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  1. From Discogs: "Hi there, the original notice we received did not meet regulatory requirements and it should not have been blocked. That was our bad. The notice we received last week is a legal notice that complies with US DMCA requirements. We are not a rights society and can only rely on information provided by the community and online when investigating releases. In this case, there is a clear dispute and we need to side with the rights holder's request to avoid further legal issues on our end. The DMCA counter claim procedures are included in the notes on the release - this is the official/legal way to dispute the original notice requesting us to take the release down from the marketplace. We support both rights holders and the flow of great music through the marketplace, but where there is conflict, ultimately, we are going to comply with legally valid requests." The question is now who sent Discogs the DMCA notice?
  2. You make a good point but I think chalking it up to a life lesson doesn't really work in this situation because there's nothing really to take away from it. The only lesson is to use F&F for all future transactions considering this guy wouldn't have appeared too sketchy on first glance as he has a large number of positive feedbacks. Of course doing that will turn away almost all buyers for this seller and that's probably worse than getting scammed on occasion. Luckily for the seller the guy wasn't smart enough to just chuck a few more pieces of cardboard into the box to bring it up to weight, so he still has a very small chance of seeing his money again. However, this is a huge problem for Paypal. All the scammer has to do is bring the box up to weight and he has a watertight excuse to get his money back + keep whatever good he initially purchased. It quite literally is a tactic that will work with any purchase and I reckon Paypal would let a scammer do it a few times before they actually look at his transaction/dispute history and cotton on. I sell quite a few expensive bikes through Paypal and this a big fear of mine since I know that one bad buyer has the ability to put me massively out of pocket D:
  3. PO: Closure In Moscow - First Temple

    Haha yeah, there's only 18 back in stock at the time of writing this - I wonder if/hope these were orders made by flippers that merchnow cancelled?
  4. This. I have no idea how they're still allowed to operate the way they do since literally half the merch they advertise consists of things that they are never actually going to get in stock.
  5. Record Store Day 2018

    So wait, do you reckon the stuff listed at the bottom of the table are indie releases coming out next month (as the dates in the table would suggest)? The maroon indie variant of TWY sister cities has piqued my interest lol...nice find btw!
  6. Only 109 of the Smartpunk one left
  7. "In the next few days, or before shipment." That is insanely poor and lazy customer service. It was their own fault that this problem occurred and they plan on inexplicably cancelling peoples' orders on a whim over the coming months? If I had ordered the deluxe I would be messaging merchnow/fearless right now.
  8. Thanks! yeah I saw that but for some reason 24hundred only got like 12 in stock according to the source code so its already sold out However if anyone is looking JB hi fi has quite a few copies still in stock! https://www.jbhifi.com.au/music/Whats-Hot/metal/erase-me-limited-edition-transparent-acid-green-vinyl/605230/
  9. Please tell me there will be some sort of Aus variant or some other variant available in Aus soon...these shipping prices got me SAD
  10. Yeah because I messaged them and they fixed it within a day
  11. Chances of a Banquet Records exclusive?