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  1. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

  2. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    Yeah, i mean, that's great, but i still (personally) don't like it. I don't like changing sides every other song. I don't like spending $80 on "live at luther college" because of unnecessary vinyl and packaging. Really wish they would (also) release a black, 2 LP version. No frills.
  3. RSD Black Friday 2017 thread

    4LP? Ugh, that's so annoying. It will easily fit on 2. 3 just drives up the price.
  4. PO: Pearl Jam reissues

    Not surprised.
  5. This is a joke right? no one is this dumb.
  6. HaHa. well that makes sense. I don't waste time under $9. And yes, you're spot on with the rest. A records shop, unless they specialize in DJ vinyl, wouldn't want them. May just have to give them away. I've been down that road before. Good luck.
  7. Why? You'll be getting pennies on the dollar from a record store. And they will only cherry pick you. Those DJ records are mainly garbage. Your best bet is to pick out what you want, then put an ad on craigslist for the rest at like $.50 - $1 bulk purchase, must take all. I'd even separate the DJ garbage and sell it for like $.25 each in bulk. Then go for $1 - $2 bulk on the rock.
  8. Awesome. thanks so much! PS - If an active member can buy this for me, I will gladly paypal you the funds.
  9. I can't find this record on their site. Link? Which album is it?
  10. The Vinyl Deals Thread (non-Amazon)

    Looks like 2008 capital
  11. And I'll say it again: If all you care about is the color of a record, then you're in this for the wrong reason. Later
  12. Get the blue, get the black, who cares?
  13. If you care: 1x OK Computer - OKnotOK 1997 - 2017, Radiohead, LPx2+ Limited to 3000 Copies. Indies only Triple opaque blue vinyl. Released Friday, 23rd June 2017