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  1. Recent purchases

    Did some shopping in Orlando last night, and picked up a few goodies... Atheist - Piece of Time LP (clear) Atheist - Unquestionable Presence LP (clear) Shai Hulud - That Within Blood Ill Tempered LP (gold) Shai Hulud - Hearts Once Nourished With Hope and Compassion LP (purple)
  2. Would you take $55? I'm strapped after the hurricane cancelled two weeks worth of gigs, but I'm interested in the lot. Only got about $57 left in PayPal.
  3. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    Got my box in today... Blockheads/Mumakil split 7" Zombi - Spirit Animal 2xLP don caballero - punkgasm 2xLP Broughton's Rules - Anechoic Horizon LP Circle of Animals - Destroy the Light LP Amorphis - Privilege of Evil 12" EP 16 - Drop Out LP (180g) Ringworm - Hammer of the Witch LP The Ringworm will likely be my only keeper, everything else is available, sale or trade. Cheers.
  4. Awesome. Any chance of another leg of the tour possibly hitting somewhere in Florida? Living in MA, it was easy to see you guys in Worcester or Boston pretty much every show, even had the pleasure of recording a record with Kurt, but since I moved, not so easy, haha.
  5. Just finally got back online, still no power or water at home, so I missed everything but the EU exclusive, so it cost me $42 for a single copy. Killing me, ugh.
  6. PO now: Quicksand "interiors" out Nov 10th

    Grabbed a peach, and clear with shirt the day it was announced, now mint and orange autographed are available? These guys are killing me. Record nerds will have paid for the entire production of the record before it even drops! EDIT: Damn it I ordered both anyway. My wife LOVES Quicksand, we saw them on their first big reunion tour, and I think I might have seen them a dozen times over the years. I failed in the variant game with the new Converge (only 2!) but I'm going to nail this one as best I can.
  7. Wanted - Hydrahead and other hardcore & metal

    Picked up a few Nile records from the list, as well as Quicksand's Slip LP on clear, and added a few more that I would like to pick up. Also posted two records for trade, Converge's Petitioning Forever 2xLP on red and their You Fail Me LP on red/white split. Uploading pics to a hosting site, and will post upon request. Cheers!
  8. Recent purchases

    Just fell back into collecting, so I've been buying and trading like mad. Other than the Relapse clear vinyl bundle I ordered last weekend (which hasn't even shipped yet!?!?) I've been picking up lots of metal and hardcore stuff. New stuff that I've gotten in... Bane - Don't Wait Up LP on blue Brutal Truth/Converge split 7" on maroon Converge - Unloved and Weeded Out 7" on red Converge - Petitioning Forever 2xLP on red (will be for trade since I have an earlier pressing coming in.) Converge - You Fail Me Redux on red/white split (also for trade, got another version already) Despised Icon - Beast LP on green Drowningman - Rock and Roll Killing Machine LP on red Nile - Amongst the Catacombs of the Nephren Ka LP on orange splatter Nile - Black Seeds of Vengeance LP on red Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked LP on red Pantera studio album box set (Cowboys from Hell LP on white, Vulgar Display of Power LP on red, Far Beyond Driven LP on blue, The Great Southern Trendkill LP on gold, Reinventing the Steel LP on orange and a bonus 7" of Piss/Avoid the Light on transparent yellow) Stuff that I don't have yet, but is on its way... AxCx/Eyehategod split 7" on brown Cable/Cavity/Jesuit/Overcast 4-way split 2x7" on pink & grey Cave In/Botch split 7" on yellow Converge - Petitioning Forever 2xLP + 7" on gold Death - Scream Bloody Gore LP on blue (from Hot Topic's website, of all places) Intent to Injure - Reinforcement 7" on clear and Keep Us Strong 7" on blue Nile - In Their Darkened Shrines LP on green/gold mix Quicksand - Slip LP on clear Unionsuit - Accidents Happened 7" on white Preorders still waiting on release dates... Converge - I Can Tell You About Pain 7" on orange Converge - The Dusk in Us LP on purple and indigo Quicksand - Interiors LP on clear and peach Not a bad haul so far, chiseling away at the want list little by little.
  9. Wanted - Hydrahead and other hardcore & metal

    Got it on black, just looking for an upgrade, but would love to see what you've got, shoot me a list via PM.
  10. Wanted - Hydrahead and other hardcore & metal

    Awesome, thanks! Updated the list and removed a few things that I've managed to pick up. Anyone else?
  11. Is dead format.........dead?

    It's officially dead now. Finally posted photos for my collection and updated everything the other day, and I got an email this morning that they're shutting down completely on 10/1.
  12. Relapse Vinyl Grab Bags

    Just threw in an order for the 7 & 7" bundle. Hoping for a copy of Death's Human or maybe the new Integrity, or Dying Fetus, or even a Mastodon record. Even if I end up with 7 records I don't need or want, I can always throw them out there for trade. Relapse stuff is pretty cool.
  13. Wanted - Hydrahead and other hardcore & metal

    Yeah, pretty sure I bought that Drowningman LP from you, I'll have another look!
  14. Hi everyone, Looking to rebuild my collection, and figured I'd post a want list. I'm on DF and Discogs as well, but it's always good to chat here and there in the forums as well. I stopped collecting a few years back when I was getting ready to move from MA to FL, and I sold everything I didn't want to keep. Then I lost a good bit of my collection to sticky fingers while I was moving, so after quitting and then coming back to my senses, here I am rebuilding. Anyway, here's a list of some of the things I'm looking for, if you have anything here, and are willing to sell, get in touch! I would trade, but almost everything I have at the moment is part of my collection. -Chris UPDATE: Added a few new albums that I'm looking for, removed a few that I've managed to pick up, and I'm also adding a pair of records that I now have available for trade... Converge - Petitioning Forever 2xLP on transparent red Converge - You Fail Me Redux LP on split white/red Here's what I'm looking for... Acme - To Reduce the Choir to One Soloist LP (clear) At the Gates - Slaughter of the Soul LP (orange) Bane - Forked Tongue 7" (blue) Bane - Free to Think, Free to Be 7" (yellow) Bane - Give Blood LP (any color) Bane - Holding This Moment 7" (gold) Bane - It All Comes Down to This LP (any color) Bane - The Note LP (any color) Barrit - self-titled 7" (red) Black Flag - Everything Went Black 2xLP (white) Black Flag - Family Man LP (yellow) Black Flag - In My Head LP (tan) Black Flag - Jealous Again 10” (red) Black Flag - Loose Nut LP (blue) Black Flag - Louie Louie 7” (red) Black Flag - Six Pack 7” (white) Black Flag - Slip it In LP (red) Black Flag - First Four Years LP (gold) Black Flag - TV Party 7” (yellow) Botch - The John Birch Conspiracy Theory (blue) Buried Alive - Six Month Face 7” (clear) Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol 7” (white) Carcass - Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious LP (violet) Carcass - Surgical Remission/Surplus Steel 10” (clear) Carcass - Swansong LP (red) Cave In - Beyond Hypothermia LP (any color) Cave In - Until Your Heart Stops LP (any color) Coalesce - Functioning on Impatience LP (any color) Coalesce - Give Them Rope LP (any color) Converge - Downpour/Serial Killer 5” (white) Converge - On My Shield 7" (black/white mix) Converge - Petitioning the Empty Sky 7” (purple) Converge - Petitioning the Empty Sky LP (red) Converge - When Forever Comes Crashing LP (clear or white) Converge - Y2K 7" (clear) Deadguy - Work Ethic 7” (blue or purple) Death - Human LP (any color) Death - Individual Thought Patterns LP (any color) Death - Leprosy LP (any color) Death - Spiritual Healing LP (any color) Death - Symbolic LP (any color) Death - The Sound of Perseverance LP (any color) Deftones - 7 Words 7" (blue and grey, looking for 1 of each) Deftones - Adrenaline LP (pink) Despised Icon - Day of Mourning LP (white) Despised Icon - The Ills of Modern Man (camouflage) The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity LP (any color) The Dillinger Escape Plan - self-titled LP (clear, Earache repress) Earth Crisis - All Out War 7” (green, Victory pressing) Earth Crisis - Firestorm 7” (red) Earth Crisis - Forced to Kill (any color) Faith No More - Angel Dust 2xLP (blue) Fucking Invincible - Downtown is Dead 7” (white) Fucking Invincible - It’ll Get Worse Before It Gets Better LP (clear) Harvest - Living With a God Complex LP (white or red) Harvest - Worn Through the Layer of Separation 7” (purple) Helmet - Betty LP (White) In These Black Days - Hydrahead Records Black Sabbath tribute series Vol. 6 Neurosis / Soilent Green 7” (colored vinyl pressing only) Isis - Mosquito Control 12” (any color) Killwhitneydead - So Pretty, So Plastic (clear with red splatter) Krakatoa - Clouds Burned by Sunshine (clear) Minor Threat - S/T LP (green) Minor Threat - Out of Step LP (white) Misery Index - Discordia LP (red or clear) Misery Index - Dissent 12” (Orange) Misery Index - Hang ‘em High 7” (green) Misery Index - Heirs to Thievery (clear or orange) Misery Index - Retaliate LP (green/black splatter, with bonus one sided live 7”) Misery Index - The Killing Gods 2xLP (white) Morning Again - As Tradition Dies Slowly LP (blue) Morning Again - Martyr LP (clear) Morning Again - self-titled 7" (clear) Morning Again - The Cleanest War LP (blue) Nile - At the Gate of Sethu LP (beige) Nile - Ithyphallic 2xLP (sand colored) Nile - Those Whom the Gods Detest 2xLP (sand colored) Nile - What Should Not Be Unearthed 2xLP (clear) One King Down - Bloodlust Revenge LP (orange) Quicksand - Manic Compression (any color) Starkweather - Into the Wire LP (purple) When Angels Shed Their Wings Slayer tribute - Vol. 3, The Acacia Strain/Loyal to the Grave (green) I'm sure I could think of more stuff, but that'll do for now. Like I said, if you have any of this, shoot me a message, I'd love to pick these up.