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  1. I have now managed to get this. If anyone is looking for it, merchbar sells them new and sealed.
  2. wow, a lot of copies of this specific variant have been put for sale in the last week for more than $100! what a coincidence!
  3. of course this happens after I managed to complete my Dirty Work variant collection! AND while I'm asleep (timezones suck). the mockup looks like the hot topic translucent red, but I find it weird that merchnow just casually found 50 copies of a hot topic exclusive vinyl... I think it's more likely that it's the white/red one. plus it says hopeless records on the details tab, and when the hot topic one was released ATL were still signed to Interscope...
  4. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    well at least they kept some stock for situations like these! I hope you both get your vinyl soon. I ended up getting one pink and one teal like I ordered, thankfully.
  5. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    my records arrived today but I'm still at work and have to wait 8 whole hours until I can check if I got both variants... I think it really was the US store/distributor that messed up, I don't think I've seen anyone who ordered from the other stores saying they got the wrong variants. also, FRB webstore twitter support is a joke, they basically didn't even acknowledge the tweets about wrong orders, just said 'e-mail us with more info' to ONE person.
  6. I'm looking for the F.Y.E. gray version of Future Hearts. One of the few I need to complete my collection, would love to get it. I am located in Portugal and willing to pay international shipping in full, obviously. If someone is selling one, please let me know!
  7. WTB - All Time Low - Dirty Work

    I'm now looking specifically for the Hot Topic exclusive variant on clear/translucent/solid (not really sure which one it is, I've seen all three descriptions online) red vinyl that was limited to 500 copies. If anyone is looking to sell theirs, let me know!
  8. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    I got teal and pink like I wanted, thank everything and everyone! And thumbs up for FBR for selling them in all the localized stores, I could buy both variants because I won't have to pay import taxes. Planning to buy the b&w one when (and if) it is available in my local stores. The only one I won't have is the orange one, like I knew I wouldn't ($30 shipping plus import taxes ahahah no thanks)
  9. oh my god I... I kinda want this... Let Go and Under My Skin were my faves back in the day. anyone know where we can buy it? I saw the stores on their store finder but I'm thinking it's too good to be true that every store listed gets some stock of these/gets to order these.
  10. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    yeah, not knowing the time kind of sucks, I'm afraid they'll release it when I'm asleep. why do they forget they have fans all over the world? if we knew the time we could plan to be awake or whatever.
  11. WTB - All Time Low - Dirty Work

    bump, in case someone is now selling theirs
  12. PO: Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold

    damn, that sucks. Didn't know there was that big of a problem with secondary ticket sales. I know that's the reality in the UK, but had no idea that in the US it was also that bad. I guess that's the problem with big countries, I'm used to small(ish) European countries where tickets don't sell out that fast. I'm seeing them this summer, it's their first show in Portugal since 2011 and I miss them a lot. I wish all of you good luck in getting your tickets and hope you have a blast at the show(s)!!
  13. PO: Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold

    bummer there's no coloured vinyl... I think I'll just wait for the regular version and buy it in store and save some money on shipping. I always regret buying black vinyl, but since Foo don't have official coloured vinyl maybe I won't regret it so much. Out of curiosity, is it that hard to get Foo tickets in the US? With so many of you preordering so you can get presale, I was wondering. (I'm not being passive aggressive or whatever, I'm genuinely curious)
  14. PO NOW : PARAMORE - After Laughter

    Yes, you're right, it's because of shipping charges and especially import charges. My country's customs are also super slow to process packages, so I prefer not to order anything from the US over the 22 euro-shipping-included exemption limit (which is a joke, because shipping is usually 10+ euros, and for records it's never less than 20 euros). Anyway, I've contacted UO and some vinyl exclusives are available in their EU site, I'll ask them about future releases. Thanks for the help, though!