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  1. I picked up the orange YM and the splatter DANB. Been wanting DANB on vinyl for about a decade now, so today is a good day
  2. Third this, if somehow you're able to snag so many copies
  3. The guy who answered the phone said I was the 17th person to call, and they opened 20 minutes ago. He was super nice about it, but yeah, they are out.
  4. PO: Aesop Rock - THE IMPOSSIBLE KID

    Not sure about "more than Skelethon," but I'm really loving The Impossible Kid. Been playing it on repeat for about a week. I've loved pretty much everything Aes has put out (not a huge fan of Bazooka Tooth). I dug Impossible Kid from the first listen, but it still took a while for some of the tracks to grow on me. Probably going to be AOTY for me
  5. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    Slsk is still my go to for finding music.
  6. Temporary Residence has 3 red left if anyone is still on the fence.
  7. Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow

    Kind of how I feel about all videos. Loved the song though
  8. PO: Aesop Rock - THE IMPOSSIBLE KID

    One of my all-time favorites, so stoked about the new record. I'll be waiting for reasonable shipping though.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the kind of "mixed trash" vinyl No Idea sells for $12? Not horrible or anything, but nothing special either.
  10. Awesome! Also kind of crazy that this is still available.
  11. This so much. Although I prefer his earlier work, there's no way I'm making the same mistake twice. Ordered!
  12. Kind of glad I don't keep a PO list. It would be unnerving to see how much of my money is just floating around out there.