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  1. Blood Music release looks very nice, cool gatefold & vinyl. Too bad record was shipped inside the printed inner sleeve, split seams on two sides..
  2. Nice find! Like this one much better than the grey with black streaks
  3. Same here. Will be the first variant (out of the three I ordered) to arrive. Can't wait!

    grabbed the /100 from the EU store. And went ahead and got that Ilsa preorder as well
  5. PO: DEATH Repress Galore (/200 each)

    I spent way too much money today. Ordered a bunch of Oh Sees stuff from Castle Face this morning, and now this..
  6. PO: American Nightmare (out in Feb)

    Nice, lucky you! When I checked they didn't even show the splatter as an option anymore (also not as sold out or anything)
  7. PO: American Nightmare (out in Feb)

    Same here. Plus the $22 shipping to Europe doesn't make it any more appealing. I do like that smartpunk variant though. Too bad Deathwish Europe only has the white variant for sale, not the splatter
  8. Would probably have ordered a copy if this had been put up at the same time as the Mammoth Grinder and/or Genocide Pact preorder. But Relapse won't let me add items to an existing order, and I'm not going to pay €11 shipping costs again, especially not for a single LP
  9. PO now: Mammoth Grinder | Cosmic Crypt

    Ordered both, but feel the opposite. Digging that first Genocide Pact track, but am not that into the Mammoth Grinder song yet. Fantastic artwork for both records though
  10. I've actually got my shipping notification already for that pink rough trade version. Hope it'll be here tomorrow so I can give it a spin this weekend
  11. I actually ordered a copy this morning, then realized I'd just paid $95 (including $30 shipping to Europe) for an album I don't even care that much about (though the vinyl looks cool), and cancelled it again. Anyway, hope some extra copies show up for those of you who really want them
  12. Milk & Honey is a single LP, the other one a double (which comes with a box and a bunch of extras as well)
  13. The yellow w/ blue splatter one from Blood Music, plus the Gruesome Twosome edition with that alternate cover. I usually don't buy more than one variant of a record, but can definitely see myself grab a few more (if it wasn't for shipping costs I would've done so already). Would have liked a fuzz club variant as well, but missed out on the colored ones