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  1. Yeah it's right up there with FMB. Sketches & Murder didn't do too much for me
  2. And bought it anyway.. Just couldn't resist. Sepia cover looks great
  3. This one looks nice! But shipping to Europe costs as much as the record itself, so I'm gonna let it go..
  4. So many options already.. Kinda glad I ordered the yellow w/ blue splatter Blood Music variant yesterday, so I don't have to stress too much about which option to choose. Only downside is that the BM variant doesn't seem to be limited at all.
  5. Went for the Blood Music pressing on transparent yellow w/blue splatter. Shipping is expensive, but I like how the colors match the artwork and I know the record will be done right. Also picked up the repress of Astronoid - Air on clear vinyl in the process
  6. Just stumbled across these by chance on the European Profound Lore site: http://aisamerch.de/profoundlore/en/ No pressing info as far as I can tell, but both records are available on black vinyl and gold. There's also a green/yellow mix with silver splatter for Eater of Birds, and a green with silver and black splatter edition for Gin. Went with the green ones myself, even though gold matches the artwork a bit better
  7. /100 Still available from Relapse Europe! EDIT: and gone...
  8. Nice! Also available from Stickman Records for European customers btw. Different (unspecified) colors though
  9. Ordered from the European store and got my copies in today. Happy that I got my hands on the purple/300, but I've got to say that the European version on milky clear looks especially nice
  10. Digging that video as well. Gonna stick to my yellow/purple copy of this though, the extra 12" and 7" aren't worth the price as far as I'm concerned
  11. PO: Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

    Just saw this as well. Keep going back to the Earache site every now and then hoping to find gold back in stock. No luck so far...
  12. PO: Wolves in the Throne Room-Thrice Woven 9/22

    Was bummed at first that my golden mead order had fallen through, but got the indie variant in the mail today and it looks great. Wonder how many copies there are though? Golden mead was limited to 1,000 I believe
  13. PO: Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

    Fuck, missed the gold. Got the silver though, which is something at least. Doesn't match the artwork as well though
  14. PO: Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom

    Yes! Only album of theirs I don't have on vinyl
  15. PO: Wolves in the Throne Room-Thrice Woven 9/22

    No, Burning World. Not their fault though. I was (pleasantly) surprised they were selling the gold indeed, and figured they had arranged something to give European customers a chance as well. Ah well, just managed to order the indie variant somewhere else, so let's hope that ends up looking good