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  1. Ghost Bath - Funeral

    Hmmm, on one hand. I kinda want this. And I do like the album.... On the other hand, this band faked being from China and may or may not actually play their guitars during live shows.
  2. Record Store Day 2018

    The band Goodtiger seems like they will have a RSD exclusive of their new album, "We Will all Be Gone" http://recordstoreday.com/UPC/039841553550
  3. Find me Live After Death at that price and Ill go for my wallet. Kinda lost track of them after death on the road.
  4. Death to False Nostalgia

    I am a huge THPS fan, but lets be honest...... The Need for Speed Underground 2 soundtrack is the real gold medalist here. Id buy that faster than I could blink.
  5. I have no idea whats going on in here. But I am enjoying the detective work and wild speculation. Huzzah!
  6. Remotely possible, but unlikely.
  7. My email doesn't even have any estimates in it. those fields are blank. I'm only a few days away from my 180 day dispute window. Probably going to just file the claim and re-order down the line if this isn't just a huge scam.
  8. Got my copies (both variants) in the mail the other day. I think the album is super solid, if maybe a little lacking in cohesion. The vinyl itself sounds and looks great, though the sleeve is a bit wimpy. Oh, and I think its the first ever Faceless record to be on standard weight vinyl. Oh well.
  9. Mysterious etchings in runout

    Seems like whoever had the dremel just put in a little love note. Cant see the begging well, but it looks like: "___ (HEARTS) VE" As in person A loves person B whose name has the initials "VE" which are drawn in a stylized fashion. That's my guess anyways
  10. PO: Trivium - Shogun

    Free shipping from BM? I don't think I have ever seen that before. But I will happily take it! Very excited to finally have this on wax. But......
  11. Record Store Day 2018

    Happy to say I can keep my wallet firmly in my pocket. whew.
  12. PO: Tesseract - Sonder

    Found a third and fourth variant, both offered through amazon among other places. 1st is black I am assuming? and its the default selected vinyl when opening the amazon page. Name in the cart is just "Sonder". 2nd is on Limited Edition WHITE, to buy it you need to click on "show all 4 versions" on the main amazon page (small blue text). If you get the right one, the name in your cart will be "Sonder (White Vinyl)". It is also available below outside of a bundle: https://burningshed.com/store/kscope/tesseract_sonder_white-vinyl
  13. PO: Tesseract - Sonder

    I am not sure! I didn't enter in any special codes or anything. My total order was over 75$ though. I got Errai and some other items as well. So it might be a pay wall? Try adding something cheap to your cart and see if it doesn't bump you over.
  14. Where do these MOV releases end up on sale?!? Seems like their brick and mortar locations are all in Europe. Is there a webstore I am just totally missing?