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  1. it is f'd up when receiving a shipping confirmation email for the Singles soundtrack makes you sad
  2. Also the show ended around 11:15 and reports said that they found him around midnight. So that is a pretty small window for her to get that worried if there were no signs of something being wrong. So crazy that it all happened that fast. Tragic all around. Here's a couple pics from last night. I try not to be the dick taking pictures all show but I'm glad i got a few.
  3. I was at the show last night, and I'm totally fucking crushed by this. he seemed to be in a great mood, very talkative and interacting with the crowd. a truly great performance. Such a sad day...
  4. That is very safe to assume. I recall from watching the inventory in the page source from the day they were released some sold thousands in the first day or two. pretty sure that the special edition 4LP fragile sold a ton that first day.
  5. damn i really really want that. not sure how i missed it when it went on sale.
  6. Japanese bonus track:
  7. I know Bullmosse listed this as limited to 1k, but i see the discogs listing has it as 8k worldwide. Did they really press 8k of the silver? Seems kind of crazy that it would be hard to find if so.
  8. I think part of that question may be how many of these club editions they are actually pressing?
  9. my local has 2 silver left: Only $16.99 Get it before they realize it is a hot item and jack the price up $20.
  10. Awesome. I was hoping this would happen back when nin announced their reissues.
  11. My last package from rough trade was actually in packaging similar to what Amazon uses. The good ones that protect the corners. So maybe they finally got smart and will stop using those thin ones.
  12. A others have noted and in my experience most items like this that have thousands of copies end up coming down in price. Same goes for a good amount of RSD titles. If you can hold off from the initial craze you'll probably be better off buying it from someone when it comes out. Because remember a quarter of the people buying this now are probably just going to throw it on the bay when it gets released. So just hold off and track it down when it gets released. Don't overspend now if you can't find it from a legit online retailer. And it never hurts to go down to your local shop if you have one and see if they'll put in an order for you.
  13. I've noticed things don't show up in the sold history for a few weeks. So some may have sold.