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  1. He had this on tour when I saw him last Tuesday in Columbus.
  2. I haven't heard anything yet either. I am waiting for an email back with a tracking number.
  3. ordered the white with the shirt
  4. I have never been to Blossom either but I will make the trip from Columbus for a free Blink 182 show.
  5. yep on August 9th
  6. i got two free tickets for Blink 182 in Cuyahoga Falls. The voucher covered the ticket price and all of the fees.
  7. At Rock on the Range they also played Around The Fur which was amazing
  8. my interpunk order page has a note at the bottom stating Give 1 Pink Falcon LP and it says it is shipped as of today.
  9. I asked one of the singers last year if they would play Alpha when I saw them at the Basement in Columbus and they hadn't played it in a year and really had no interest in playing it.
  10. I received my red vinyl in the mail from NB USA yesterday. Didn't receive any shipping confirmation.
  11. They had this last night at the show in Columbus for 20 bucks.
  12. is this going to be available anywhere else besides victory records webstore other than ebay?
  13. LOYALTYHTPB1001 for 15% off