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  1. Yeah shipping was expensive, but they actually mailed it 2-day priority mail. I received mine today and they look awesome!
  2. Just got the Urban Outfitters copy. Worst shipping I've ever seen. The record was flopping around in a huge box. Surprisingly it's still in great shape with only one minor corner dent.
  3. I just got a shipping confirmation from Urban Outfitters for their exclusive version.
  4. That's really messed up coming from the official store
  5. I got my indie exclusive from Bull Moose today with the 7"!
  6. Awesome! Good luck. I just checked my Bull Moose order and ETA is June 7
  7. Who's picking this up tomorrow?
  8. Please let me know if you have a copy you don't mind parting with, or you come across one for sale (for a reasonable price) online. Thanks!
  9. I've been trying to get a copy also. I couldn't believe my local record store didn't even order a copy.
  10. http://modern-vinyl.com/2017/05/24/goldfinger-releasing-new-record-through-rise/
  11. I like the new single, but I'm waiting to see what SRC announces also. I hope we get to hear some more tracks soon.
  12. Blink-182 - 1992 MxPx - 1992 Goldfinger - 1994