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  1. Dirty S.O.B. It may be petty to care about something like this, but like HoneyFrosted said above, its bullsh*t, and its false advertising.
  2. Yeah I also am anti UO. Rip the clear, ill stick with my indie. Speaking of which... never heard of this retailer before but they seem to have copies. http://booboorecords.com/store/#!/Brand+New+-+"Science+Fiction"+-+Indie+Exclusive+LP/p/90455117
  3. Got mine yesterday, the album is pretty subdued... which fits the concept with this album being about death and decay. Vinyl is super nice 2x 180gram, a few pops on side A but I plan on giving it a clean tonight.
  4. Yeah Variants are underwhelming, single is pretty good though. and Matriarch was so good I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt on this one. (went with the splatter and regret it already, though I generally dislike 50/50 splits, this one fits the art.) Also, super weird thing here, I had my browser auto-fill a company name when filling out the mailing address.... so I went back and removed it only to realize it raised the cost of shipping by $3.50!!! Weird right??? So I put the company name back in and wallah, price went right back down.
  5. Pre-orders now live, first 250 orders get a signed 11"x17" poster (according to product description). Two variants, both limited to x/500 US Store: https://www.sumerianstore.com/collections/false-idol-pre-order-bundles EU Store: https://sumerianstore.eu/collections/false-idol-bundles/ New Single Also up now: Veil Of Maya - "Overthrow"
  6. You two made the magic happen, thank you! They still didn't email me after a follow up with their support, but I finally got it! Cheers!
  7. Missed it as usual. I will say that I have contacted them, and been told I am indeed on the 'waiting list' and will be notified by email ahead of copies going on sale. Well, they didnt do that. So I am wondering if that email is in reference to a second pressing?
  8. PO Now: The Used - The Canyon 10/27

    Am I right to assume there is no way to grab the x/500 without an obnoxious bundle? Would love to be proven wrong, but these VIP/Bundle exclusive pressings are my least fav trend.... I just want the wax!
  9. Eyyyo, new Veil of Maya! Single and pre-orders go live on the 13th (a week from today) https://twitter.com/veilofmayaband/status/905490373753147392
  10. WTB: The Contortionist - Intrinsic

    Thanks for the headsup. I actually also have that ordered, same with a copy of Vildjharta, Thousands of Evils. I have been waiting on both for over 6 months.
  11. Hello all, Looking to buy or trade for a copy of Intrinsic by the contortionist. Specifically interested in the splatter, but the white would be fine too. Thanks! My discog' catalog is in the signature.
  12. Care to elaborate at all? I would love to buy a copy... your saying x/100 was partially released... and the rest will follow at a later date?
  13. Lame A.F. Some tiny text on the label doesn't change the fact that they infinitely extended this variant.