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  1. They said a US exclusive color will be announced soon.
  2. If I remember right, there was a /100 alt cover.
  3. Fall Out Boy - M A N I A

    Mine shipped today. Wild to think I pre ordered this in April.
  4. Pvris: Acoustic 10" EP

    Damn that’s way more expensive than the US store.
  5. FS: The Story So Far Splits

    selling these two. prices ppd. the story so far/maker split /300 - $50 the story so far/morgan foster split /200 - $30
  6. Rise Records Holiday Vinyl

    My Someday Came Suddenly shipped. Stoked.
  7. PO Now: Movements - Feel Something 10/20

    There is a new pressing of Outgrown Things up for those who need it.
  8. The Story So Far - While You Were Sleeping (purple /200) - $95 Moose Blood - I’ll Keep You In Mind From Time To Time test press (10/20) - $130 - SOLD Brand New - Science Fiction (limited edition, still sealed) - $100 Prices include shipping. These are prices I have in mind based on eBay/discogs current pricing, if you want to make an offer different, PM and we can see about working something out!
  9. I like that variant, but I don’t understand what warrants that price.
  10. Rise Records Holiday Vinyl

    I would love to see some oceana pressed, especially birth eater!
  11. Rise Records Holiday Vinyl

    Oh duh haha. Thanks!
  12. Rise Records Holiday Vinyl

    Are they not offering media mail shipping for these? For two vinyl, it’s giving me $18 cheapest shipping.
  13. Waxwork Records Thread

    Love it! Stoked they ended up doing a colored variant.
  14. Probably a dumb question, but I’m not familiar with Google Docs. Is it something I can do through an IPhone or do I have to use it through an actual PC/Mac?