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  1. They've been doing pictures of regular non package mail for a little while now in certain areas. Every morning i get an email with a scan of all the letters/junk mail that i will be receiving that day. I image packages would be more of a pain since they probably can't really automate it the same way. Also anyone who hasn't yet registered for their "my usps" service should do so asap. It can text you whenever a package is sent to your address, and even right when a mail label is created. And it will give you updates along the way such as "package scheduled for delivery tomorrow" "or "package delivered". I can literally hear the mailman scanning my packages outside my door when delivering them and I'll instantly get a text. so it tends to be pretty accurate.
  2. Unless they say otherwise I always assume that the records will be available everywhere. At least for anything that has come out the past few years. Occasionally they do something special like randomly send different colors to a lucky few but with the number of units they move it is like winning the lottery. They'll probably sell a ton of these so it makes no sense to have it just limited to their store. I'll order from BM or Amazon and get it before the PJ shop ones even ship.
  3. That is the average selling price for the last 10 that have sold on discogs over the past 9 months. So that seems fair. Cheapest one has gone for is $179 so you probably won't find a way better deal unless someone is cool and sells their for under market value.
  4. Some auto i have: vinyl: ride - nowhere - signed by band Cure - Faith - signed by Robert (also have s/t cd signed by band during curiosa tour) Catherine Wheel - a few items signed by band new order - true faith 7" signed by original 4 Soundgarden - "Louder" album flat signed by Chris and Matt Godflesh - s/t My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult - kooler than jesus Laibach - Let it be Coil - Numerous items Peter Murphy Marc Almond (Soft cell) cds: Chris Cornell, Kozelek, skinny puppy, marilyn manson (band from 96), kmfdm, lycia, dead can dance, swans (entire band from 90s), tori amos, tricky, david lynch Throbbing gristle - poster nick cave - poster and book peter hook - book Pigface - Flyer from 91 tour with trent reznor, ogre etc
  5. Also received my replacement Deviations sleeve today. It was actually shipped airmail from Belgium which I found strange. Seems like it would have been cheaper (and safer from damage) to just ship them from the states to those of us here. They went in the other direction this time and used a mailer that was way too big for it. While this one has a crease down the middle of the back and isn't perfect, the corners are sharp it is much better than my last one.
  6. Yield and No Code reissues along with 5 different 7" singles.