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  1. Yeah I was surprised that nobody has mentioned that: Grabbed my copy last week. $20 for a 12" of non new tracks is kind of nuts but it's a cool shop so why not.
  2. Cascade by Peter Murphy is the only album I really really want that I just can't ever find. In eBay auctions it goes for $150-200 but only comes up maybe once every other year and I'm always the second highest bidder.
  3. My local does discounts for in store preorders so i reserved a copy of the indie version for $23. Not bad at all.
  4. Wondering if they didn't have as many Prick's on hand as they thought they did as it disappeared so quick and is still "coming soon" to the uk.
  5. That black/blue press is a great record. You might be able to grab it for $30 or less on discogs with the "best offer" one that is up there now.
  6. Touring with Youth Code! This show should have about 10,000x more energy than the last time I saw her opening up for the Eels. Detroit is towards the end so hopefully still have the tour version. New song seems to pick up right where Abyss left of which is a good thing.
  7. a bunch are popping up on discogs so they are coming for sure. hopefully not just an hmv exclusive.
  8. I'll definitely be going to the Detroit gig. I somehow missed them last time they toured and this new album is fantastic. No worry about the show here selling out anytime soon thankfully for me.
  9. Looks like this is legit and is officially getting released this Friday along with a 7": 7":
  10. That has been sold out for a few days, but i don't think they put many up online. Someone here mentioned they only put up 100. But it is still "coming soon" to the UK store so more probably exist and there is always hope of restock. But the black can be got pretty cheap from sellers on Amazon and discogs.
  11. Very cool, had you ordered stuff from their online shop before or are they doing it some other way? Just curious if i have any chance of getting one.
  12. But it is $10 cheaper if you have prime. Personally I couldn't justify $26 for a 22 year old album variant (even though I loved it when it came out).
  13. Hoping that prick vinyl can be picked up in stores. Otherwise it'll be $10 more than i paid for the black after shipping which doesn't really seem necessary. He needs to repress Meat Beat Manifesto while he is at it. Another great album off Nothing.
  14. That is a pretty great feature that i was unaware of. Thanks!
  15. Yeah just open a dispute on paypal for "item not as described". The seller will have to respond and then you can escalate it. At least that is how i recall it working. Paypal should take care of you. They generally side with buyers. If they don't you can still fight it through your credit card assuming that that what you used as payment through paypal.