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  1. Repress of this Brazilian funk classic on Light in the Attic - 300 on gold, standard black also available https://lightintheattic.net/releases/818-previsao-do-tempo Release Notes FINALLY BACK IN PRINT ON VINYL! LIMITED “GOLD” WAX VERSION – 300 COPIES! In-depth liner notes interviewing Valle First Time Available in North America Lyrics in Portuguese & English Original art expanded to a gatefold jacket
  2. PO Now: Prurient - Rainbow Mirror 7xLP

    There was only two unclaimed copies so make sense. Hope someone else managed to bag the other
  3. PO Now: Prurient - Rainbow Mirror 7xLP

    Emailed asking about any cancelled orders weeks back and just got an email saying they’re going on in the next few hours. They’re up now if anyone missed out! https://hospitalproductions.net/collections/new-products-new/products/prurient-rainbow-mirror-7lp-clear-vinyl-with-black-splatter-box-set
  4. PO Now: Prurient - Rainbow Mirror 7xLP

    Bummed I didn’t jump on this and ummed and arred until it has gone. Major regrets! Been listening a lot like a few others have mentioned and get lost in it.
  5. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Mine is fine - there's a lot of sampling so always going to get some imperfections. It's not the sort of music where you'd notice it. Really enjoyable mix and my favourite of the Medicine Show titles - loads of fun!
  6. Yeah I have the white copy also - but I've ordered the green. I'm a sucker! Echo this though - lots of variation and a fantastic 'ambient' 2017 release.
  7. Thanks for this - can’t justify the postage to the UK but I appreciate discovering this LP. Floating away to it listening on Bandcamp.
  8. PO Now: Prurient - Rainbow Mirror 7xLP

    I'm usually all over anything from Prurient, associated monikers and Hospital Productions stuff - but this is expensive! Think I might be reluctant to pay so much for a new release. Might just get the CD (£12.99 for 4xCD) at literally 10% of the price. (The dumb collector really wants to get the box set though).
  9. PO Now: Prurient - Rainbow Mirror 7xLP

    I’ll probably pull the trigger as I have no self-control and I’m a sucker for anything on the label. Its a a step up from 8 x cassettes right? Right?!
  10. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    I loved the game but by the end of it the music (whilst nice) really grated on me - not sure I'd ever listen to this!
  11. PO: Morrissey - Low In High School

    Thanks for this - I was getting infuriated whilst fiddling about at work on my phone! Probably obvious on a browser.
  12. PO: Morrissey - Low In High School

    Who do you have to screw to get a copy of the record on its own? I don't want a daft tshirt I'm 30.
  13. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Super happy with my Noname and Biggie records from this month! Great pressings from first impressions. Was hyped to see what the next Hip Hop add on was but disappointed to see it's 'Common - Electric Circus'. I personally feel Common's records haven't aged as well as a lot of hip hop from that time, and it's far from his best output. Probably give that add-on a swerve this month.
  14. Have you tried Wun Two? Quite a prolific output but I'm most familiar with this - so might be a good starting point. Laid back beats.
  15. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    Just got my two records for this month - swapped out Boxer and picked up Waxahatchee and Big Thief. Pretty happy with both.