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  1. This guys prices aren't the cheapest I've seen overall but he has the Pearl Jam 7" for $11.99 and the Smith's for $14.99 which are less than most places so i just grabbed them. More up now for anyone needing those.
  2. Don't believe it was sold anywhere in the states. So you'll have to get them off of discogs/ebay or from sellers on european amazon sites. Or wait till next week when UK sites put their leftover stock online. I got both of mine on Ebay for around $105 shipped. You can get them for around retail prices + shipping at those locations.
  3. Yeah i am still looking for both of them but will hold out. Strictly put up copies of each this morning on ebay but they sold instantly.
  4. Kind of crazy as they are have been available separately for $50- $60 on ebay and discogs. But impatient people always overpay the first couple of days after rsd.
  5. If all else fails grab those Cocteau of eBay. Pretty much retail price plus shipping (which unfortunately isn't cheap for 2 double lps).
  6. I whined once but that was because i placed an order for the vinyl mystery just fine and my card got charged, but somehow their system didn't give it a valid confirmation number associated with it so they ended up cancelling it. But i promise i wouldn't have bitched about what i got it i actually got something!
  7. Yeah i also caved earlier this morning and grabbed both on ebay for just over $100 shipped. You get yours from c200sc as well?
  8. I saw that the 3 of them were not aware of these releases, but Simon ended up saying that it was all approved. So I don't feel as bad buying them as I would the Spaceman 3 releases
  9. I want those 2 albums as well. Looks like they are retailing around 30 pounds. But I've seen no reference anywhere as to how limited they are to get an idea of how easy they'll be found after rsd.
  10. Funny thing is anything limited to 400 would have been sold out in half a day max before his last couple of albums got released. I really want to keep my collection complete, but i'm not sure i can pay $45 knowing it will probably just sit unopened on my shelf for years.
  11. I don't think the movie is anywhere near as important or popular as the soundtrack. The only reason i even bothered to watch the movie was because of the music and the fact that i knew that soundgarden/AIC/ PJ made appearances in it. I agree with pretty much most people here who have posted talking about what a significant soundtrack this was at the time and really for a few years following it as well. I was 15 years old living in a 5k person town when it came out and was probably still listening to it regularly when i went to college because it was so good.