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  1. Interesting... I always thought this album sounded pretty good. Very tight, snappy drums and bright guitars that fit those songs well. Maybe the production is a little dry, but IMO Recipe for Hate is more in need of a remaster. .... or any of the Brooks albums to reduce the ridiculous brickwalled drums.
  2. Some Cheap Vinyl at Amazon

    Nice, thank you! $6 including tax is more than worth it for the 30 or so minutes of music I really dig on this album.
  3. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    I'll do a rare self-response: just got an email from Newbury saying the Hot Rats LPs were defective and they need to be repressed, so all orders are being cancelled. Bummer
  4. PO Now: Decemberists "I'll Be Your Girl"

    Can't decide if it's playfully self-referential or a sign they've truly jumped the shark that the Hamilton song features the second use of the phrase "gay Paris" in their discography. Probably a little of both, but I do know my interest in them died with the Hazards of Love.
  5. Don't know anything about it. Given the time window between the latest round of Blackened pressings, it seems like it's coming in a little fast after Master of Puppets. If it's true, I wonder if they'll try to squeeze it on 1 LP? Honestly though, I'm pleasantly surprised with how well the newest pressing of MOP sounds (Ride also rules, but it's shorter and not quite as jam-packed on a single LP). Yeah, MOP is quiet, but if you crank it, it sounds great (shame about the surface noise during some quiet parts though).
  6. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    ..... aaaaaaanyway... Anyone got shipping confirmation on the Zappa LPs yet? I emailed Newbury about non-preorder LPs I ordered along with Hot Rats, and last Wednesday they said the Zappas would be ready to ship this week.
  7. In my experience, actual ATO pressings never look as good as the mock-ups.... sometimes noticeably worse.
  8. I didn't understand that comment either, lol. Personally, you've been good for my wallet! The Polygondwanaland thread caused me to look into the abyss and made me think that maybe I should focus a little less on collecting variants, hahah. 2018: the year of black vinyl? Maybe.
  9. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    How does Newbury handle orders that contain preorders? I was under the impression that in stock stuff ships right away, but I preordered Hot Rats on Thursday along with two in stock records and haven't gotten shipping confirmation for anything.
  10. Interesting... I don't understand the technical part of record pressing at all, but why would a pop or click, for example, on a test pressing get transferred to the rest? Like there's an actual physical imperfection in the test press that gets replicated on every other record, without fail? I guess that would explain why sometimes people will say they have a skip/bad popping in the exact same spot of a record as another person. I always thought it had something to do with the dynamics of the record that caused noise in a similar spot on a given pressing (because I'm an idiot).
  11. This album sounds really fantastic, both production wise and the LP itself. Does 45RPM in general lead to less surface noise...? I don't understand how a label as small as Castle Face can put out nearly flawless sounding albums, yet the new Metallica repress I have is full of pops and hiss. Awesome silkscreen, cool vinyl (pink smoke), and high-quality printed inner sleeves as well. Top-notch release all around.
  12. PO: Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger

    ..... goddammit.
  13. glad I didn't get a bum copy, but it's too bad about the vinyl mastering... Nonagon has grown on me and become one of my favorite King Gizz records, it'd be nice to have a great sounding pressing. Thanks for the input!
  14. Mega late, I know, but I finally got a copy of this, the second ATO pressing on blue/red splatter. .... are there any pressings of this that sound good? I'm surprised no one has talked about the sound quality, unless I just have a bad pressing. Granted even the digital version of Nonagon is not a great sounding album, but I'm disappointed at how flat sounding and sometimes distorted the LP is (the keyboard part in Mr. Beat, for example).
  15. Official Newbury Comics Reissue Thread

    .... bwahahah. After that aberration that was the GBV reissue, Newbury has restored order to the universe.