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  1. Virus Popups on Mobile Site

    Seems like the issue is known at this point, but I'll add that I've only had it happen on my Galaxy, never on my iPad.
  2. Virus Popups on Mobile Site

    Happens to me a lot and it's friggin annoying.
  3. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    Anyone listened to the Hot Rats reissue? The guitar seems strangely quiet compared to mp3s I've heard, but maybe the LP has always been like that?
  4. The Official 'Vinyl Me, Please' thread.

    I dislike most modern "indie rock" (which is either not indepedent or not rock) but this is a fantastic album. I don't get how a rock fan couldnt enjoy it at least a bit.
  5. Please not another thread about this album.
  6. The cover isnt even taking artistic chances that don't pay off. Its just... stupid and lazy. Cant wait to see the breathless haul posts on reddit with people proudly showing off their purchase. "Only Maynard is innovative and daring enough to deconstruct our perceptions of acceptable cover art!"
  7. King Tuff- The Other- April 13

    Different reaction over here. Psycho Star is decent, but even with all the recent rock music aping '70s stuff, this might be the *most* blatant '70s sounding song I've heard this year. Down to the video as well. And I don't like The Other at all. I think some of the lyrics are awkward and delivered clumsily, and King Tuff just isn't someone I'm gonna go to for serious reflections on life. I feel like he's not playing to this strengths here. I get he was sick of the "King Tuff" persona though, so I'm glad he's found something he's passionate about.
  8. I think I finally found my copy. Glad I waited. $18?!
  9. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    Cool, look forward to hearing your thoughts! If it's not off-centered like mine, I might grab one too. And I just want to support Dax as much as possible. Bumping this thread sent me on a big Dax kick, he's all I've been listening to for the last few days, lol You know, you might be right about the volume of the PTT master recording causing issues. I distinctly remember that my CD was always quieter than whatever else I had just listened to. I wouldn't be surprised if Rotten didn't put a lot of thought and care into those pressings, but yeah, maybe there were other issues too.
  10. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    I only have Agents and Deadboy.... but thanks to this post, I checked discogs and see that Blood or Love was repressed a few months ago and is available on his site?! I'm just gonna take the plunge. I'll let you know how it sounds. But yeah, Deadboy is probably my least favorite Dax album. I'm happy to have it on viny though, and it's grown on me over the years. Maybe with Dax releasing stuff on his site we'll finally get Say Goodnight to the World and If This Is Hell... on vinyl? And since I'm checking in on all things Dax, I just found this on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Daxriggs/comments/7ajjbq/after_ordering_agents_of_oblivion_on_vinyl_i_took/ holy shit I hope this is true!
  11. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    Thanks for the Acid Bath overview; been meaning to pick those up but hesitated exactly for the reasons you said. And I should reiterate that my copy of Agents sounds really good. I did an A/B test with my original CD, and even though I'm sure they're mastered from the same source, the top end was a little less harsh on the heavier songs for sure (in a good way; some of those heavier songs straddled the line between cool wall of sound and brickwalled).
  12. PO: Agents of Oblivion - S/T

    I didn't realize there were two different versions of this.... I preordered immediately, and with the ridiculous pressing delays, I hope I got the 180g. Have to check when I get home. Happy to report my copy has very little surface noise at all. The LPs, however, are quite off-center and one person on Discogs said it's bad enough it causes his audio to flutter. Mine aren't that bad, but the tone arm gets a workout for sure.
  13. I'm revisiting this album for the first time in a while thanks to this thread.... man, Brett REALLY carries this album. I think Greg's songs are almost without exception the weakest ones on the album. I do like "Inner Logic" and "What It Is," but Brett was on fire for this one.
  14. The thread formerly known as 'ty segall'

    Wow, got my copy today after ordering it Friday. Drag City is speedy. Can't wait to blast it tonight
  15. Got mine as well, also sealed and in great condition. Very small dent in bottom left corner, but nothing that would keep me from buying it if I saw it in person beforehand. I've only listened to side A so far, but it sounds great. This will also force to listen to the second half of the album again, which I thought was completely forgettable except for Spit Out the Bone (probably my favorite track on the album).