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  1. Is dead format.........dead?

    Did I miss something and did Deadformat completely shut down or is the tradelist part just down?
  2. I was there live and it was fucking great until #30. Wwe sure knows how to kill a crowd. At least he didn't win.
  3. I'm in. Pm me your Paypal please
  4. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    I went into this expecting to be disappointed, because I expected to have 85% + of what they sent I was wrong, here's my haul. I only had the ones I have an asterisk next to. Here's what I got: 7" Get Dead - Bygones Test Press Cobra Skulls - Eagle Eyes* Gimmes - down under * Morning Glory - born to...* Ltj - do the math Sundowner - little elephant Bracket - stinky Fingers Snuff - in the stocks New bomb Turks - stick it out* Goober patrol - 8 of spades* 10" Snuff - blue gravy Consumed - breakfast... swingin utters - the sounds... 12" Sundowner - neon fiction * OMM - DSU* Screeching Weasel - fwm* Screeching Weasel - bark... Joey cape - bad loud* Big in Japan - destroy...* Fluf - road rage* Dogpiss - eine kleine... * hagfish* Tilt - viewers like you Swingin utters - live Bracket - live Pour habit - got your back Banner pilot - souvenir Only crime - to the nines Sfh - from the dumpster Strung out - prototypes I will trade anything that has an asterisk next to it.
  5. The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    Fuck I hope that's in one of my bundles. I've been after it for awhile.
  6. This is ~$80 on Amazon right now. Also, of you apply and get approved for amazons rewards card you get an instant $50 credit. I just ordered this set for $50ppd with delivery for tomorrow.
  7. RSD Black Friday - 2016

    Will any of you dudes be willing to help me out by grabbing me a copy of the UGK Texas shaped picture disc? I would really appreciate it. Please let me know if you can help.
  8. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Hopping on the bandwagon, I'd take one too.
  9. This band is great! Still waiting on news about a vinyl release, or at least some new music.
  10. I don't believe that's the GITD vinyl pressing. That just notes that the sleeve glows, which they all do. Edit: I see it says disc now, nevermind, my fault.
  11. Post Your Record Storage Area

    Man, believe me, it drives me insane. The rug itself just was made that way, I guess who/whatever sewed it did it crooked. It was the first thing i noticed when I took it out of the package. It doesn't bother me when Im sitting here and listening though and that's all that matters to me. However, I would be lying if I said I wasn't looking for a new, pattern-less rug to replace it already.
  12. Post Your Record Storage Area

    Thanks guys! That Jamie Thomas deck is my favorite one I ever had. I got it in 2001ish, held off skating on it for a really long time and finally broke down and used it about 2 years later.
  13. Post Your Record Storage Area

    My record room is almost done, here is an updated picture since the last time I posted anything. And a photo of my rug: And then my last project to complete but I ran out of old junk 45s
  14. Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    I bought a 24x36 frame from hobby lobby. It's too tall on the top and bottom (obviously) but I think it looks just fine. I'm not nearly as picky about that stuff as some others are though.