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  1. Excellent album to reissue! Ordered a copy last night. Now I’m just hoping Harvest reissues their full length like they’ve been promising...
  2. Bummer, because that was a fantastic idea for a series. No excuse for Beyond Hypothermia though, other than Steve Brodsky probably not being all that into releasing any of the stuff before he took over the vocal slot. I honestly prefer that CD to everything they've released since, although they have never released a bad record. I'm just more of an old-schooler who only really saw them play with Jay or Dave on vocals, only saw Steve fronting them once. Some of the older Isis stuff would be great too, like the demo (maybe a 7" release), Red Sea and the Sawblade EP. It would also be cool to see a compilation CD or LP of some of their lesser releases (Coalesce/Boy Sets Fire split, Drowningman/TDEP split, Huguenots/SevenPercentSolution split, etc.) Hate to see all this stuff just released and never revisited.
  3. Also a good idea, but the box set idea would be slick.
  4. Totally with you on the represses, price and quality are solid, I even have copies of Caring and Killing and Until Your Heart Stops. My beef was with the lack of a repress of BH, but finding an old copy to sell for $300. The list of stuff has a couple solid deals, but some of that stuff is ridiculous. EBay with a reasonable starting bid would still have landed them decent coin for all of that stuff. Hell, I’m a huge Drowningman fan, and am still contemplating buying that test press! Focus on repressing some of the great stuff that is short printed, listen to long time fans and supporters. Another idea? Do an actual new pressing of all the In These Black Days singles, all on new colors with uniform covers in an actual box set, not just a box set of grab bag leftovers. Have the six releases’ front covers line up in a poster sized mural. Make it refreshing, and my wallet will gladly be waiting, haha.
  5. If they repressed Beyond Hypothermia, I would gladly buy a copy, but not at some stupid “save our label” price. If they just bent even in the slightest to what fans and collectors wanted, it might be better for business. Always supported Aaron and HHR, and will, but the “hey, we found old stock, come spend a fortune on it” yard sale thing is off-putting.
  6. ISO Converge - The Dusk In Us LP variants

    Yeah, the rainbow splatter will be nearly impossible, but as of this afternoon I’ve managed to deal for everything but that and the green tour version. Got a friend trying to connect at one of the MA shows for me, we’ll see. Got purple in hand, and indigo, blue, yellow, orange and red coming my way. Wish me luck!
  7. Yes, I’m aware this is an awfully recent release to go hunting for, but since I’ve already landed a few, I’m looking to collect a complete set of the first pressing colors. Only need the band’s tour green and the friends & family clear w/rainbow splatter. Mainly buying since I don’t be have a whole lot for trade yet. If you have or can somehow acquire either of those three variants, please let me know. Cheers, -Chris
  8. Park Ave. CD’s. Since I didn’t hear anything, it’s disappointingly clear that I am not a Spotify winner, haha. Bummer.
  9. I can pick up copies of the indie store exclusive (indigo) at a shop in Orlando, I think they have them for like $21-22 or something, and can mail them for whatever it costs just to help out, so let me know if you need one. I got my purple today, have indigo, blue and red coming in, snagged a yellow on Discogs today but still haven't gotten the invoice yet. I'm going for the full set of colors, and I think this might be the first time I've ever done it for a record with more than two colors. Very exciting, and the chase is sure to be fun, but I get the feeling that it'll hurt me in the wallet when I get around to Orange and rainbow. Ugh. EDIT: Also, the copy that came in today was padded with bubble wrap and had a poster and some stickers, but no additional padding sleeve from another record.
  10. If there’s anyone in FL that needs the indie store version (indigo, I believe?), I can always grab one for you, the store I go to has a few left. Wish I could get to the tour, but the nearest gig is like 400 miles away, so I’m hoping to land one on eBay for less than a kidney or have a friend grab one for me. F&F is another story, haha.
  11. Slick. I’m at four down, four to go, but almost the opposite. Got violet, indigo, blue and red coming in, and need green, yellow, orange and the impossible rainbow. Listened to it a half dozen times already and it just gets better.
  12. Found a copy! This thread can be closed, thanks!
  13. Been a massive fan since the days at The Space in Worcester, and getting Jake’s blood all over my shirt at their one and a half song performance at the NB Hardcore Fest years ago, and they never disappoint. Been collecting their records forever, but I think this is the first release where I’m going to try and get a complete set of variants. Managed to land preorders for the violet, indigo and blue variants, so I’m going for it. Probably going to kill the wallet, but well worth it. My hat is off, this record kills. Anyone going to catch them on the tour willing to grab a green copy for me? Nearest show to me is 400 miles away and I’m playing a show of my own that night.
  14. What's your White Whale record?

    Crazy, but a few posts above this one is also my white whale, Killwhitneydead’s So Pretty, So Plastic. I took a hiatus from collecting that started before the release and ended after the remaining stock was found. I’ve been friends on Facebook with Matt from Tribunal since putting KWD and The Demonstration up after a show, and although he searched high and low for another copy for me, I was out of luck. Found a copy the other night on Discogs and immediately hit the buy button, but sadly got a reply the next morning that the seller just deactivated his account and half of his records were no longer available. That one included. If I had to pick a second whale, Cave In’s Beyond Hypothermia. I had a copy each on grey and purple, but not anymore. Gotta get one back someday.
  15. Still searching, can anyone point me in the right direction?