumers who have ordered a single copy?
  8. I ordered Friday from CargoDirect and received a shipping noticed Monday, if this helps at all. That being said, according to here and discogs, a few people had their copies damaged in transit. If I were you, I'd order from Amazon at this point.
  9. Now its shipping May 12 from amazon. Wish I hadn't ordered through cargodirect. Cost me like 12$ more...
  10. Put in an order at Cargo. May be too late, but I don't want to miss out and its only 8$ more.
  11. ...and amazon has it delayed until July now? Even though some retailers have gotten copies?
  12. If/when anyone receives their copy, can they comment on the quality of the pressing?
  13. At this point, will I have better luck if I cancel my order and just get it through cargo direct?
  14. Slept on the last copies on sale at discogs, and now I can't find it anywhere. If anyone here has a copy they are ready to sell, please let me know.