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  1. Well its been a few days and here are my updates. The Onkyo is history, replaced with a Cambridge Topaz SR20, sounds a lot better even to me. When I play Vinyl, I don't have to peg it for descent volume, and the overall sound, is much clearer, tighter, my best description. I lost some features such as Tidal built in, but we handled that with Chromecast and a tablet, works real good. Now what does everyone think of the pre-amp in the Cambridge, I could still get a better pre-amp if you guys think it is worth it? Thanks again for all the input, things are sounding better and its so much fun to me to play with this stuff, listen and learn. Flaps, Chris
  2. Yamaha A-S701 Stereo integrated amplifier with built-in DAC (Silver)
  3. Thanks, Chris
  4. I am new to this forum, not new to midlevel audio fun, some might say entry level, but I think more like midlevel :-) Went through the vintage stage over the last 2 years, bailed out , just too unreliable with constant issues. So current system, recently upgraded, Wharfedale Jade 3 Speakers, Onkyo 656 receiver, chosen due to phono pre-amp, Tidal built in and really easy to use and great price. Current turntable is a Stanton 61, not great, but not horrible either, it will be replaced this coming Friday with a nicer Orbit with the arylic platter, cue and Grado Black. Now to my question, will a preamp like the Lounge be a truly better sounding option, the Onkyo sounds amazingly good compared to the other 5 receivers we can get out of the stack and the phono section seems ok, we tried my sons Pluto preamp, and it was a little louder but I don't think it sounded any better, so does anyone think its worth $300.00 on this system for something like the Lounge unit? Thanks for any ideas on this topic. Chris
  5. Perfect, I think that's what I wanted, does not look like they will ever re-master it and release it, at least this one is new and on 180 gram, should be a lot quieter. Thanks a lot for the link , So you don't think there are tons of people listening to these amazingly fun Wakeman Albums, that's a shame. Chris
  6. I looked pretty hard on google search to see if they ever re-mastered and released on quality vinyl any of these gems, but could not find anything. The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Journey to the Center of the Earth I got the originals, but man the background noise and the pops will kill the joy, any info anyone in the know might have would be really great. Chris
  7. I was a member of another forum, and only for a few weeks, out of the blue they ended my membership. Dont know why, did not do anything wrong only had a few post. Tried to rejoin, tossed again, so I was looking for somewhere else to enjoy and found this place. Brand new as of tonight. Still not sure what happened, glitch or someone hates me that I dont know?? Chris