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  1. Record Store Day 2018

    This one seems to be the hardest Swift to come by in my experience. I feel like I’ve seen Fearless everywhere, it’s odd. Good luck!
  2. Thinning my collection. Let me know if you have questions. Tyler The Creator - Scum Fuck Flower Boy (yellow) $65 SOLD La La Land (blue, signed) $80 Black Kids - Partie Traumatic $13 (slight cover creases) SOLD Expire $10 (clear/purple split - some corner dents) SOLD Gorillaz - Demon Days (red VMP, still sealed) $70 Neck Deep - The Peace and The Panic (grey) $30 Pvris - AWKOHAWNOH (white) $35 Radiohead - OK Computer (blue) $45 Taylor Swift - 1989 $17 Thursday - Full Collapse $15 SOLD The White Noise - AM/PM (still sealed) $15 Yellowcard - A Perfect Sky $10 Kevin Devine - Instigator (purple) $30 Kevin Devine and The God Damn Band - Bubblegum (blue) $15 American Football (orange) $15 Therefore I Am - The Sound of Human Lives (orange/white smash) $10 Also accidentally got two copies of the RSD Taylor Swift - Fearless, which is being shipped to me now. $40 if you want it, obviously do not have to pay until I physically have it to ship. Let me know if you have questions.
  3. I got shipment confirmation like ten minutes after order confirmation.
  4. I got timed out from Bull Moose this morning and they emptied my cart but I just now got an order confirmation and shipment email.
  5. Damn, site was too slow and wasn’t able to finish my order in time so missed T Swift.
  6. Still looking for Linkin Park and Sugar Ray if anyone sees them!
  7. PO: State Champs- Living Proof

    There were only 42 left when I checked over an hour ago, so I’m guessing yes.
  8. Sexual assault is already highly underreported by victims. Courts prove over and over again to either 1) not financially or emotionally be an option for victims and 2) not deal out consequences even remotely just, if any. Relying on courts only for the consequences these people face is not something I advocate for. Why should someone who’s a known abuser get away from a court of law because the victim can’t afford to fight her case but still have a pedestal to perform on every night? You think Harvey Weinstein should still be employed after everything, because the court should deal with it? How silly.
  9. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    It sold out already? I don’t see it on their site. Damn.
  10. You know that the abused came forward and it’s not just Nicole’s word right?
  11. Lol at thinking that since someone consented once before they must be consenting every time.
  12. I only grabbed oak island since it’s so hard to come by and will most definitely be more expensive than this. I don’t really like the other two releases as much anyway.
  13. Our Last Night just put up 3 overpriced vinyl. http://www.ourlastnight.com/merch/
  14. I’m really over this “spend $100 to get rarer variant” thing.
  15. VNYL

    I had the vnyl year sub because my girlfriend gifted it to me, not knowing anything about the company. It could have been worse, but for sure not something I’m continuing subbing, however the way you “pause plan” there scares me.