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  1. UndergroundSounds in Ann Arbor has some copies still. And it's only $20 on discogs so you should still be able to get it cheap pretty easily.
  2. So after a long wait, Newbury just announced that they didn't get any of the autographed prints that were supposed to come with their preorders for the indie version of this. They asked if we'd like to cancel or keep the orders... Well considering They charged $38 for it after shipping and my local still has copies for $21 that seems like a pretty easy decision.
  3. $60 ppd is too rich for my blood. Still waiting on him to get with it and repress the first 2 LPs of theirs and God Machine.
  4. When NIN did their Q&A in Chicago last month Reckless Records had posted that the represses would be available at the event and that they weren't officially out until 10/13.
  5. Ministry PO's

    I'll probably grab Animositisomina at some point. Saw them a bunch of times on that tour and it'll always feel like the last Ministry album to me since Barker hadn't left the band yet.
  6. Unfortunately that's just how much intl shipping costs. But there's no reason to think that this won't be available everywhere domestically just like the last album was. So there is no reason to order it now.
  7. Relax, it'll be available in stores soon and probably be back on their website shortly. They all keep going from sold out to available as they get restocked on the web store. Deviations is the only one that is supposedly limited in any way.
  8. I paid $49 shipped for mine when they first came out. So this is still around $10 cheaper which is still $10 too much if you ask me.
  9. Reckless in Chicago listed an October in store date for the nin releases so you'll be able to get them somewhere else. Exact date is in a link somewhere a few pages back.
  10. Went to their show last night in Detroit and they only had the standard black pressing of this with them. Merch guy didn't know of special charity tour variant as reported online. So I'm wondering if this actually exists since now as the dais website has been updated to mention a limited to 200 UK/European white version.
  11. My local told me that the oxblood got oversold. He said they ordered a bunch but were lucky to get the 5 copies they got.
  12. 4400 black + 100 of the clear as usual. It's not actually live yet so i wonder if there will be anther 500 color copies added. https://store.relapse.com/item/53859 EDIT - Presale is live now on Relapse's site. Still only the 4400 black and 100 promo clears. I'll be ordering on amazon since prime shipping makes it cheap. Looking forward to seeing what Broadrick did with his remix.
  13. Turntablelab has copies of the promo version of Perils in stock again, but they are now asking $50 for it. https://www.turntablelab.com/products/mark-kozelek-jimmy-lavalle-perils-from-the-sea-colored-vinyl-vinyl-2lp
  14. PO Soon: TWIN PEAKS

    Well you can always buy one of the dozen up on ebay already for $500 lol. Some asshole has 6 signed lps up and another 6 items from same signing for sale. Seems a tad excessive since you can find an occasional signed etching or original photo of his for less than that.
  15. My local has a few. I'm picking mine up this afternoon. http://store.ugsounds.com/chelsea-wolfe-hiss-spun-lp-oxblood-and-black-vinyl/dp/21087 Reckless.com also has it listed