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  1. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    EU source would be much appreciated yes! No clue how to get my hands on this thing
  2. PO: Khemmis - Desolation LP

    Yep.. Bummed I missed out on those 20BS exclusives..
  3. In for the clear. Took like 15 minutes to make up my mind, choosing between that one and the European KRM
  4. Damn, was hoping the blue/gold merge would last until ASG went up, but no such luck. At least I've got the most limited ASG now
  5. So, taking a gamble here, but I'm going to wait until the ASG preorder goes live tomorrow and see what's left of the YOB variants.. Can always grab a gold one I guess. Don't feel like paying 11 euros shipping costs for a single record twice..
  6. The hhv one? Mine doesn’t sound good either, worst pressing I’ve received in ages
  7. Thanks for the offer, but I can wait a little longer. I’m sure it’ll turn up soon
  8. When did you receive The Milk & Honey from Hot Wax? And did you get a shipping confirmation? Haven't heard anything yet.. Still waiting for the Gruesome Twosome/Same Ghost record as well
  9. PO: ILSA - Corpse Fortress

    Same here! Got my copy today, what a beast of a record. Great design as well on the limited edition
  10. Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

  11. Anyone score an extra copy of the LITA exclusive they wanna get rid off?
  12. PO: DEATH Repress Galore (/200 each)

    Did anyone else notice these new represses came without an embossed/foil stamped logo & title, as opposed to earlier releases? Also, I didn't get any extras (slipmat, pins, whatever) with my order. Not that it matters much, cause I'm happy with how these records turned out
  13. Gotta say, it looks quite good. And for $25 including shipping, I'm definitely considering it
  14. Yeah with just 100 copies available we didn’t stand a chance..
  15. I wonder if, and how limited, the separate records are.. Don’t see anything about that on the Nordvis site