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  1. I just had a few copies returned to me from a distro from long ago. Shoot me an email if you'd like one, [email protected] Asking $28 shipped. Thanks, Kyle
  2. $65 ppd. Pup not included. Email is best, [email protected]
  3. I've had some luck on here in the past, but if anyone has cards from this game in the late 90's - early 2000's let me know. I'm a dork and still love to play. Thanks, Chap
  4. For Sale: Half Heard Hero Wax Packs 7" - $13Hidden Hospitals Surface Tension Test Press / 10 - OfferDel Paxton "Worst. Summer. Ever" Aroldis Chapman/Jason Adams Hand Painted Cover /25 - Offer Podcater Plays the Millenial Blues Test Press - $25 Thanks!
  5. Sure man. Shoot me an email with and address and Ic an get you a shipping quote.
  6. Get outta debt sale. Almost whole list for sale

  7. WTB: Achilles Hospice

    I released this in 2009. Somehow my copy is no longer with me. Anyone willing to sell me one? - k
  8. 100%,thanks again dude. I shipped all these today if anyone ordered,
  9. Yup. There is more than likely 1 in there somewhere. Thanks buddy. Starting to get my life back together. If I win the lottery series 2 will be out in the next 20 years
  10. http://youkeepthediner.bigcartel.com/product/wax-packs-series-1-sealed-boxes if anyone is interested. if not, I'll save em for a rainy day. hope everyone is well. - chap
  11. Hi Dan - I'm good, hope all swell on your end!
  12. This record from start to finish is incredible. Please support this band and AS.
  13. PO: Banquets - Spit at the Sun

    If there is a group buy for the 7" version of this, someone please grab me one. Thanks! Kyle