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  1. If there are 5000, what's the point of numbering them lol That's so many
  2. guys, Scenery is still in stock here: Use a proxy shipping service and you're gucci
  3. Back in stock at diskunion. 13 left Gonna have to use a proxy shipping service to order
  4. Kevin Morby reading this thread
  5. oh wow didn't know that. I just wish there was a news site where we could read about this repressing lol Ah well. I'm just grateful I was able to place an order!
  6. From what I saw, they didn't have much in stock at either site. I added 99 ( just cause I was curious) and the total available were like 16 and 27, So the cart system shouldn't screw us over Based on that, this release is super limited in terms of copies, there are going to be more posted online or most of the release is happening in stores rather than online.
  7. I used Treasure Japan. It was great as they ordered my copy instantly. I did the same. Ordered a copy off of diskunion and HMV incase they cancel. Are these sites known to cancel?
  8. How large is this repressing? Seems like they didn't have much in stock.
  9. Where did those signed copies go? One the greatest mysteries of our lifetime
  10. Same. Ah well. ATLeast there is a standard black version. Hopefully they release other color variants in the Future.
  11. darn. Thanks for the link anyway! What do you guys think the resale is gonna be on this? I see Scenery and Mellow Dream are both sold out
  12. Link? All I see are CD versions
  13. I hope there are more in stock later on. Hopefully the people who bought it aren't scalpers